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newbe: a different experience than expected
  • seleniaselenia
    Posts: 1
    I've bought a mgx a few weeks ago while in boston on buisness and have used it about 5 times without any results. I have not been able to locate the sweet spot i've been reading about. But tonight I had the chance to really spend some time with it since I am traveling and in a hotel. As usual I was not getting anywhere and I noticed a drip of pre-cum on my penis. I decided to get a little kinky and roll back on my shoulders and try to let it drip in my mouth and maybe it would get me going. So i'm on the bed with my legs in the air and penis hanging over my mouth but the damned drip wouldn't drip. I started to work the aneros with my hand to put more pressure on my prostate to try to milk the cum out. It felt pretty good but no more cum, so I started working it fast and faster until all the sudden I felt orgasmic in my ass and it started gushing clear cum like fluid that ran down along side my balls and all over my chest. After about 10 seconds of this it was over. This fluid felt and smelled like cum, and god forbid I tasted it and it was sweet tasting. What the hell happened, I have never heard of cumming out your ass? I put the aneros back in for round two a minute later but the feeling was different, it felt like my dick after it cums, not interested anymore. I never did get anymore cum out of my penis, just my ass. Has anyone ever had this experience?
  • AnalpalAnalpal
    Posts: 6
    Well, I have never gushed, but after an extended session I do get a build up of clear jelly like substance. I assume this is just a build up of the natural lubrication my anus produces for defecation. I bet that is what is was and the orgasmic contractions caused it to gush.
  • Not to burst your bubble, but thats just disgusting.


    2) If you continue this, you risk getting E. Coli poisioning which can kill you (bacteria within your digestive system)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    I have to agree with ‘acakactinum’ regarding cautioning you about the danger of E.coli bacterial poisioning. It is a very serious, potentially lethal condition, to which you can easily avoid exposure.

    I wouldn’t want you to lose the opportunity to experience a future super-O because you weren’t aware of the inherent dangers of certain sex related activities. Play safely and healthily.

    Good Vibes to You !