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Hemmoroids -- or something?
  • Okay, the day after a recent, pretty successful proto-super-orgasmic session with Aneros, I found, upon attempting to insert Aneros for another go, it would not slip easily into place. I felt around back ther with my fingers, and found some bulbous tissue extending well into the rectum -- much more pronounced than any hemmoroid I've ever had, and, except for the almost fluid-filled bulbuous tissue, seemed much more like general anal swelling from too much anal sex or overuse of a dildo or something. I had been concentrating only on gentle contractions so I don't think I injured myself in such a manner. The Aneros however, was in place for about six hours -- the first part of which was very erotic, the second part of which I mostly slept through. As such, the lube had pretty much stopped lubing and Aneros was not very mobile when I finally removed. Am thinking the friction and prolonged distention of my rectum may be what caused whatever that was -- and still is, to some extent, a whole week and a half later.

    I did finally attempt to use Aneros again this weekend, but ultimately, this caused some pain and aggrivated whatever is not quite right down there. I really doubt I have any colon defect or cancer.

    The only other associated symptom I have been experiencing is -- oddly enough -- occasional stoppage of urine flow. This is when I have not even been using Aneros, but is very similar to what I have experience when I once tried urinating (standing up) and manipulated the Aneros bulb to press against my prostate. Predictably, doing this, like a water faucet, turns off flow of urine from bladder. This symptom, encountered when using and not using Aneros, did not exist prior to I started working with Aneros, I feel certain this is also not any kind o findication of something wrong with my rectum or urinary / reproductive tract. But it is kind of weird, especially because there is no telling when the urine stoppage might happen. By the way, I find that deep breathing and relaxation, while trying to urinate does open the faucet again.

    I have to wonder what others may have experience along the lines of what I have described or anything remotely similar.

    The swelling / hemmoroids do not trouble me much -- I think I know how to avoid that happening again and if not perhaps you folks can tell me now what to do or not to do.

    The urinary blockage concerns me only because: 1) it may be that, at least for me, Aneros has some negative side effects; 2) specifically, Aneros may be inciting some sort of prostatitis; 3) it may even be possible that if I -- though at 50 kind of young for such a thing -- have the beginngings of prostate cancer -- which most men end up with if they live long enough, and which grows so slowly one will likely die from something else long before it becomes a problem -- and anyway that Aneros may be somehow causing an exxageration of swelling I am still not even aware that I have.

    Any comments will be appreciated.

    (Of course it goes without saying that I would be foolish -- if these various symptoms persist, even when I abstain for a decent period from Aneros -- not to see a urologist and get a colonoscopy.)

  • rumelrumel
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    Man’s Man,

    I know that you are excited about your recent breakthrough and want to further your progress, BUT …. It sounds like you have overdone it. Your body is giving you clear signs to chill out and vacation from the Aneros for a while. Let your body get back to equilibrium before resuming usage, your body will remember what to do when the time is right.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • MagnaV4MagnaV4
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    Buzzing undies make shopper faint

    A woman collapsed in a supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure.

    The kinky 33-year-old house-wife was wearing a pair of battery-operated panties bought from a sex shop, while she did her shopping• according to the British tabloid The Sun. But she got so stimulated by the 6cm vibrating bullet in the panties that she lost consciousness. She fell and hit her head in the crowded supermarket in Swansea, Wales .

    When paramedics arrived, they found her black imitation leather knickers still buzzing. They took them off before an ambulance took her to hospital. The woman, whose identity has been kept private, suffered no long-lasting ill effects. And as she left the hospital, the paramedic gave her back tin Passion Pants in a plastic bag. A spokesman for the Aldi supermarket chain told The Sun: "We like to think shopping with us is exciting enough already."
  • MagnaV4, thanks for the colorful post. Did you mean to post it on another thread or start a new one? I'm not sure how the buzzing undies relate to hemerroids.

    rumel, I am of same mind as you. My post about this was informational, not intending to go on Anerosing and inflaming tissue. I've never encounted such things before -- just one small one which first showed up when I was in college, back when I had no idea the anus could be used for anyhthing besides defecation. I haven't looked at what developed down there a couple weeks ago, and of course, just like the tongue against the teeth, anything felt with fingertips seems IMMENSE. That said, the basketball-sized hemmeroidsd I started with had shrunk down to grapfruits by the end of last week, and are now somplace between cherries and (the much smaller) wild cherries.

    MEANWHILE -- and this is fascinating to me, though I have read about such things on this forum ...

    ... because my interest in orgASSms was not diminished, and because I have somewhat done the brain rewiring you made reference to, I find that I am able to generate quite orgasmic anal-centererd sensations without Aneros and also without any tactile stimulation of any part of my body -- and finally even without actively fantasizing about anything. It is, quite simply, a meditative exercise -- in fact one I had been doing for some time in the act of my extended masturbation process described eleswhere on this forum.

