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Helix' front ridge too sharp for me
  • I've been playing with Helix for some time now and a feeling persists that I noticed at first time: front ridge is too sharp. It is uncomfortable when inserting and when inside too. I've had my share of pleasure but there's some discomfort nonetheless. I don't understand this design, otherwise Helix is nicely rounded. I guess I will try with more lubrication, I also got the idea to level the ridge a bit using abrasive paper or something. Given the fact that I'd also welcome some more mobility, I think I'd be better off having Eupho. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i am having soreness issues in general. kind of like mild prostatitis. perineum, urethra, anus.

    so i'm avoiding the aneros altogether for a while.

    but, to answer your question, yes, i've found the eupho to be gentler in this regard. the helix and the classic seem to aggravate me the most.