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The most awesome super-O video EVER!
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    OK, this corresponds to my experiences as well. The guy is experiencing a series of super-Os, where his dick goes from soft to hard in 10 seconds and he sounds like he's cumming, only he's not ejaculating but really really stiff, and the Aneros moving in and out of his butt as if by itself. Frankly he sounds like he's in ecstacy, nearly crying from joy.

    Then at the end he can't take it anymore, and he starts to pull his joystick, lubing himself just with his (COPIOUS) pre-cum. And when he finally ejaculates, the Aneros shoots out of his butt.

    PLAY IT WITH THE SOUND *ON*! You won't be disappointed.

    As I said, this corresponds with my own experiences, and now I know I've been having super-Os all along :) Only not with so much precum. I do reach that state of nearly crying out loud, and whimpering.

    This video is for all the doubters who say the super-O is not real or a fake. Watch it and you'll know that this guy is experiencing so much pleasure that he nearly cries.
  • macmac
    Posts: 7
    Sounds as if you had a great time.My experience is likewise,with loads of precum.sensitive nipples,and a really sensitive cock.My whole body shook and I was very noisy,could not stop.Afterwards I had a fantastic wank.
  • macmac
    Posts: 7
    Watched it,awesome,gave he a hard on.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    this is the same guy who did the previous video that we all decided was just "milking." (under my thread "finally a half-decent video").

    yeah, this is definitely a great aneros video. he seems to be having multiple strong dry orgasms (i like the way he rolls in the chair during them). and it shows lots of leaking and erection cycling which are good outward signs for aneros skeptics. very hot (i'm gonna watch it for my next session!).

    its hard to tell from the outside if he is having super-Os. he well might be.

    one thing to clarify. despite what fleshjoe says, i don't see the aneros doing any involuntary motion. this fellow goes for very deep contractions. when the aneros moves by itself it the motion is subtle and it goes in and out about once per second

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    My experience is different. For me the Aneros moves intensely, as this guy shows, once every few seconds, and when its deeply inside me, it holds there for a few seconds (which seems like an eternity) with incredibly intense pleasure that causes me to whimper. I can assure you that its completely involuntary, I have absolutely no control over it. In fact, I'm trying to catch my breath and relax as much as possible between those waves, until the next one hits.
  • Impressive video. The speed at which his erection grows was amazing.

    I was looking for some information concerning the rate at which one should be doing contractions. From the video, if that's typical, it seems faster than I had originally thought. I also noticed he was doing very deep contractions.

    Thus far I have attempted to remain very relaxed with a minimum of effort and a contraction timed with my breathing at about every 3 or 4 seconds. From all the excellent information on this site, that has been an area that I haven't seen much on. Am I going too fast? Too slow?

    Thanks for the video.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ALL!

    Great video!

    I don't usually get an erection and he has a little more pre-cum, but basically covers the bases on ALL the features of a S.O. for me!

    Only major difference to me IS the travel of the Aneros in-and-out... (mine is ALSO more subtle in its movements???)

    Later, Hlaser
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    We may have to start seeding a new forum video library soon. I sent a PM to cremaster1973 asking if the contractions are voluntary or involuntary. Will let you all know his response if I hear back.

    Great stuff.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    let's hope cremaster joins the forum.

    about the contractions. to me, when we speak of "involuntary contractions" or "involuntaries" we are refering to a subtle stroking in and out. at its most subtle i don't think it would be visible (really it is our insides stroking the aneros). at its most conspicuous it is the aneros fucking you by itself. in that case we'd see the aneros going in and out as the anus puckered and unpuckered with the rythmic spasms of the sphincter.

    when fleshjoe said "moving by itself" i assumed he had in mind that the video was (finally) a demonstration of the famous and elusive "involuntaries" that are so much discussed on this forum. cremaster's video is definitely not a demonstration of that. (nor are mine as the involuntary contractions that are driving my orgasms are very subtle and internal. plus the quality and angles aren't there to show it)

    what we *really* need, now that i think of it, is a zoomed in video of the area from the aneros handle/k-tab through the penis, with the primary focus being the anus and p-tab... while the aneros is doing its stroking dance. Any volunteers???

    as to whether cremaster's very deep and slow contractions are voluntary or not, sure, they are probably driven by pleasure and in that sense involuntary.

    this is the second video we've seen from him. the first one also had impressive amounts of pre-cum. at that time we all figured that cremaster was voluntarily "milking" himself.

    about the pre-cum. newbies take note that cremaster is a very prodigous leaker. you might or might not experience that (i rarely do). don't worry, it is not important if you do or don't. what is important is if you are feeling pleasure.

    the main thing i'd like to ask cremaster (and heck, i will...) is whether hs is having dry orgasms. when i first reviewed the video i kind of skimmed it and i didn't think he was (i thought it was more a repitition of his last one). but when i saw the whole thing through at proper speed, there are about four moments when he is vocalizing, thrusting his pelvis up and rolling in his chair. i am assuming that those are orgasms. on the other hand, i personally have never had orgasms while holding such strong contractions.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    I invited cremaster to join the forum but suspect he is already a forum member with his use of the Super "O" terms in his PM reply to me.

