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Contact with the prostate
  • GroverGrover
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    Just starting out with my new Helix. I have used other stimulators in the past which have provided direct and aggressive contact with the prostate, so I am aware of the feeling of massaging it. With the Helix however, it is impossible to know whether it is touching it at all.

    Is it normal for the feeling of contact to be subtle to start with or should it be fairly identifiable from the get go? Obviously, I am not expecting miracles just yet but I would like to know if the Aneros is at least positioned correctly and that the Helix is a suitable model for me.

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Grover and welcome to the forum!

    I've used other prostate massagers as well that were more aggressive than the Aneros and I used them in an in and out motion although I'm not sure if I was supposed to since no instructions were provided. Even with those, I couldn't really tell if I was massaging my prostate or not. The only evidence I had was the few drops of prostatic fluid leaking out of my penis.

    The only time I've been able to confirm I was touching my prostate was with my finger and actually feeling the gland.

    Many users report that they can't feel the Aneros touching their prostate which, to me, is a good thing since being able to feel it may mean that the stimulation is too aggressive.

    The prostate is located about 2 inches up the rectum or about to the second knuckle of the middle finger when inserted in the anus. Comparing this length with the length of the Helix (as measured from the thin part of the stem about 1.5 inches from the base) should confirm to you that it is indeed touching your prostate. Plus, the angle of the Helix is more aggressive than say the MGX.

    In some of my early sessions with the Helix, I could feel it slipping inside, but not really pressing on anything. That basically told me that it was actually massaging the prostate. I don't rinse my rectum as often as I used to so that may be why I don't feel that sensation as much now.

    Hope this helps. Be patient, relax, and enjoy each session for what it brings you without any expectations.

  • protoproto
    Posts: 8
    Apologies for the off-topic comment but I've read several posts this evening and I'm sat here thinking what a revelation this forum is. Everyone's spelling and grammar seems top class.

    The snob in me can't help but wonder if there's some correlation between intelligence and use of the Aneros!
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Yes, you are quite observant. The last time the analysis was done, it was found that the correlation coefficient between Aneros usage and the user IQ mean value of 145 was 0.93.

    Or, rephrasing that, 86.9% of all higher IQ males are using the Aneros or plan to within the next 7 months.

  • geewizgeewiz
    Posts: 8
    proto & tripper,

    Golly gosh, who'd of thunk that stickin sumthin up your pooper wood make you more intellagent. i think I mite try that rite now ...

    Well, Old Chaps, this is a remarkable revelation and I have just now recieved notice that I have graduated summa cum laude from Oxford, I believe a Lordship appointment by Her Royal Majesty the Queen must surely be forthcoming. Perchance, do I dare remove my esteemed colleague Ms. Aneros from my person? gummit, looks like i'm bak wear i wus befour.