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The Great Aneros Challenge
  • calboycalboy
    Posts: 23
    I’ve posted in this forum a number of times after initially purchasing the MGX, and Helix stimulators. In the beginning of this journey for sexual self discovery, I enjoyed reading the descriptions from users who had successfully completed their sexual re-wiring and crossed-over to Super-O bliss and experienced true dry orgasms.

    Now in my 5th month of experimenting with this product, I’m beginning to get frustrated. Understand, I don’t go into each session feeling this way – it’s only after spending an hour or more with the device and experiencing some “nice” sensations that my frustration comes into play.

    Why can’t I get over the top and experience the orgasmic waves others experience in these pages?

    Is there something I can do to enhance the experience to improve the connection with the device so that I can have the ultimate experience?

    I think Aneros should provide a hot-line with Super-O experiencers who can offer advice and suggestions. I mean damn – I’m ready to go.

    What’s the hold-up?

    The other day during a session, just for a few seconds, I felt what I thought was the beginnings of a great new sensation. I felt this tingle everywhere – then it was gone. I tried in vain to find this sensation again – but to no avail.

    What is the equation for success? No one has an answer.

    Yes – this is a bitch session, and I apologize for using this forum to dump, but there is something very incomplete about the Aneros product offering.

    What to do. The company should offer case studies – professional grade videos, help-desk operators? They should do comprehensive research. There’s something incomplete here. Other than the product description which comes with each unit, users are left to search through the forum for answers and suggestions. This just won’t due.

    I’m left with the impression that Aneros discovered that a handful of their users, who initially purchased the device to relieve a medical condition, were having orgasms. As a source for new revenue, they decided to market the device as a male stimulator and see what would happen. Not really a professional approach to a business is it?

    I bet if they did some honest research into how the product “might” work, they could offer some tools that would allow the user significant results. Study those users who achieve super-o’s. What is the common denominator? Perhaps break some new ground in discovering what make us males tick. Can you imagine what would happen if Aneros developed a true stimulator that could provide a p-wave orgasm to the major of the male population? Profits would go through the roof. Instead, the user is left to experiment in a hit or miss environment. Thanks to the good work of users like Mayfield, Darwin, and others, we have some guidelines to help show the way to achieve this unique type of orgasm.

    The challenge remains not to get frustrated or disenchanted and remain optimistic. It’s interesting to note, at least in my case, how just a few sensations keep me seeking the ultimate Super-O. But I wish there were an easier path.

    So the challenge continues.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    I hear and feel your frustration and can empathize with you, it has now been 3 months since I experienced a super-O and I surely would love to experience it again. However, I don't believe I am anywhere near to having been re-wired enough to experience super-O's on a regular basis. I have asked myself many of those similiar questions.
    "Why can't I get over the top..." - probably because there are a number of things preoccupying your mind, stress, fatigue and a big arousal killer EXPECTATIONS.
    "Is there something I can do..." - relax, enjoy those "nice" sensations you are receiving and understand these are already enhancements to your sexual experience pre-Aneros, try some of the other techniques Forum members have offered, maybe something will 'click' with you, continue reading and re-reading 'Mayfield' and 'darwin's posts for renewed insights.
    "...Aneros should provide a hot-line..." - that is exactly what they have done with this Forum on their web site.
    "What's the hold-up?" - I suspect that on a deep emotional level we men need to give ourselves permission to "let go" and surrender our illusionary egocentric control mechanisms to allow the fountain of pleasure unbridled flow.
    "I tried in vain to find this sensation again..." - like trying to hold a hand full of sand in your fist, the harder you squeeze, the more grains of sand will slip out between the cracks of your fingers, whereas an upturned hand quietly resting under that same handfull, loses nothing until the wind blows it away.
    "What is the equation..." - you are quite correct here, "No one has an answer." There is no equation, there are too many variables and one can not even begin to define the parameters to be included if there were the possibility of establishing an equation. It would be foolish of us to think that logical processes could be applied to such an irrational, emotionally charged experience, the orgasm.
    "The company should..." - Why should they spend any money trying to set up scientifically valid studies to verify knowledge about prostate stimulation's value in a sexual context when hundreds of years ago tantric practices had already established this knowledge?
    The acquisition of the requsite knowledge is both external and internal, the company has provided this Forum to aid in the dessemination of the external knowledge, but the internal knowledge base is the one only you can discover and write for yourself. In a sense, you are already a participant in an ongoing study group (this Forum) of users seeking the same esoteric knowledge.
    The Aneros company has been in existence for eleven years, manufacturing a device for a niche market, I seriously doubt that the stockholders are going to support substantial outlays of capital for user research at the expense of product development and advertising. After all, they are in the business to make a profit, they're not a philanthropic organization.

    You are correct : "The challenge remains not to get frustrated or disenchanted and remain optimistic." I know this post doesn't get you any closer to the super-O, but at least it confirms that your thoughts are not isolated and there are alternate viewpoints you may wish to consider before giving up the challenge. There is a saying : "That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly" (author unknown) my contrapositive to that is That which we obtain with difficulty, we esteem dearly. . The super-O is worth the effort.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Calboy,

    I feel your frustration (check my blog back about this time 2 years ago and you will read about it first hand). All I can say is hang in there because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe posting some more direct questions at the forum might help you along. It did for me. If it wasn't for this forum, I would have most certainly quit.

    Take care.