    He refers to initial voluntary contractions followed by a series of involuntary contractions in his video. I have the impression that cremaster is somewhere on the spectrum between milking and Aneros mini Os.

    I also asked if he doesn't join us if he would mind if I could share his PM with the rest of the forum.....

  • Put a stop watch on some of those contractions. Some are fairly short, lots of them are around 5 seconds, a bunch are around 10 and some are as long as 20 seconds. The short ones are probably the involuntary ones. I've had some deep involuntary contractions that held for a second or two but nothing like 10 or 20. Most of those were also before my first Super O, when I was trying too hard. I never got to the Super O until I learned to get the subtle involuntary contractions going.

    I leak about the same as this guy. Darwin, you need to rephrase the question about dry orgasms. For us leaker's there is no such thing - only ejaculatory or non-ejaculatory.

    From the rate of precum flow and the position of cremaster's testicles he was certainly having an intense experience. I guess only he would know if it was a Super O.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    cremaster will be joining the forum....

    his last two PMs....

    at the start, the contractions are deliberate, but as you go along, they become less voluntary--you just have to clench. and at the very end, you lose control. during ejac itself, the thing works you by itself, but subtley--sort of rapid small movements. as for the version of aneros, i think you're right that I use the mgx. it's the "original," i think. i can't be sure it's the best for me, as it's the only one i've used. i think it's the right size, as it makes good contact with my prostate, but is small enough so it moves alot, which I think is what causes the feeling--and all that precum! eventually i want it to take me over the top, producing a handsfree ejac. or better, a whole bunch of those "dry" orgasms I've read about. so far, it's a bit frustrating, holding me on the edge, but not taking me over. i get lots of mini orgasms handsfree, without the BIG O. what has been your experience? my advice is to relax into it. do the deep breathing they recommend. or take a dip in a hot tub or bath. also, use lots of lube. I use a needle-less syringe to inject water-based lube up my ass. that helps, i think. and i put the aneros in and out in several times, with lots of lube, before starting the clenches. this lubes up your asshole. also, think of the clenches as deliberately moving the aneros against your prostate, like you're playing with it. pretty soon, it'll start taking over. lol then go along for the ride. lol let me know how you get on.

    Thanks for telling me about the forum. I will stop by for sure, especially as I don't consider myself an expert! The experts are the ones who cum handsfree over and over while the aneros works them. Man, that's gotta feel even better than what it does to me, so I am eager to hear what others do. As for sharing my feedback there, certainly you can do that. You might want to use the version I sent to your email, though: I made some pretty funny typos in what I sent to you via xtube (like saying I inject pre-cum up my ass to lube it before putting in the Is there a time of day when the aneros forum is especially busy?
  • So thats how it looks like. Thx for great video. I learned something I didn't knew before.

    Even though I got a differnt one, I didnt knew that aneros went in so deep. Does Progasm also suppose to go in that deep? Deep meaning how the front curve and the round tab touchs the skin.
    When I put in the progasm, the front curse doesn't touch the skin because front round tab is blocked by my bones. And also because round tab at the back is also pointing upwards.
  • hey, this is cremaster. i'm glad to join this forum. thanks to tripper for inviting me. I can clarify: I haven't had the super o. I'd like to, though. however, by the end of these two sessions, the contractions are definitely not voluntary. aneros--or my prostate or asshole or whatever--is in contral. but I'd like more. it could be I'm trying too hard, as someone said he did. i read the instructions, and they say to try holding the contraction at half force to get the small mini vibrations that lead to the super o. I'm probably not really doing this yet. i just get too excited, i guess. actually, it seems aneros is "making" me contract hard. lol so I'll try concentrating on the half contraction thing. any other advice? (of course, i've got to say, the sensations i've been getting with aneros in the vids you've seen are VERY intense--not like anything i've experienced before. i am a big leaker, it's true, and always have been. but what aneros is doing to me in the vids is something different than anything i've experienced playing with myself or with a woman. i think they are mini oragasms of some sort. maybe that's the milking you guys are talking about? anyway, i'd really like to get to the super o--multiple non ejac orgasms that go on and on. so please give more advice! and i'm really glad this forum is here.
  • i just got my progasm ice yesterday morning, i tried last nite, but didnt have big o.... im gonna try again tonite....
    anyone wanna add med as friend and helpl me out?
  • im looking forward to having one... btw why did he ruin that nice shit with all that cum? haha jk
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Hello, gents.