    But, while I have been aware for over a year of the role of the anus, prostate, et cetera, in male orgams, I was not identifying their role in what I had considered as somewhat arousing sensations so long as I was touching penis, nipples or whatever. I had not valued the erotic potential of the sensations generated through such entirely non-anal caressing. Had not differentiated what the anal area was feeling versus the penis / testicles and so on. Working with Aneros, and taking suggestions from this forum (you, darwin?) to use penis stimulation to identify and connect to the anal simulation potential did make me aware of what goes on beyond the testicles during gentle stimulation of testicles and up -- but also, evidently, set the stage for the further explorations I have ended up being glad to have the opportunity to experiment with while my Helix is temporarily sidelned.

    How I arrived at meditative orgasm may sound degenerate, but I suspect it is an activity while most men, especially bachelors living along, engage in -- watching TV -- sitting, lying down -- while wearing only undershorts or perhaps also some loose gym pants -- hand tends to find it's way, as did Al Bundy's on "Married with Children", to rest within the elastic waistband. From there (and I wonder if this was implied in Al Bundy's doing this while reading his favorite magazine, "Big-Uns"), I find my hand has a mind of its own, and quite naturally finds its way to gentitalia, cupping, gently stroking, while I go on watching TV, not thinking about sex, not really aware of Mister Right Hand is doing down there.

    While on hiatus from Aneros recently, I found myself engaging in Al Bundyism and -- because of extensive experimentation with the most delicate of penis carresses recently when attempting to rewire my braind (I conceptualize this now as unwiring anus from penis) -- proceeded to truly experience what these caresses were all about apart from Aneros or anus. Well, what I discovered was that they were incredibly pleasurable, much more than I thought possible. Once I started paying attention to the more subtle pleasure as it swelled and decayed, where it came from and went to, I began to realize a whole lot more was going on down below than sphincter contractions and muscles twitching in preparation for ejaculation. The very simplicity of stroking too gently too gently to engage all that hardware (though not always too gently to get a big stiffy) allowed me to truly experience the variations of sensations which coursed in all directions from my genitals and below, and ultimately drained back to anus and perienum. I found that even gentler stimulation, particulary of non-genital errogenous zones, allowed me to move further inside these waves of sensation, and I learned I could modulate them according to where and how I carressed myself. This sort of thing has always worked better while actively fantasizing about sex, but then I found I just concentrating on the sensations themselves, and the parts of my body from whence they came was intensely errotic in and of itself.

    That was the bridge which brought me from tactile to meditative orgasm. I found that, even when not engaging in all that stroking (I do get to feeling overly self-indulgentn and do have other things which need to get done), I was continuing to feel the same erotic tremors, even when not touching myself or thinking about sex or orgasms at all. At first i mistook these for the general full-body tremor I have anyway from Fibromyalgia -- and it is possible that this tremor, which comes and goes and varies in intensity, is for once doing me a service in facilitating what I have figured out, if not simply responsible for making all possible.

    Regardless, I don't think one has ot have Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons or worse to experience what I've been discovering. What I do think is that we all have a weath of sensations we have tuned out largely because we've been taught to. There's a neurological and psychiatric term, "synesthesia," which refers to experiencing one sense as another. This is how neuroses get turned into a song you can't get out of your head, or how, long ago, even after sinus surgery, I kept complaining to my doctor about sinus pain -- and he happened to mention that various brances of one nerve bundle, the "Trigeminal" nerve, serve both the surface of the face/head AND the sinuses. From that day one, I realized I had facial pain, no kidding.

    But I digress (meaningnfully I hope). Back to present day, I realized that not only stroking genitals, nipples, chest, but just walking or just existing makes me aware of pleasant anal-centered sensations. The very groin sensations I was ignoring -- even occasional "blue-balls" held a wealth of untapped sensation.

    [It's about 10 hours since I finished the last paragraph, let's see if I can get back into the flow of things ...]

    What it comes down to, in part -- at least for me -- is a realization that what most men, including me, seem to consider to be either "horniness" which needs to be satisfied (by finding a sexual partner) or else, while in the throes of foreplay, a contant nagging reminder of the utter supremacy of the orgasm -- is in fact MUCH MORE, an entire universe in and of itself. That is, I think, what I have been exploring in recent years via long, slow masturbation sessions.

    However, all along, I've felt like something was missing. And knew it was anal. Part of this has to do with my sexual orientation and part with just being male. There's always seemed to be a much more erotic experience out there to be had if one could find it. Perhaps that is what Aneros is a door to -- I hope so -- though I'm only in the early stages of figuring it out.

    As relates to my non-Aneros meditations, I did finally realize -- after finally bridging the penis and anus as relates to eroticism -- was that I was having spontaneously, somewhat strong, glowings senses of arrousal well up out of nowhere and while doing other things. This has been only strengnthened via slow body / genital carresses.

