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Progasm Too Much For Anyone?
  • ZolaZola
    Posts: 10
    I currently have three Aneros models- Helix, Euphos, and MGX. I primarily use the Helix and Euphos. Both work very well for me, and I have no trouble getting them inside me. I have a little bit of trouble at times getting out the Helix. I'd like to give the Progasm a shot, but am a little worried that I might not be able to get it out of me or that it might be too painful to do so. Has anyone found that Progasm is just too big to get in or out?
  • I just got my Progasm yesterday... (My other one is the Helix). The short answer to your question (at least for me) is no.

    I never had anal sex... the only thing that was in my bum was my helix... For me, putting the Helix in and out not an "easy" task. So, I too had a fair bit of apprehention when getting the Progasm. I used it twice so far and I have to say it takes more time and effort to insert it... but I would not call it "hard".

    There are a few tips and tricks that would be helpful:

    The tip of the Progasm is large but also elliptical... sort of like an egg. If you push it in along the axis of the "egg" at the top first then rotate it to insert the rest, it's actually pretty easy.

    Patience is important. If you try to force it in, it WILL hurt and you will tear. Push it in slowly, let your muscles adapt, pull out; push in deeper, let your miscles adapt, pull out; repeat until it's in.

    Because of the size, good lubrication is paramount. I actually always put a condom on my progasm. You can't get much more lubricated than being wrapped in a condom with lub in it... :)

    Hope that helps!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Given what you've stated, if you're having problems removing the Helix, the Progasm may indeed be too large for you. Bear in mind that it is somewhere on the order of 25 % larger than the Helix in overall dimensions. Even though there are methods for facilitating insertion (as Totalnoob has described), they only go so far.

    In my review of the Progasm (see sticky section above), I put it out there that the Progasm is not for everybody. It is important to remember that for the Aneros to be effective it must maintain mobility inside the body. So even if one manages a difficult insertion, you could create an immobile Aneros from a fit that is too tight. In this instance the Aneros takes on butt plug status.....which is not where you want to go with this. If the Helix and the Eupho are working for you....stay with them.

    BF Mayfield