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  • I've used the MGX fifteen times now. Starting from not feeling much, it has built over each use until, the last three times, I've experienced what I think the Aneros is all about.

    I just finished a 30 minute session. I've found that getting things going takes a lot less time and the P-waves start within a few minutes. And then it's on to orgasms. They are not, for me, as intense as regular ejaculatory O's, but they last for two or three minutes. I don't find them as satisfying as a regular O, but once I get into a pattern, I can have them over and over a few minutes apart until, frankly, I get bored cumming or, like two times ago, they don't come anymore. I didn't count them today, but I would guess I came ten times.

    I'm not going to give advice, but have found this forum to be the greatest help in the world. It lets me know what I'm experiencing, and when something new happens, I know it's expected. Some things mentioned here that I don't experience are the leakage, no pre-cum, no erections, but I do get shaking, and fast breathing, and the start of involuntaries.

    The only disappointment is that as I'm cumming, I can sense there's a stronger release in there, but it doesn't go over that edge. I think that will come in time, and in the meantime, a two minute orgasm has to be experienced to be believed. Last night I made love to my wife and noticed that my orgasm was different than before the Aneros, but more in line with what I now feel with the MGX. Once I master this, I'll move up to a Helix.

    What worked for me was changing positions a lot...I found I cum the best on my back with my feet up on a chair, but can on my side, and kneeling in front of the computer looking at porn.

    So, for those who struggle, the best feedback in this forum has been that it's a journey; we're all going different places and will be on different roads, but if anyone had told me this thing worked and I had not tried it, I would have assumed it was poppycock.

    It isn't. This is the greatest sex toy ever devised for one simple reason...if you masturbate or have sex you cum once and it's over. But with the Aneros, you can make a hobby out of orgasm that go on and on and on....
  • Hey there woz8822. If I were you I would not wait to get the Helix or one of the other models. I think you would start into true super O's with that addition. That is the way that I started them. Just try one and your body will love the different sensations it get from the new one. Relax with no expectations and let whatever happens, happen. Good luck!