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Your Favorite Aneros Positions
  • I am very interested to see, in one easy-to-scan thread, everybody's favorite body positions for training and enjoying Aneros.

    I'm finding an on-my-back with legs spread wide or else feet flat, knees bent, thighs comfortably spread to be my optimal position. Frankly, realizing sometime ago that I cannot masturbate succesfully without my legs spread wide did cause me to begin to entertain whether I've been a closet "bottom" all along -- and Aneros adds more credence to at least being what they call a "versatile" ("top" and "bottom"). As I read, I believe in one of Mayfield's posts, cracking the ass open and to whatever extent, teh anus as well, feels pretty erotic to start with, and also positions Aneros in an ideal position for voluntary and involuntary pelvic motion, muscular twitches, and engagement of the desired biomechanical feedback look between muscle groups on opposing sides of Aneros. What I particularly like in this position is how contracting the lower abdominals, in sort of a half-assed attempt at lower abdominal crunches, does a delicious job of alternately pressing the tab into the sweet spot, and moving the bulb of the Aneros in a pleasant multi-fulcrum hinging motion, such that it arcs across and presses against the prostate -- pretty much what I believe it is supposed to do. This is the position in which, less than two weeks ago, I finally bridged the brain rewiring gap, and began to move beyond subtle quivers into gentle to moderate orogasmic crests and troughs -- though am still awaing the superness of orgasm others have fortold -- with masturbated breath. (... Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    Second runner up is a modification of the position suggested by Aneros, an on-the-side, knees slightly bent sort of scissor position, with the knee of the upper leg more bent. Evidently Aneros likes this position for how it angles Aneros upward according to the extent to which the upper thigh is reaching towards abdoment and chest. My modification is to exxagerate this effect, propping the upper leg's foot either against the lower leg or even flat against the surface I am lying on. This both hinges the upper and lower leg tight on the knee and, because the foot is used as a brace, provides for a much higher stretch of the upper leg's thigh towards abdomen and chest. I find I prefer the foot on horizontal surface method -- this stretches teh upper leg's thigh both upwards toward and sideways away fromo the abdomen and chest, creating an even more exxaogerated stretch and correseponding jag within the anus and upon the sweet spot of the Aneros. all much more erotic, at least for me, than what Aneros suggests, and maintainable without any fatigue, for quite some time. This position, as compared to the on-my-back poistion, does not offer as ready access to abdominal contraction or various types of body stroking, but does permit some realistic thrusting motions as warmups, and nicely splits open the butt cheeks and exposes the anus to whatever breeze or air conditoner might be blowing. Erotic in general and for me reminiscent of on-the-side rear entry.

    Please feel free to add your favorite positions and all the details which cause you to fovor them.
  • rumelrumel
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    Man's Man,

    In case you missed it, I bumped 'Tripper' s POLL : What has been your most effective/position? up for you to view.