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Aneros leads to better anal sex?
  • dm8107dm8107
    Posts: 1
    I am debating about buying one, but want to know if the aneros leads to better anal sex. Like if using one helps my prostate become more sensitive to other things inserted into the anus, mostly my boyfriend's penis lol.

    Currently, when Having sex, It feels pretty good, but nothing even close to really giving me an OMG wow orgasm. Does the aneros help anal sex feel better and give a better orgasm after using one?
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi dm8107 and welcome to the wonderful world of Aneros & the forum.

    Although I have never been on the receiving end of anal sex, and as a 'giver' only in a hetero relationship, I would say that, yes, the rewiring process that occurs through Aneros use will enhance the experience. Whether or not you will orgasm as 'bottom' is another matter but judging from my own increased sensitivity and muscle control after 4 months of almost nightly use (Addicted? Who me?!) I would say that it is highly likely, particularly if you 'warm up' with the Aneros before sex to get you all 'hot', tingly and receptive. A day or two's abstention from ejaculation prior to the event will also help you on the way. To improve my Aneros time I now abstain from ejaculation for as many days as I am able. After a week the eventual climax is mind blowing!

    As you have probably already read on the forum, the rewiring process is a gradual thing and is directly proportional to the time and effort put into Aneros practice. Once you get to the stage of getting consistent P-waves or better from your Aneros sessions you should start to get more pleasure from anal sex. By getting your partner to direct his penis gently towards your prostate before he is fully inserted so that the glans directly stimulates the prostate will be helpful for you too.

    Anal and rectal muscle control on your part will help things along no end Squeeze a bit here, tighten a bit there till things feel better for you. Don't worry, your partner won't be complaining!

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I agree with everything that OldWolf had to say here and I would go a step farther. Like OldWolf I have not had any first hand experience with anal penile contact (not as a bottom), however I have had considerable experience with a wide variety of different toys and stimulators before and after I was rewired by my explorations with the Aneros. Suffice it to say that almost anything has the potential of producing Super O's for me at this point. Granted some things work better than others, and some items produce orgasms of a bit different flavor. But really when you come down to it, the sexual response that is a Super O becomes an alternative response for your body to any erotic stimulation. (Actually I maintain that the Super O is already an alternative sexual response in the male population, but that it is generally dormant)

    If you've read some of the recent threads that have dealt with nipple stimulation, this should make this clear to you. Years ago myself I hammered the concept of using nipple stimulation as a catalyst to push one over the edge. But really it can be far more; Super O's not only mediated by nipple stimulation, but generated by it as well!

    Again many different types of stimulation have the capacity for producing the Super Orgasmic response. Granted, it takes time to develop a level of experience with this so that one is more fully activated, but it will happen if you stay with it.

    Getting back to your question regarding a penis, the potential is certainly there as well. Even with a great amount of dexterity, it is probable that your partner will only be able to contact your prostate tangentially as he penetrates you. But once you have crossed-over and accumulated some experience with the Super O, it should be possible for intercourse to serve as another (Super O) opportunity for you. As OldWolf stated, the right contractions (squeeze a bit here, tighten a bit there) and add the right mental focus, right diaphragmatic breathing and abdomimal contraction and you'll find yourself going to that place.

    It is important to remember that the Aneros really serves two functions, the first as a formidable stimulator yes, but secondly and more importantly (to my way of thinking) as a training device to open the door to this alternative sexual response in men. Long ago I used the term Tantric Training Wheels to describe the Aneros. Given time, patience and intent there will likely come a day when you're ready to take the trip... wheels off!


    BF Mayfield
  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    I think, with some reservations, the answer is anal sex with a partner will feel better for you if you use an Aneros on your own. When I was younger and going back and forth I could not take a man anally. The men I met and went with were well endowed. I simply clinched up partway into the act because it was uncomfortable. Later with both men and women finger manipulation felt good, but not as good as the Aneros now feels. Also it was always part of other activities, which were generally the main focus. I have not had a super orgasm yet but it is defiantly moving forward. The pleasure I feel is much greater and I am much more receptive now to pleasure anally then at anytime in the past. The other thing is that I know a lot more about things like lube, which go along way toward making anal sex feel better.

