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Second Try - Progression & Questions
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    So my first attempt with the MGX ended in utter failure, I didn't experience anything remotely pleasurable no matter what position. However, since this was my first attempt, I guess I was too... eager and missed some valuable information like holding a contraction; I was just contracting and releasing.

    So after doing some reading, I decided that I might have more luck with the Helix. I spent the week I waited reading the various guides and picking up as many tips as I could before losing focus.

    Anyway, last night was my second attempt, first time with the Helix. After some initial placement trouble, I laid on my stomach (my bed is too soft for on my back, so I need to figure a way to elevate comfortable) and spent about an hour holding contractions at various depths. A few times I felt like I was closing in on a penile orgasm, though I'm not sure if that is the feeling I'm looking for or not. At about 25% contraction I felt a very pleasurable spot, but I guess my lack of muscle control wouldn't allow me to hold it there easily, resulting in me and my muscles fighting and causing a very pleasurable quick spasm lasting about 30 seconds that caused my body to shake a bit. After about an hour and half, I was ready for bed so I used a fleshlight to finish the job.

    This second attempt was a lot better than my first attempt, which made me happy. Although I didn't achieve an orgasm, I felt like I was closing in a few times. Unfortunately near the end I noticed that a decent amount of lube had leaked out onto the perineum tab, making me wonder if things would of been differently if it had remained dry. I also ran into a couple other problems, the first was that I'm having a hard time separating anal contractions from penile contractions, so both would move, but I guess this come from practice? I also tore my o-ring a little on exit, but it'll heal

    My questions are:

    1. From my description of the feelings of the second attempt, am I on the right track?

    2. When you lay on their back on stomach, do you spread your legs or clinch them together?

    3. Is there any good ways to keep the perineum lube free?

    4. With practice, is it possible to seperate penile and anal contractions? It's a bit distraction to have everything shift.

    5. Were the spasms I experienced what everyone seems to call involuntary contractions? Or is that something else entirely?

    6. I had the idea of taping a small bullet vibrator to the end of the Aneros to increase the feelings, but I wanted to continue to re-write my body so to speak before trying this. Has anyone tried this?

    Does anyone have any extra comments, suggestions or ideas that would help me along my way?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

    1.) Yes, in the beginning you will want to try a variety of techniques attempting to find the effective combinations to unlock that mysterious prostate puzzle.
    2.) Legs together or apart – your choice, the position which yields the most pleasurable sensations is what you are looking for, however, clenching is not necessary or even desireable as that may prove to be a distraction to the relaxed state of mind you want to maintain.
    3.) Pre-lubing with a baby medicine syringe works well for me, then some KY on my Aneros and I’m good to go. Wiping the perineum with a facial tissue seems to dry the area sufficiently for me.
    4.) With practice you will gain greater control of the various pelvic floor muscle groups to the point of isolating their contractions individually. Don’t worry about separating anal sphincter from PC muscle contractions that will sort out over time.
    5.) Yes they probably were early examples of the “involuntaries”.
    6.) That technique of adding the vibrator to the equation has been tried by other users, some have found it helpful, some not. I have not employed that technique myself so I can’t recommend one way or the other.
    I am just a bit concerned that you tore some rectal tissue while withdrawing the Aneros, this should never occur with proper lubrication techniques. If one is to err on the amount of lubrication make sure you use more than enough. The Aneros really needs to move freely within the rectum to be effective, and likewise needs to slip easily and PAINLESSLY into/out of your anus.
    Read up on ‘Mayfield’ s "Base Level" contractions for further tips.

    Good Vibes toYou !