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Helix base position Help
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30

    I've purchased the Helix and had about 6 sessions now. Now I have been wondering how deep the Helix should sit in "idle mode", with a relaxed sphincter that is. When you take a look at a helix in the online shop, I always thought that the helix should be inserted totally, so that the sphincter grips around the narrowing completely at the base helix. Meaning that the outside skin of your sphincter touches the abutment connection.

    In my case, my sphincter is about 1/2 inch higher, meaning that 1/4 inch of the wider part above the narrow sticks out. Is that okay ?

    When I push the helix deeper all the way, it just comes backs out a little.

    Thx 4 your input.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,096

    The Helix was NOT designed to be fully inserted all the way down to the base. The last "notch" is there for purposes of balance only. If you attempt to fully insert the device, you will compress the abutment tab against your perineum such that it will push the massager back out again. (I think you discovered that already)

    BF Mayfield
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Hi B,

    Thx for your fast response, exactly what I needed to know and your description matches completely indeed ;)

    A little misleading in the design of this aneros version. When I push it in completely I can feel it touching my prostate. Otherwise I have a hard time sensing any prostate contact I must say. Fiddling around too much positioning the helix (and I guess any aneros) is just too distracting. Your mind completely focussed 100% to da zone seems to be a must. Anything up to the literal fly-buzzing-around-in-the-room can ruin it. Last session, after I decided to just leave it alone (stopping adjusting it etc) and really focus on how different kind of muscle movements had certain effects, I ended up having some little sensations completely new to me. Really seems that I need to practice how to control muscles I didn't know they existed, because there was no use for them. Really like practicing on ear-movement. I hope this is the little tip of the so called iceberg I saw in my binoculars ;) and that I'm looking in the right direction.

    Strange how some people have trouble with the abutment being obstructing. For me it might be a bit bigger or go 'deeper'.

    But good thing I can put this doubt I had off my mind, every % of mind focus seems to count.