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Substantial strides- Thank you for everyone's advice!
  • i told myself i wouldn't post until i've had my first super-O. my aneros was first purchased about 4mo ago, and since then i've spent around 2hrs almost every day (sometimes 4! too much) in exploration and frustration in attempting to have a super-O. in the meantime, i had amazing pleasure from it, even though i didn't have an orgasm.
    it wasn't until i read a post on here about having dry orgasms via sitting on a toilet, contracting my ass muscles and "moving" that tingling feeling through my balls and to my penis.
    the dry orgasms came and were amazing! but more than anything, it taught me to be aware of the different sensations that were caused by mentally "moving" the energy from ass to prostate/balls to penis.
    i've now been able to experience AMAZING minutes-long anal/ass orgasms, prostate orgasms (in which i have a few times shot/ejaculated clear/seminal fluid), and of course penile orgasms.
    again, what helped is being aware of the energy and where to "send" the orgasm. i picture it moving and imagine it moving to the spot i want to be stimulated (sphincter, prostate/balls, penis) and that is where the orgasm commences for me.
    with the latter two types of orgasms, it's been very helpful to avoid ALL penis stimulation. how i have achieved this is you know when people are suddenly caught naked the first reaction is to cover one's privates..well, i sorta do this--cup my hands around my balls and lift ever so slightly to avoid any pulling, shaking; moving in general of my penis.
    if i feel the energy begin to build or transfer to the head of my penis, then i stop and mentally redirect the energy, and almost always it has been an occasion where i am in a state of amazing, writhing pleasure and i unconsciously find myself pulling at my balls where my hands were cupped and thus stimulating the penis.

    Thank you so much to the people who have posted- i've read thoroughly through the forum and all your experience sharing has helped me to become multi-orgasmic.

    now to have that full body superO that peopel keep talking about. i want to be out of control writhing and in a state of semi-consciousness from the bliss and pleasure it leaves me.... someday.
    until then, i'm just enjoying the pleasure. each time i use it i learn something else.

    happy O'ing.