    But with that said here is my main reservation and a caveat:

    Your boy friend will need to move in a way that will be good for you and to find and hold your P spot. Leaving out the whole question of ‘bottom’ that Old Wolf brought up a better analogy is finding the P spot on a man should be a lot like finding the G spot on a woman. It takes a little practice. Once found and your boyfriend moves inside you so that you get off, you should be able to get off much more readily, easily and completely. He may have to delay his own getting off for your pleasure, but my experience is that most partners will try and please, so that should not be a real problem. (I know Old Wolf said something similar to what I just said, but the whole question of ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ is loaded; so, with respect, it is better to leave it aside.)

    Given what you say in your post I would say that most of the pieces are already in place.

    And finally a caveat: my anal penetration is now limited to the Aneros. I gave up a while ago trying penetration with a partner, too many rough experiences, which make me a little gun shy.

    So yes, it should help and I don’t see why you wouldn’t orgasm with a little practice on both sides of the equation. With that said it is a lot like a corny old joke my father used to tell me: ‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.” So Practice, Practice, Practice both your solos and duets - good luck, and let us know how it works out.

    Good Luck,
  • I'm late to this...but have to share. I just had anal sex for the first time after experimenting with my aneros for about a month. Before, I enjoyed anal sex. But now? HOLY SHIT. It was totally different and really, really good. I guess I'm more in touch with my body now? I'm more sensitive? Not sure what it is exactly, but I feel like I finally understand why some guys love to get fucked. It's like nothing I've ever felt.
    It's been a while...did you try the aneros and was anal better for you?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome skyslang!! :D :D And welcome to this great and diverse community.

    Take a look at some of the posts in the Male Sexual Orientation Here Poll:

    RobNewm gives the clearest affirmative answer to your question. Yes, aneros practice can radically enhance the orgasmic experiences of the bottoming male. Please keep in touch here and vote in the above Poll. Please add your comments and your story there now too, as they will also help others. And add more as your experiences continue to expand.

    As you will see there, I voted straight-bi and bottomed a few times in my youthful exploratory gay relationship. Although I had been doing solo prostate massage for about 4 years before the gay relationship started, and I enjoyed receptive anal sex on those few occasions, it never approached the best of my solo massage sessions. Back then solo, I had 15-20 minute active-body, highly cinematic visual focused, out-of-body visionary dry Spiritual Orgasms (as I identify them now), that I called Intellectual Orgasms at the time and discussed with family and friends.

    My wife of 40+ years and I have a mutual prostates (G-spots) practice, and a position we call the Wedding Band, where we are side by side, heads to toes, she fingering up my anorectal canal to my prostate, while I finger her G-spot vaginally. I can bring her to dry multiple orgasms and climax her with a female ejaculatory orgasm that last minutes of the flowing waters of the goddess. She can bring me to multiple dry Still Body Super-Os and many other variants interspersed, and finish with an active-body hands-free or mixed stim Super-T (greatly amplified traditional ejaculatory male orgasm).

    She brought me to my first dry Super-O and multiple drys of all scales, as well as my greatest Active-Body Super-Os, and many of the best Still Body Super-Os too. A sensitive top (or m/m mutual fingering) partner who is willing to learn your body and its responses should be able to do any of these things for you as you bottom, IMHO.

    So miraculous chains of dry orgasmic ecstasies, and/or thrillingly superior versions of wet hands-free orgasm as you bottom may be possible for you. Butt go into this WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS, deeply relaxed, feeling very open and deeply receptive, allowing your body/mind to take you where it will, listening relaxed for the slightest whispers and on upward to almost unimaginable, ineffable ecstasies. Enjoy whatever comes, as each session's journey is unique to you, just ass your journey over the months and years you practice aneros, is unique compared to every other Anerosian's.

    all the best and widest possible response menu learning/rewiring as you find who your prostate can energize through you all