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My progress so far.. and some important questions
  • Hello everybody,

    I've read in this forum for 2 month. I got my Helix in June, and tried it of course the first evening. Since then, I've made slight progresses.

    The first times, I didn't really feel anything. Then, I recognized light feelings. They couldn't be really compared to the ones produced by penis stimulation, I had to concentrate much to sense them at all.

    Sometimes, I've felt some kind of tickling in my perineal area, but only for a few seconds. My prostate gives some kind of warmth, but only a little bit.

    When I breathe deeply, it's sometimes like a pleasurable feeling deep in my stomach.

    At the beginning, this was encouraging for me, but now, 4 or 5 weeks later, no stronger feelings have occured.

    I realized that different kind of breathing and mental focus make me horny in my brain, but my body doesn't really respond. I just don't know how to amplify the feelings, they don't get stronger.

    I use the Aneros 2 or 3 times a week. Normaly, when I go to bed without it, I do the same excercises like contractions and so on. Apart from the stronger feeling in my prostate with the Aneros inserted, the feelings without are almost the same. But unfortunately, still much to faint.
    I know that this is another kind of orgasm. You can't reach it with the usual formula of penis stimulation. You have to let go much more, and get into a more passive mode. But how??

    I hope some advanced users here can help.

    PS: I've read Best of the BeeLine and Keys to the backdoor already.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423
    Hi Beachboy7,

    Welcome to the Forum. Your frustration with making progress is a common lament. I have found that this "re-wiring" process that we are going through is typically non-linear, it seems to progress with little jumps here and there with occasional backward steps. It seems that I'll be on a plateau of similar experiences for a perod of weeks before I notice something new.

    While I don't consider myself an advanced user yet, I have expereinced a couple of super-O's to date but it has been over 2 months since that occured. I too have been having sessions about 3 times a week, while I usually experience some pleasureable feelings, I have only had a handfull of dry-O's and about twice as many short term mini-O's. You are correct that the super-O "is another kind of orgasm" that can not be reached with traditional penile focused stimulation.

    As far as advice :
    1.) We need to relax enough to let our bodies lead us toward the super-O.
    2.) We need to drop our expectations of achieving the super-O (it will happen when we don't expect it to occur).
    3.) Focused arousal is important (stress or distractions during a session are definite arousal killers).
    4.) A self induced hypnotic state or meditative state which allows you to passively stay focused and aware is helpful.
    5.) Continue reading on this Forum and try some of the techniques suggested by other members.
    6.) Consider ejaculatory abstinece as an arousal tool/technique.
    7.) Be patient with yourself (consider how long 'darwin' tried before his first super-O).

    I hope this helps.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • Thanks for your answer, rumel :wink:

    Yesterday, I made a big advance. I focused much more on my prostate and was able for the first time to get rather excited. I felt my prostate and my perineal area swell and tingle. The prostate radiated some kind of warmth into the whole abdomen. Then, I felt for one second or so a strong feeling which I would describe as the beginning of something orgasmic. Much stronger than before. I couldn't achieve it again, but now I know I make progress :D

    Ironically, this all happened WITHOUT the aneros. Strange, isn't it? Just some slight contractions, mental focus and arousal.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    "Strange, isn't it? Just some slight contractions, mental focus and arousal." Yes, Yes, Yes! I am pleased to hear you are aware of the progress you are making. It is when you are tuned into your body with focused awarness that the gentle sensations/feelings can reveal themselves for your pleasure and enjoyment. I think you now have an inkling of the subtlety of the "re-wiring" process. Have fun, enjoy the ride as you continue along the path. Perhaps we'll both get to enjoy super-O's without use of the Aneros after we are sufficiently re-wired. I'm certainly hopeful about it.

    P.S. I thought your response to 'Anonicos' was insightful and hopefully may help him untangle the knotty dilemma he has placed himself in.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • AnonicosAnonicos
    Posts: 57
    rumel said:

    P.S. I thought your response to 'Anonicos' was insightful and hopefully may help him untangle the knotty dilemma he has placed himself in.

    lol, that's exactly what it is, I know it :D