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Prostate Orgasm
  • I have seen the subject term in several posts in the past and have read the description in the glossary. However, I have not seen a descriptive post regarding how this orgasm feels.

    During some very intense Super O's I have had a very tight feeling, which felt like it was either the rectal muscle wall contracting around the head of the Helix or it was the anterior portion of the PC muscles contracted into a tight ball or possibly the prostate contracting. It goes away with the orgasm release. Does anyone have an idea what this is or can someone describe in detail what a prostate orgasm feels like?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    i agree this is a bit elusive. i feel that i'm still learning on this one too.

    here is what i think so far.

    i originally thought of a prostate orgasm as one that was localized to the front of my rectal canal, or in the perineum.

    it is very clear to me when i'm having an anal orgasm (oh man i love them) because i feel it deep in my rectum and in my buttocks.

    it is also clear when i'm having a "diffuse" orgasm that is not particularly localized.

    by process of elimination i figured that a localized orgasm that wasn't an anal orgasm was a prostate orgasm.

    then one day i had a new kind of dry orgasm, just after buster described it to me in a mail: what i called an internal ejaculation. it wasn't really an ejaculation but everything down there contracts like i'm cumming.

    so i figured maybe that was a prostate orgasm.

    most recently i've been influenced by anerider's famous "What I've learned using my Aneros..." post where he described discovering the muscles that squeeze the prostate.

    i believe i've discovered them too. it is still a little tricky for me to do it, but if i try i can find the muscles inside there that when contracted give me that distinct prostate palpation feeling of needing to pee and sexual excitement. further, if i hold it, it starts very subtly vibrating w/ light involuntaries.

    sinnce i discovered this, the progasm has a very interesting effect. it now feels distinctly like it is vibrating and stimulating that very spot. what i think is actually happening is that the same muscle is doing its thing but in contact with the progasm. this feels like the progasm is doing it.

    the result can be a very particular and strong kind of orgasm which is localized to that specific spot, pretty high up and in the front, roughly between my belly and near the head of the progasm. perhaps that is the elusive prostate orgasm.

  • Darwin

    I guess what I am experiencing is probably a full contraction on the PC muscles in the anterior portion.

    Nice to know that there is lots left to explore. Many of these events seem to be almost elusive as the first Super O. I have had a lot of one time events that I haven't been able to duplicate such as: the floating feeling orgasm, the penile induced orgasm, the rectal orgasm. I have no idea what triggered some of them. With others I know how I got there but I just can't get it to happen again. Oh well, that's what makes each session so interesting, they aren't predictable like regular ejaculatory orgasms.

    I'm sure you will update the glossary on this one after there is more data.

    Thanks for the reply.