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The "Stuck in on orgams"
  • There seem to be at least 2 flavors of the “stuck in on orgasm”.

    #1. Stuck in on at the peak of an orgasm.

    The main characteristic of this orgasm is that there is no release at the peak. You get suspended at a very high state of arousal and just hang there for some period of time. I captured one of these on tape once and was able to get a very accurate time of how long it lasted. It was 5 minutes from the start of the ooohs to the point at which my testicles were released from the fully contracted, orgasm position. I have had at least 7 of this type of orgasm and most times they occurred in pairs in the same session, separated by a couple of minutes relaxation. The 7th one occurred as a surprise third during the same session. They originated late in the sessions and happened on very intense Super O’s. One session was with the Helix and the last two were with the Progasm.

    Depending on the intensity of this orgasm, it may or may not require added stimulation to stay at the peak. I have had it happen both ways. I don’t know exactly what triggers this orgasm except that it has always occurred following a very intense Super O.

    #2. Stuck in on after the release from a Super O.

    This is the floating, time warp, makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time orgasm, which was so beautifully described by Old Wolf in his post “Above and Beyond the Super O”.

    This orgasm shares the “stuck in on” characteristic of the first type except that you do experience a release at the peak of the Super O that originates it. The release for me is typically much slower than what I normally experience after a Super O. First, all the muscles in my abdomen fully relaxed, followed by my leg muscles, my upper torso and finally my arms and neck. My heart rate slows to normal as does my breathing and my testicles descend out of the orgasm position. I think I am still in a very high state or arousal, but I am so totally relaxed that there is no physical evidence of it. Perhaps arousal isn’t the right word, this orgasm is mostly a state of mind. For me it is one continuous ecstatic experience, with no stimulation of any kind, needed to sustain it and it has lasted a full hour!

    How to enter the “floating stuck in on orgasm”?

    Old Wolf’s entry to this type of orgasm was typically after experiencing several intense Super O’s towards the end of a session. My entry was from a very intense Super O without the Aneros several hours after an intense Super O session with the Helix. I have tried to get back to this mind blowing experience, both with and without the Aneros by having intense Super O’s, with no success.

    For about a month now I have also been trying to get to the floating stuck in on orgasm by approaching it from a very relaxed state. My theory was, if this orgasm winds up being very relaxed, why couldn’t you get to it by entering into a very relaxed orgasmic state? Today I finally demonstrated, at least for me, this is indeed possible. Whether I will be able to duplicate it, remains to be seen. Here’s how it went.

    The session had a very auspicious beginning. I was going to just check out a mod to the Helix P tab I had made, trying to get it to give me the same sensations I get from the Progasm. Didn’t work, but after about 45 minutes of some nice low level mini O’s I decided I wanted something more, warmed and lubed up the Progasm and continued.
    I was shooting for tensionless and arousalless mini O’s. Just enough stimulation to get a hormonal release and some pleasure waves.

    The tension eventually built up in my rectal and pc muscles and my prostate enlarged to the point where I needed a release from the pressure, so I had two very relaxed orgasms with a release of the muscle tension. But it wouldn’t go entirely away. On the third orgasm, I got to the top and it hung there. The hormonal release was intense and on every exhalation I would relax a little more. Finally I had the floating sensation briefly and my arms started to get the heavy feeling.

    It wasn’t self-sustaining and every so often the Progasm would kick in a few contractions to build the level back up. I was probably in this wonderful state for about 20 minutes when during on of those build up contraction phases, I started to feel an arousal wave building.

    Never had one of these during a “stuck in on orgasm”, so I was wondering how it was going to end. I thought the most likely outcome would be an arched back intense Super O taking me out of the “stuck in on” state. Instead, at the peak, I simply went up to another level. Now the hormonal release was the mind-blowing, floating, I want to cry, is this really happening, event that I had experienced once before.

    The only thing missing was the time warp. I seemed to be recording all that was happening very clearly. SURPRISE, when I finally come out of my dream world, what I thought was 10 minutes, had turned into 45 minutes later.

    Maybe it’s a good thing this orgasm is so hard to get back to. When you finally do, it just makes it sooo much more special.

    Hope this leads to others being able to get there as well!!

    Insearchof - The next floating orgasm.
  • I have just come to discover this "floating" sensation. It comes after I go thru waves of intense muscle spasms which at times I have a hard time to control. My helix commands my spincther to contract & this sends the Helix dancing all over my prostate. It seems to be drawn in deeper & deeper especially if my breathing increases in speed. When you think it cannot go any sucks it up even deeper sending waves of pleasure & warmth all over my body. Then, after you've reached the peaked stage......its feels as if the Helix is being very slowly breathing pattern slows down, the body stops quivering, but the helix is still dancing within & still deep within me. My body becomes limp & a sensation of flotation overcomes my entire body & mind. Whew!!!! My prostate is tingling as I type this. No erection thru out this entire precum. Just pure, intense pleasure that is undiscribeable. After 2 years of trying so hard to get to this point, I have finally made progress.......thanks to my newly acquired friend Helix. Is there a higher level of what I experienced? If there is......I will patiently await its arrival when it chooses to take me there. Ciao........Chillz 8)
  • Are there any kinds of "release" orgasms possible with the prostate?

    I enjoy the (albiet early stages and minor) multiple mini-O session I once or twice achieved, and the idea of these prolonged, blissful Super-Os, but also part of my longs be a big all out "BOOOOM!" kind of orgasm.

    Any ideas?