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I am so surprised, and still writhing!
  • Let me begin by stating that I am a gay man. I only state this because I am experienced with the male "A-Spot" prior to the Aneros and can give valid testimonial to its ability. I believe every man, straight, bisexual, or gay, should experience a true orgasm and no man should judge what he has not tried.

    I ordered the Helix online and when I recieved it I considered senting it back for a refund. It was small, smaller than I had imagined and I could not fathom this little plastic thing giving me much pleasure, but I was dead wrong. This is one explosive little package.

    Contrary to experience, I did not maintain an erection during use. In fact, it targeted the A-spot perfectly! I cannot wait to use it during sex with someone else (HINT HINT STRAIGHT MEN... your wives will love it, I PROMISE! dont be afraid to share the pleasure, its sexy) Even after it 'popped' out and I put it back in upside-down, I still achieved an orgasm! I was having so much fun it went on for an hour, and I was shaking by the end. Woah! Needless to say I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing or using this toy and I cannot wait to use it again.

    Finally, I'll end with some tips for the newbies.
    1. Use lots of lube! (don't you dare try KY or lotion, go for the good stuff. the hypodermic applier is a great addition, and apply every time you insert)
    2. Practice makes perfect! Experiment with breathing and contractions (inhale as you squeeze, and exhale as it goes out, and close your eyes and get into it... the more you work the better it gets! a good workout!)
    3. Find a good position, and don't just stick to one! Get creative, hell.. do jumping jacks!
    4. RELAX and go for the ride!
  • If you were already experienced with anal sex then you had a head start on rewiring as compared to probably most hetero Aneros users. I'd fool around, sure, but nothing near enough to prep my prostate for orgasm.

    I'm hoping I can reach the stage you're at eventually. However, since my first breakthrough of a session with multiple mini-Os or anal orgasms, I haven't been able to replicate much. It's been 10 steps forward, 9 steps backs, but I guess this is how it goes.
  • What do you mean when you say "Go for the good stuff" Can you please be more specific?