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Some questions from a beginner...
  • Hi! I'm a beginner in the aneros thing (I've only done 3 sessions...) and I have some questions about this whole nem adventure: (I'm portuguese, so forgive me for my english,lol)

    1. I'm 1,69 meters (5,54461 ft) and I bought both the sgx and the mgx. I've tried both. When I insert, whether the sgx or the mgx, I never feel the urge to urinate like most men do. Does it mean anything, or some men just don't have that feeling?

    2. I've tried the side position, where I keep the lower leg straight and bring my top knee to my stomach. The thing is that I get very sore only on the buttock of the straight leg. Is this normal?

    3. For you guys, what are the best positions to achieve the super-o with the aneros?

    Thanks for your time, guys! :)
  • GeistGeist
    Posts: 41
    Tudo bem?

    I'm relatively new to the Aneros, but have had good success. Hopefully my feedback can be of some use, along with the more experienced users who will no doubt give you theirs.

    1. I don't feel this urge either (unless I really do need to urinate!), but I do have a sensation of something making its way down my urethra (cowpers gland fluid). Are you feeling any sensations centered around your prostate, at all? If you are, then you probably shouldn't worry about not feeling the urge to urinate.

    2. I only use side positions when I'm in a dud session and just want to rest. I haven't experienced any one-sided buttock pain, though! Maybe try laying on your back with your legs up and feet flat?

    3. Haven't reached the echelons of the super o, so I can't answer this question quite yet, but I feel I have made good progress so far. I've always had my sessions while lying on my back, and it's worked great for me so far.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    welcome to the forum. do a search on "Poll" and in one of the polls others will tell you what their best position has been for them.

    Have fun,