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Pleasurable feelings start to go when I get an erection
  • Hi everyone

    This is my second posting on here and I hope someone can reply.

    I feel like I am making solid progress with the aneros MGX. My technique is to hold a gentle contraction and to do small contractions on top of that. So when i release the contraction it's only as far back as the 'gentle contraction' and not as far back as 'no' contraction. I find this method very pleasurable. The feelings build BUT!! When it feels so good I start getting an erection and somehow these pleasurable sensations start to go away!

    My questions are these:

    1) Does anyone suffer from the same problem?
    2) If anyone has overcome this can they recommend something I can do to keep these nice feelings building?

    ANY help would be MUCH APPRECIATED as I feel I could be getting close to the super O.

    Thanks all
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    I used to get this, but it was because the Aneros can give you some very large erections, which not only are large but feel larger than they are. As i was feeling the good feelings, i would become distracted by facination of how big i had become and felt.
    As it happens (the erection) itl be hard to ignore, but just try not to focus you mind on the penis.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi office_boy!

    I ditto John, in that your attention should be focused elsewhere. Either on your prostate or on whatever visual mental picture you choose to assign to the Aneros glow you're feeling and observe or meditate on this. (Relax, breath and observe the amazing feelings growing in your prostate/perineum and "other" areas)

    As the "re-wiring" process continues, during your journey, you may not need this or any other means of focusing on the task at hand??? IMHO, this will come naturally and easily!

    hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,395

    Glad to hear that you are making progress, practicing ‘Mayfield’s “base level” contractions is an effective technique. The situation you describe is not unusual, your penis may cycle through erection/deflation during an Aneros session, if your goal is the super-O, I wouldn’t worry about this variability.

    I have noticed and others have also reported on, the cyclic nature of P-wave build-up. During a session I often cycle with rising amplitude of P-waves only to have them quickly abate, but if I remain focused and patient, breathing, gently contracting, the P-waves will start to return and build-up again. It is this process of repeated P-wave build-up which leads me to an orgasmic level.

    I believe the key here is for you to be patient with yourself and allow time for you to understand and get in tune with your body’s timing cycle. Sometimes a session will not develop into an orgasmic event, but be pleasurable nonetheless. Stay focused, relaxed and open to the feelings that your body is generating, remember this process can not be forced to occur.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I get this as well. When the p-waves build to a certain point my heart will begin to beat much faster and my body will warm all over and my penis will become a heart beat pulsating and seeming to get much harder than normal. It feels really good but more often than not will only build to a certain level and then begin to retract. I get this many times during a session. Sometimes i feel that the penis becoming hard can direct sensations away from other areas and can take away from the super-O. I remember my first sessions I rarely got an erection but now it's very common.