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effects of abstension
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    I am curious to learn what other's experiences are with prolonged periods of abstension. I am not one who has put many (if any) days between sessions for the most part. That's why I have to ask others. I am in the beginning of an abstension period and the feelings so far (4 days) are still present. In your experience, is the ability to experience and generate intense feelings in the prostate something which fades over time without Aneros use, or is it soemthing you just possess now without having to an Aneros in me? grateful
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    Lately, I've been under a lot of stress, so I'm not always in the mood for anal stimulation. Also, when I'm stressed out, I tend to get the runs, which also kills the mood. Anyway, my point is that I've had to go for up to a week at a time without using the aneros. My personal experience is that it's sort of like riding a bike. Once your body starts to become rewired, you don't easily forget. I would be curious for someone to comment on a longer break, though (say, a month or so).
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    I've been using the Aneros on and off since 2003, and have recently come back from my longest lacuna yet, due mostly to work, health issues, depression, etc.

    Using the Aneros again has been a wonderful experience. Despite the 18-month/two year or so absence, I noticed no dropping off of multi-orgasmic ability. What's been the most difficult is the stamina, as the body and mind wants to keep going but doesn't have the physical capacity to do so. It's interesting that the quality of the Aneros session is a good barometer of your overall health. I find well-rested, exercised and nourished go a long way indeed to heightened Aneros-driven pleasure.

    It's funny, but my prostate and anus have been practically begging me over the past month for more, almost as if making up for lost time. It's like the nether regions have a mind of their own. In my experience, absences of Aneros use don't diminish your ability for Super Os, but an absence does get you out of the habit of all the preparation beforehand.
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Thanks gravel and rorymuscle. I should ask more questions; your responses have helped me get a better view of this new territory. Both of your responses adderssed overall state of being. This really pointed me toward what is likely to be what has caused my unsettled path so far. I am going to seek as much solitude as I can get over the next little while and see what that uncovers in terms of underlying stresses.
    What I'm experiencing now (on day 5 of not using an Aneros) is that my prostate is still activated (the best way I can describe it). I think what I am feeling might be like what you, rorymuscle, describe as begging; it makes its presence known and I am able to just go with it and feel sensations almost as strong as if the device were in me. I was thinking this morning that it will probably continue until I don't answer by nuturing the feelings. Is that it? Have I learned how to stimulate without a device and, therefore, keep things sensitized - or is it just awake now? grateful
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    My personal opinion is that the body needs a reminder of the sexual encounter (traditional orgasm) in order to feed into Aneros activity. In my case, going one week without either a tradtional orgasm or Aneros activity....and then having a traditional penile orgasm....always results in interesting Aneros activity after 24 hours. Having Aneros activity daily or alternate days without traditional acitivity after one week + doesn't yield as interesting results.

    Of course, I will not refuse Chesterfields if they are offered.