    Well,I hate to rain on this parade, but I'm compelled.

    While this may be educational for some, for many this video and those like it are NOT instructive or even helpful. You young boys can cum by just thinking about it, for gawd's sake. Guys, you can get off with all kinds of different ways. And all cremaster is doing here is using the aneros as a masturbation enhancer, IMHO. Sorry, fellows, and I know a lot of guys will agree with me here, this is NOT what Aneros is actually about.

    Our maleness has stressed ejaculation and only ejaculation as a means to orgasmic experience. What they're trying to help you to learn here is about expanding your horizons and opening yourself up to a MUCH LARGER world of orgasmic pleasure, and one that transcends basic ejaculation by a significant margin. Don't you see, guys, even with an aneros, as demonstrated by cremaster's video, just reaching the point of "I can't help it, I have to wank" is far too narrow. There is MUCH MORE out there, guys.

    While erections are nice, and ejaculation feels good for the moment, wouldn't you rather LEARN something that will not only allow you to enjoy ejaculation, but more, allow you to experience mind blowing orgasms that last for HOURS rather than the fleeting joy of a traditional ejaculatory moment? Aneros is not about ejaculation. It's about multiple male orgasms that last and last and last.

    Now, I'm not suggesting that you use an aneros other than exactly the way you want. I AM suggesting that you get over your adolescent fixation with ejaculation, and begin to develop a higher sense of what's possible. There is so much more to experience here, guys. I get the impression that some of you have never read the sticky notes at the top of the forum. Or that you've read the WIKI thoroughly. Otherwise, you'd be starting to get the message.

    There's a higher order of maturity and experience waiting for you to discover. A new self reality and a new way to enhance both your sexual and sensual selves.

    If you just want to use it for a bigger bang when wanking, fine. Enjoy. But if you want to develop skills that build you up (there are those who feel that ejaculation actually weakens you, and takes vital life force away) and that can last a lifetime, then spend some time learning about the massive benefits to be had by becoming a multi-orgasmic man. It'll change your whole way of thinking about yourself. I believe that.

    Do a forum search and read postings from Artform, rumel, b mayfield, churney, rook, ohmyo6, and others, all of which will help you to enrich your experience with techniques, suggestions, warnings and encouragement. It's a new world, a new way of thinking and an experience that will, when you reach the goal, blow your mind.

    Peace brothers, and success on your journey.

  • [QUOTE=Cockadoodle;87421]

    While this may be educational for some, for many this video and those like it are NOT instructive or even helpful. You young boys can cum by just thinking about it, for gawd's sake. Guys, you can get off with all kinds of different ways. And all cremaster is doing here is using the aneros as a masturbation enhancer, IMHO. Sorry, fellows, and I know a lot of guys will agree with me here, this is NOT what Aneros is actually about.

    Point well taken, but using the Aneros as a "masturbation enhancer" is probably a stepping stone on the journey to Super-O-dom for a lot of people. I think its all about the experimentation and willingness to push your boundaries. If it's fun and feels good, there isn't a need to discourage it. As long as you can learn something and build on your knowledge in the next session, it's all good.

    But what do I know? I'm a newbie here.... LOL!

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Whew, that was heavy.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Your point about the superiority of multiple orgasm super-Os versus one-off ejac is a good one. However, it's worth noting that for a lot of us, if we don't ejac regularly we end up thinking about sex 24/7, which makes doing everything else that much more difficult. I certainly enjoy the hell out of 30-minute super-Os, but also need a wet-O almost every day to stay sane.

    Best Regards,

  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    I found all the pre-cum very exciting!
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    I agree totally with your take on this Cockadoodle... I've been an Aneros user since 2004 and if I was to post a video of one of my sessions it would be a visual dud... That's because everything that's happening is well within inside of me... I experience deep internal orgasms that do not manifest themselves on the outside. I get an occasional erection but the entire experience is a combination of mental and physical bio-feedback...In previous posts I have described it as "coming in slow motion"... That may sound less than optimal but it's really quite exquisite because you can take the slow orgasm and parlay it into mental bliss... It took me three years to get it down but now that I know how to do it, it's superior...