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Urge to Pee and other questions
  • flipflyerflipflyer
    Posts: 48
    I understand that one may have the urge to pee when the Aneros is inserted. If one does, should one go to the bathroom and pee, or is this all part of the exercise??? What does one actually have to do when one feels the urge?

    I also wanted to find out if it's bad to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for lubrication.

    I also bought a rectal syringe for rinsing, as per suggestion in the Online Instruction. I am not familiar in using this device. How long is one supposed to hold on to the water before expelling???

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    It's totally normal to have the sensation of needing to urinate when you first insert the Aneros. Frankly, this is sign that the unit is firmly engaging your prostate. Assuming that you didn't have a full bladder to start with, this is simply an initial reaction of the sensory nerves around the prostate to pressure. If you relax and stay with it, say for 10 to 15 this sensation will gradually subside. It will diminish in intensity over the course of subsequent sessions as well.

    With respect to Vaseline, although I've used it in the past, there are far better alternatives nowadays. For me, Vaseline's chief limitations are that it's a petrochemical product and that it is difficult to clean up. For an in depth look a lubrication, check out my sticky thread above, B's Best of BEELINE and look for a section entitled The LONG AND THE SHORT ON LUBRICATION (there is also a revised post if you look farther down). Since that thread was generated two new products have come into the picture also. Boy Butter (check out the thread by user Morn) and Aneros' own Marksman.

    With respect to using an enema, check out B's Best of BEELINE once again for a post entitled CLEANING OUT WITH ENEMAS.


    BF Mayfield
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Flipflyer,

    In regards to the feeling of needing to urinate, it helps to try to go to the bathroom before inserting the Aneros. That way, you know your bladder is empty and you can ignore that feeling when you insert it. If upon insertion, the feeling doesn't go away after a few minutes as B Mayfield suggested, get up and try to go to the bathroom again. You'll be more comfortable and able to enjoy your session with an empty bladder.

    Depending on the length of your session and what you've been drinking, you may feel the need to urinate again later in your session. If so, get back up and go to the bathroom. More than likely, you will urinate again.

    As B Mayfield mentioned, the sensation will diminish with further sessions and with experience you'll be able to determine when you actually need to urinate.

    In regards to how long to hold on to the water, your body will give you the signal that it's ready to defecate, so it will let you know when it's time. Remember, all that your trying to do with enema is to rinse the rectum. There's no need to soak anything.

    And by all means, please read the sticky posts that B Mayfield mentioned.

    Hope this helps,

  • flipflyerflipflyer
    Posts: 48
    Thanks for your input guys!