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I'm getting very pleasurable feelings - but......
  • I feel like I'm getting somewhere with my aneros. The pleasurable feelings build in small waves. In two sessions I really did think to myself 'this is it, here it comes' but the sensations only built so far and then they gradually die. Very depressing! When these sensations left it was impossible to get them back again. Can someone explain exactly what they do as the good feelings build? Is it best to keep the same pace and do the same contractions? or is it better to try something else? It's quite frustrating as I feel I'm getting fairly close to the super-o but I just can't jump the final furlong.

    Any help is MUCH APPRECIATED.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I'm in the same boat you are pretty much. Each session I have the pleasure rises to new heights, but there is never a end point, it simply washes away. However, I have noticed the the pleasure does come in waves, if you simply relax and try not to push it, the pleasure wave does come back in, sometimes stronger.

    The only tips that I can offer that have worked for me so far to get to the point I am at, is don't force it, just sit back and enjoy it, let it do its own thing. I use the base level contraction technique, that is I never fully relax from a contraction, which has been getting easier and easier to do. Use plenty of lubrication. I went out and bought a body pillow that I straddle when on my side; it prevents an erection from flopping around distractingly, and is quite soft and pleasant feeling (also sops up pre-cum). The last two sessions I've loaded up very slow moving lesbian porn (my favorite is one with lesbians underwater) muted, it doesn't distract me, I can ignore it and focus on my feelings if I want to, and every time I look over to see what's happening, I get a shock of good vibes.

    Sorry if any of this is stuff you already know or have tried, just what has helped me progress so far.

    Edit: I just ordered the first tapes from, going to see if that will help push me over the edge.
  • Same situation here, but I have noticed that the pleasure builds quicker and is more sustained. My experience is that you can't force it to happen, it will just happen when it does. Just enjoying the ride for now.
  • Hi office_boy!

    I totally agree with what Ashlen & analmart have said here!

    You are ALL on the correct path and have the correct mind-set; just relax, breath and observe the Phenomenon . . .

    And, as you have said "Enjoy the Journey"...

    Later, Hlaser