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New model waiting in the wings?
  • Back on March 11th, 2007 B. Mayfield wrote (In reply to previous subject: "Progasm - Size matters - New model")-

    I am aware of a unit that is waiting in the wings that has a lot of what you're looking for. It incorporates many of the features seen in the Progasm in smaller package. I suspect that it will be released in the next several months. The call had been out there for some time for the manufacturer to produce something larger, more aggressive and yet more responsive than the Maximus, ...which is why the Progasm came first. But keep on the lookout for this new one, I think you'll be quite pleased with it as well.

    And I am still patiently waiting and still using my modified maximus allot more than the progasm because it's more my size.

    Can you please provide an update regarding what is "waiting in the wings"?

    I sure would LOVE to see a smaller, and/or smoother version, of the progasm.

    And, for reference, here is a link to a picture of the two modified models I use.

    I modified the Progasm but rather than completely remove the K tab; I simply made it less active. And I modified the Maximus to actually have a K tab.