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Trying To Get Progasm Working (Tried 4 times and counting)
  • heidelunheidelun
    Posts: 5
    I was really excited about Aneros Progasm after reading reviews across the web and decided to get one for myself and decided to spend some money for ultimate pleasure. I got so excited that it made me really nervous for few days waiting it to arrive.

    After it finally arrived, I tried many advices posted on the web to get the Progasm working.
    Laying on the back, knee bend with foot on the bed.
    Laying on my stomach.
    Sitting on the bed, bounding up and down, moving sideways.
    Taking shower to relaxe
    slept on my back, on my stomach.
    Tried lubs.

    I tried it for 2~4 hours each day for 3 days but I just couldn't get it to work. I got worned out after 2~3 hours of trying and didnt get any ejeculation. Just really little bit of clear liquid.

    When I gave up and pulled out the Progasm about an inch and started to move the progasm around inside my body, I could squize my prostate.

    Thats when I realized that Aneros Progasm is just too long to stimulate my prostate. About 1 inch too long. I tried to get few rings on the toy to shorten the length that goes in, but its just not working since it gets too short and just fells out and not stays in. Also arms with round head doesnt touch the skin when i did that.

    Any sugestions will be a great help :cry:
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    Is the Progasm the first unit you've bought? If so, I would suggest it's more an advanced user model, and you might get better results with the MGX or SGX, which, in my opinion, target the prostate more directly, while the Progasm the whole prostate and then some.

    If you're not used to the Aneros, I think the Progasm would be hard to, erm, swallow if you know what I mean!
  • I think you might have your expectations set a bit too high. There are several sticky threads available that you should read by B Mayfield. He is a wonderful source of info about what it feels like and how to get there.

    It sounds to me like you're trying too hard to make it happen. While there are some men who have managed to achieve a Super O in their first few sessions, the majority of us have to have patience and work at it. It's been about 6 months for me and still trying. Don't rush it, don't expect anything to happen, just enjoy the sensations, and I bet you make more progress.

    Good luck.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forum. It is quite understandable how you would be very "...excited" about laying out a modest amount of money "...for ultimate pleasure." After reading some the glowing web reviews and users reports of ecstatic experiences, it all seems to good to be true, that an inanimate device can drive you to such sensual heights. If you're like a good number of us newbies, who inflated (in our minds) the effects reported to unreal levels of expectation/anticpation, your initial ACTUAL experiences are likely to be disappointing, just as you and many others have reported.

    Resolving the disparity between our expectations and reality is a common frustration, so you are certainly not alone here. What other reviewers and users have failed to mention (or minimaly allude to) is the variable time commitment (occasionly quite long) associated with the learning curve required to attain these heightened levels of sensual pleasure.

    As 'rorymuscle' mentioned you might get better results with the MGX or SGX models (the Progasm model is the most aggressive model in the Aneros lineup, as such, if you are new to anal play or are of smaller than average physical stature, this model may not be the appropriate learning tool for you). I suspect, however, that is not the problem as you did not mention any discomfort with its usage. 'Justin_Otherguy' is probably correct in his "expectations" observation.

    You mentioned in your post that you didn't get an ejaculation after nearly 3 hours in your session. If you purchased the Aneros for the purpose of obtaining the much discussed goal of the super-O, then you need to know that an ejaculation is NOT part of that experience. However, an Aneros aided ejaculation/orgasm (super-T) is possible and can be quite intense (your choice which direction to pursue in any particular session).

    As far as suggestions :

    A.) Forget about the "...get it to work" mind set thinking and adopt a "let it work" mind set.

    B.) Long session times that just leave you worn out or frustrated are counterproductive, if you can't maintain mental focus on any good feelings/sensations you experience, it is probably time to end the session.

    Here's my spiel to newbies/first time posters -

    If you haven't already done so, I would highly recommend that you read the Sticky posts titled "B's Keys to the Backdoor" & "B's Best of the BEE-Line" by 'B. Mayfield', and the Sticky titled "GLOSSARY" by 'darwin'. There is a wealth of essential information contained within those threads. That information is going to save you a great deal of time during your learning process, plus they will answer a good number of questions you haven't yet formulated.

    The instructions you received with your Aneros or from the web site are just an introduction to the learning process or "re-wiring" as it is frequently referred to here on the Forum. The path/journey toward the super-O is more than the attaining of a certain state of sexual/physical arousal. This process involves you listening to your body, becoming more attuned to the many subtle feelings being generated and gently nurturing those feelings into heightend physical and emotional states.

    The information from the posts of the users on this Forum will be enlightening, interesting, intimate, humorous, honest and open, I encourage you to make use of this expanding knowledge base as a valuable resource during your journey. As you progress down the path, the questions you pose on the Forum may be answered by others who have shared your experience and can offer helpful advice to advance your learning.

    The time frame for this process of "re-wiring" can vary widely from individual to individual, some users get to a super-O almost immediately, while others have taken more than a year to reach that goal. In any case your journey is going to be unique for you, what you will be learning about yourself will be valuable and enjoyable, the process is very much worth the effort. Try to suspend expectations of results, relax and enjoy the ride for the pleasing sensations you do receive. Try to be patient with yourself, open to these new feelings and nurturing in your attitude, the feelings and sensations can NOT be forced or otherwise coerced.

