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help with the Helix!
  • Alex G.Alex G.
    Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! Im new here but, in the last few months, i consulted the forum for some advice using the Aneros. Its been almost 4 months since i got my Helix and, i still got no results from it. :(
    I was almost disappointed about it that, i wanted to send it back to the company that sold it to me. I dunno what im doing wrong but, all i can say is why the thing doesnt work correctly like it should be?? I was also very disappointed about the descriptions on the websites regarding the Helix that, for a moment, i thought it was all "words in the air and less promises". In the past years, ive been using several pills like VolumePills and all that type of stuff and, i never got any results. Same with my Helix. I dont wanna complain about the Aneros line but, how does this thing works correctly?? I tried all the advices posted here and, in other websites but, still doesnt work to me. Plz, explain me gently how to use this piece of plastic since i payed $90 bucks for it and, i didnt bought it to have nothing in change. Is there any visual guide in how to insert the thing and how does it work?? Thanks to all the people that will help me out! Alex G.
  • JaybirdJaybird
    Posts: 2
    I have not tried it as long as you, but I haven't had any results either. I sent my Helix back but I am considering ordering another model and giving it another try. The reported results seem absolutely to incredible to give up on. I plan to study this forum thoroughly and give it another good try......
  • retreadretread
    Posts: 5
    First off, I'm no expert when it comes to using these things, However, here goes. I have used the helix, then the MGX, and now I'm back to using the helix again. Some models seem to work better for different guys. The MGX always give me some great feelings but has never seemed to go beyond that. With the helix I have gotten VERY close to the BIG-O a couple of times now. Tonight was VERY close but my wife interrupted the session. Major Bummer!

    I am finding that what you read in B's keys is right on! You cannot make this thing happen. It is NOT like common masterbation. The less you tense up, the less you worry about something happening, the closer you will get.

    I started out tonight horny! Inserted the helix and (made sure) the abutment tab was in contact with my peritenium (the taint area), completely relaxed, looked at some erotica, used long slow relaxed breathing, and kept everything down below relaxed. After 5-10 minutes I noticed that my penis was getting harder and I was experiencing a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen. I then started to experience a kind of "wow this is really starting to feel good kind of sensation" which WILL continue to build unless you tense up or try to rush things along.

    I honestly thought I was headed into the super-O tonight when my wife walked in. REMEMBER, LESS IS MORE! The feeling you are looking for is very, very subtle. You have to just let it happen. Be patient.

    Also, try to find time when you are not feeling rushed, tense, or have to be worried about being INTERRUPTED!

    I hope this helps you.[/u]