    Enter the "virtual" anus.... So I decided one night, when feeling that now familiar and inviting glow down there -- frankly because I'm experiencing some carpal tunnel syndome of late and had both hands / wrists in braces -- to try direct meditation and visualization.

    A while experience but I should not have expected it to be. Starting with whatever I can and cannot feel in the pelvic area and then later full body, I just started doing meditation -- however, as I have recently taught myself -- meditating on sexual energy -- not at all the same thing as having a vivid fantasy.

    I don't know a thing about kundalini (spelling?) energy and not much about chakras (spelling) -- but I believe what I am doing draws upon whatever is the source energy which both these refer to. I do know that one chakra is located on the perenium, more or near less the sweet spot Aneros makes use of. I'm not certain whether or not this is the sexual chakra or if it is above the genitals, but once I really got into this, I did find that usinig some imagery I had once been taught to use with the head chakra -- in this case, envisioning an energy vortex eminating from my perienium, bowing back and being recieved at the navel, where evidently there is another chakra -- well this did actually amplify the experience.

    But again I jump ahead. Like I said at the top, I could easily have mistaken the vibrating between my cheeks as Fibromyalgia tremor and perhaps that is what it was. As regards to this it really doesn not matter. I simply focused on that, allowed it space to be felt and realized and told it to grow, which it did at a pleasing rate. What I felt was much like what I have read on this forum about Aneros sensations perhaps centering at andn above the pubis. For me, as I characterized it to a friend recently, once I severed the penis from the testicles, anus, et cetera [OUCH!], what was left was on its own quite erotic. And very maleable. In fact, manipulating this set of sensations -- which I believe are biologically based in getting the male to penetrate and ejaculate as deeply and for as long a time as possible -- was kind of like flying -- I kid you not. I recall many dreams about flying, wherein almost effortless motions couldu keep me aloft. So it seems with this kind of meditation. One can glide, ride updrafts, circle, and just enjoy. Throughout all of this, penis is ususally flacid, though when it is not, that is nice too.

    I will note that since I figured out how to do this, regular masturbation doesn't work so well, and I don't have that much interest in it. Additionally, I have found the full intensity I achieved through meditation has broken through into non-meditative states, and I am constantly enjoying quite erotic feelings (I should call these "orgasms" and perhap soon will) constantly. I'll never be at a loss when stuck in a doctor's office waiting room again!

    Interstingly, I have been able to achieve more intensity and control in short order what has taken a lot of time to achive via Aneros. Of course Aneros is part of what brought me to this. I've read on the forum that Aneros may be a bridge to doing what I am just hinting at here, and I think that may be right -- though see no reason Aneros needs to be anything but an end it and of itself. I DO hope that when I return to Aneros, I am able to progress to these mega-experiences I read about. But in a sense, I think Aneros is like "a set of training wheels for the anus". (I put that in quotes with the idea of the Aneros people using it in their print ads.)

    I've previously characterized Aneros as a "biomechancial erotic feedback device" and the distinction seems even clearer. I was once trained in one form of biofeedback using electrodes which measure muscle activity, as a way, supposedly. of learning to keep muscles less tense. As it turned out, I had already used meditation to figure out more than I could be taught via electrodes, but the priniple is sound. Most people who do the electrodes thing are SHOCKED when they see just how much stress is carried in the targetted muscle groups, which they never felt as tightness, either beacause the muscles were too tight and deprived of oxegen but more likely because the pain was translated (via synesthesia) into something else like fatigue, depression, a stomach ache, or even nothing whatsoever.

    We humans have immsense potential but, at least in the techonological world, totally unaware of our bodies and stupid about how to use them. It makes me laugh (and applaud) that a funny piece of plastic called "Aneros" can become a bridge to a world I'd never expected to enter.

    (I do feel as though I am writing Shanter's intro monolog for "Star Trek.")

    Moral of the story -- let the hemmeroids heal!

    but anyway, it's an interesting angle.
  • MagnaV4MagnaV4
    Posts: 5
    [quote=Man's Man]MagnaV4, thanks for the colorful post. Did you mean to post it on another thread or start a new one? I'm not sure how the buzzing undies relate to hemerroids.

    You seem given to excess, The hemorrhoids are the physical indicator -- as was fainting for this woman. Too much of a good thing? The length of your posts is another indicator. You need a good rim job.
  • I too have hemorroids and thought it might be a problem with the aneros, but it actually seems to improve the problem.

    I think your problem is you simply overdid it and didn't have enough lube. I'd give it a rest. If the swelling problem doesn't go away then see a doctor.
  • As with any new excercise comes new and increased blood flow. Hemaroids
    are inflamed blood vessels, thus more excercise,
    more inflamation. Resting the area, and using a suppository should help.
    Remember, a lot of folks on this site profess to these "4-5" hour sessions.
    Most of us need to start slow.