    Welcome to YOUR journey! :lol:

    Good Vibes to You!
  • heidelunheidelun
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for suggestions and advice.

    I gave it a go one more time just after posting this tread. First, I tired to get relaxed and almost fell a sleep, did some contractions but didnt work.So I moved on to another advice.

    I read on a post that sleeping works for few people, so I basically took a shower and slept on my back, woke up after 2 hours, nothing.
    Went back to sleep laying on my stomach, woke up after 2 hours and nothing. This was enough for today so I just used my other toys to masterbate and decided to try Aneros another day.

    Oh yes, this is my first time using the Aneros. I decided to get a latest one for no other reason than that its new. I thought it will be big but when i saw it, it was smaller than expected. I will read more threads to better understand how Aneros works before give it another go :)

    I heard that sometimes type of lube makes difference. I am currently using water based thin but slippery lube. I guess I will try another kind of lube when I get new one.
  • CagliostroCagliostro
    Posts: 57
    I owned the helix and mgx first. The helix was my favorite. I bought the progasm and it kicked my ass. Everything went crazy and I thought nothing could be better. One morning I was planning on using the mgx along with some standard masturbation for a quick fix and found that I was getting some of my most intense feelings to date. Now I have 3 models, they are all totally awesome, and I can never decide which to use. I have been considering the Eupho as the slimmer design sort of intrigues me.

    I would say use which ever strikes your fancy. If it does nothing for you at the time just switch... you might be suprised!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    There has been (and will probably continue to be) much discussion on this Forum regarding lubrication compounds. IMHO the differences between the various lubes sold for sexual play are minimal regarding their actual functioning as friction reducers. If you find a lube that works for you and you are satisfied as to its safety aspects, then use it. Personally, I'm continuing with good old generic KY jelly, as I have not developed any adverse reactions to its use and I know it continues to be used by the medical profession after decades of use in rectal and vaginal exams.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • Tried another session with Progasm yesterday. And found something different.

    It was same as usual, not much went on. Except one. Until now when I was inserting Progasm, I inserted toward the front of my body, toward where the prostate was. I inserted it and moved and pressed the toy toward the front of the body at the start. Or just let the butt suck it up by it self.

    Near end of my session with no results , Progasm still inside my body,I just decided to push the Progasm toward my back so that the toy touched the back of the hip bone. (Not turning the progasm 180 degree but just pushing it back)

    Then I contracted my muscle, the progasm moved, and it gave me a sharp pain near the head of the toy. When ever I contract, it gave me a pain in response.

    I would have continued experimenting but at that point I was too worned out. I'll test this out more after receiving my order of Maximus lube. I could have bought the KY jelly in supermarket but I didn't have any guts to take it from the stand :roll:

    One question I have is that, is the pain coming from prostate or something other? I cant really tell myself since I didnt experienced Progasm at work. I cant even tell wether if the pain is coming from the front of the head or the back of the head.
  • The head of your progasm is probably pushing against your bladder and giving you a pain.

    My experience has been similar to yours in that I cannot achieve anything if I push it. Also my mind swims with doubts about whether or not it is in the right spot. I really think that I was believing that I would buy this thing stick it in and off to O land. I d seen all of these videos and read these testimonials and really built up the expectation that it would work straight away. Reading into these forums it seems that it takes quite alot of training and patience. Or I have bought the wrong type. It also seems that relaxation is the key. It is really frustrating that aneros cost so much when they seem to be just a piece of hard plastic. Added frustation when it seems not to be working. This makes it really hard to relax and go with the process.

    When I relax I start to get subtle waves of energy pass over me, maybe this is the beginning. They don't last long. So I suppose this is the beginning towards a super O.

    I also find that if I am aroused sexually it helps me feel something.

    Lubrication is really important as the aneros has to move to stimulate the prostate. I bought the helix and probably think it is alittle long. I can pull it out and position it in a way in which I ooze pre cum, but have little feeling otherwise. The videos I ve seen have the guys with lots of pre cum.

    There are many other prostate massages out there. think the benefit of this device is that using it will train and strengthen your PC muscle to give you a stronger erection and orgasm. It has helped me to do this.

    As for the super O's I used to get these feelings meditating. And I have a feeling that this is what is the key behind achieving a super O. Breathing and awareness of your body. You can read up on tantric breathing and achieving multiple orgasms. The key to meditation is the practise of surrendering and letting go whilst concentrating. Such a paradox.

    Being gay I found my prostate. ( sorry others found my prostate ) long ago and quite honestly have the most amazing multiple orgasms whilst being fucked. Maybe its gods joke putting a g spot up a heterosexual man's bum. Or maybe we should never of constructed a pidgeoned holed view of sexuality.
  • [/i]

    [i]think the benefit of this device is that using it will train and strengthen your PC muscle to give you a stronger erection and orgasm. It has helped me to do this.

    SORRY here I meant the benefit of using an Aneros is that it will train and strengthen the PC muscle.

    The link is to another prostate massager. Which I have not bought but am thinking of it.