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anal douche
  • macmac
    Posts: 7
    i would appreciate any advice onthis,Ive never tried it,Ive only being using the massager for a short time and thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Hi mac,

    I use a large rubber ear type syringe. I fill it with warm water trying to get the temp just a little warmer than my hand. I refill it a few times to get all the air out. Just a little lube on the tip and insert it to its full depth while sitting on the john. I squeeze the bulb to get the most out of it I can but one syringe full is plenty. You are trying to just rinse out the rectum which normally has very little in it, not to induce a full bowl movement. If you are close to your normal bowl movement cycle, have the bowl movement first, then do the clean out. Usually the rectum will contract almost as soon as you remove the syringe, it feels just like it does when you have the runs. Generally I shower afterwards, but sometimes the whisper of my body wanting a session, preempts this.

    I also own and have used the Higginson Syringe sold on this website. It works well especially if you find you need more than one squeeze to get the job done. However, you need a water source close by the toilet to feed it and that winds up being something additional you need to keep handy. I decided to keep it simple and quick.

    Hope this helps.

    Enjoy the journey - every session is going to be a little different and full of surprises.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    Insearchof has this right! The following is from my B's Best of BEELINE sticky thread above:


    Although a “clean-out” is not strictly necessary prior to using the Aneros (particularly if one is regular, and knows when they’re empty), it may make some users more comfortable by reducing the risk of any “accidents”. Furthermore, for others any enema can be a very pleasant experience in its own right.

    The way that I like to approach this is to do an evacuation of the rectum only, without involving the entire bowel if possible. To accomplish this, one must try to avoid doing anything that will get peristalsis (the rhythmic bowel contraction) started. If the bowel becomes irritated and starts contracting, you're more or less committed to clearing out your entire system, which can be time consuming and sometimes unpleasant (cramping). To avoid this I use water ONLY, being careful to keep it as close to 'body temperature' as possible. In terms of the amount that I use, I find that 4 - 6 fluid ounces is sufficient. Again, the idea is not to completely fill the rectum with fluid, but to loosen and help flush out any material that's present. I always lubricate my anus and the enema nozzle to facilitate insertion. I find sitting on the toilet the most convenient place for the cleansing itself. A second application of the same volume can be made if necessary. But you don't want to over do it. Ordinarily, I will follow this with a nice hot shower to get cleaned up and relaxed at the same time.

    Bear in mind that the amount of fluid that I’ve suggested is not a lot, it is roughly equivalent to a third to half of the volume of an average soft drink can. But if you think that it's too much, start with a smaller amount. In so far as the equipment for this, you can find bulb syringe type enemas or the “fountain type” at your local drugstore. The latter is really just a hot water bottle that has one end cut off. You just fill and hang the bag and gravity drives the liquid through a tube to the nozzle. The tube has a shut off clip so you can control the flow. For many the fountain type is a good way to go, in that it give you a bit better control the amount that you take in. The bulb type devices on the other hand offer greater convenience (easy to prepare and clean).

    Again, all that's necessary is enough fluid to facilitate the evacuation of your rectum, so start small and see what happens. If you do decide on the “fountain type”, you should know that they usually come with a douche nozzle as well, (which I wouldn't attempt to use for this purpose). Make sure to use the enema tip that is short and smooth. Also be certain that the tube is free of any kinks before you start, and that you bleed the line of any air by making sure that water runs free through the tube then stop the flow with the clip. Lubricate the tip of the nozzle and your anus you're ready to go!

    Just remember to wash all the equipment well before AND after use and make sure everything dries completely before storage (this to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold). In so far as the safety of enemas is concerned, they have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians for health purposes. It is said that they started the practice after seeing an Ibis (a bird with a long thin bill), take in water and expel it into their hindquarters. So long as one keeps the practice occasional, and is careful to limit the amount fluid that you take in, there shouldn't be any problem. Of course I'm not a doctor, so if you have any particular health concerns you may want to consult with your doctor first.

    Hope this helps!

    BF Mayfield
  • Hi Mac,

    Guess where my info came from?

    Read everything B Mayfield has written and then read it again! It should be your primary reference in you journey. Also Darwin's glossary is very helpful in understanding the terms you will see mentioned on this site. Some of his posts can send you right into a session all charged up as well, at least they did me.

    Have a smooth journey.