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Aneros and traditional sex
  • Can the Aneros be used during traditional sex with a woman?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You asked "Can the Aneros be used during traditional sex with a woman?"
    Most emphatically, the answer is YES ! However, if your going to be on the bottom, you may want to take care that your derriere is sufficiently raised from the bed (or whatever surface your lying upon) to ensure that the handle of the Aneros is not aggressively bumped during energetic love making, as that could provide a painful jolt to your prostate and quickly kill off a pleasurable encounter.

    Have Fun, Go at it !

    Good Vibes to You !
  • AnonicosAnonicos
    Posts: 57
    I was just wondering how much more pleasurable the Aneros makes normal sex in most peoples experience? I'm a virgin and just ordered one, and am hoping that it's not going to detract from my none-solo sexuality, and that it can augment it.

    Also, what is the effect when a partner makes your penis cum whilst you are having a super O? Is this an ultra O? :D
  • Can the Aneros be used during traditional sex with a woman?

    yes, yes, yes.

    But learn to enjoy it solo first and take your time - I've been using an Aneros (first SGX then Progasm) for over a year and am still developing my technique and overcoming my wife's dislike of toys. But my experience has been that she enjoys feeling me enjoying sex and has almost entirely lost her distaste. I shall know that I've won if she ever lets me get her a Kegel exerciser.

    The experience is of being fucked whilst you fuck. If you have no problems with that, then you can learn what gay sex is all about. For me, the die was cast long ago and I am monogamous and heterosexual. But, in my dreams I have time for a big thick cock up my ass.

    Which leads me to two questions for the Forums at large:

    Who shares my interest in an even larger, penis sized Aneros and

    Any suggestions how to prevent ejection when thrusting?