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Aneros interferes natural rewiring process??
  • Hi guys (and ladies of course),

    my latest advances give me a new matter to think about:

    I noticed I can approach the "non-penis"-orgasm better without than with the aneros.
    I don't have had such an orgasm yet, but I'm able to get aroused through the slight stimulation of my body itself better than with aid of the Aneros. Also, the fact of not having something inserted and the mental expectation and imagination arouses me more than to have the Aneros inserted actually.

    Yesterday, I was rather aroused, compared with the sessions before. Then I inserted the Aneros and the stimulation it provided to my prostate was just too much. Also when I start a session with the Aneros, it's very hard to get up to the level I achieve without.

    So I think the Aneros disturbs my natural tune in some way. Or could it be I'm not accustomed enough to it yet? Is it possible to achieve a whole body Super-O without the Aneros? I think the less of stimulation and the more of mental arousal will provide great pleasure, or not?
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hi Beachboy7, My rewiring is coming through the use of Aneros, so for me it can't be that the Aneros interferes, rather, it facilitates. Having said that, I am experiencing something similar to you; I can more easily get to a multiple dry orgasmic state during the sessions I have without the Aneros in. I have not had any sort of orgasm with the Aneros in for some time. What I am experiencing with my Aneros sessions is some very great build-ups with really strong pleasurable feelings - in ways stronger than the multiple mini os I am experiencing minus the Aneros. There is just no sort of orgasmic release, just a kind of build-up and fade away pattern. The Super O men will have to chime in regarding whether you can a have a full body Super O without the Aneros in- it seems to me that they report they can and do have them. grateful
  • Thanks for your answer, grateful. There's still sooo much to discover, so my current judgement about the aneros is for sure not my final word :wink:
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hey Beachboy7, It is quite a self-discovery process. If you've read my blog you will see that I have been groping around a bit myself. It's been almost six months of mystery and enlightenment. I guess that is to be expected since an entire, latent dimension is being summoned. One of the most rewarding parts of the journey has been reading this forum - I seldom get bored! grateful