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Pre-lube and general lube question
  • analmartanalmart
    Posts: 22
    I'm a noob and still trying for the super O.

    For my session, I get everything ready. I use a rectal syringe to clean any "klingons" out and then pre-lube. I'm trying to find a good pre-lube to use. One that's thin enough to be drawn into a medicine syringe like you would use for a baby.

    Is there a good way to pre-lube? Also, what is the best commonly availalble lube? The store I got my Aneros at has a bunch, but they ain't cheap. KY tends to get sticky. Astroglide is nice but expensive. I'm looking for something that lasts a while. Any suggestions?
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Virgin olive oil.
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Analmart and welcome to the forum!

    Most people use 2-3ccs of lube when pre-lubing. You don't need a massive amount to pre-lube. You can search the forum and also read the sticky posts from B Mayfield to get more information on pre-lubing and Aneros use in general.

    You can buy a syringe on this website for pre-lubing, but be sure to use only water based lubes with it. Oil or silicone based lubes will destroy it. You can also try a medicine dropper for babies. Those are sold at the grocery store or pharmacies.

    My preference for lube is Maximus. It's water based, thick, and glycerin free. Others like to use Boy Butter or Albolene. You cannot use the syringe with Boy Butter and Albolene though since these are oil based and creamy. Search on lubes and you'll find plenty of posts on it.

    Good luck, be patient, and let us know you journey progresses.