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Hot Flashes
  • insearchofinsearchof
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    I don't see this term in the glossary, so I will explain what I mean by it by giving an example of what I have experienced.

    A hot flash for me is a brief (about 10 second event) which feels like the release at the top of a super O. For me, it results in the same warm felling and flushness that I get with the Super O, except that it is stronger and causes me to break out in a sweat as my entire body gets very warm. All of my hot flashes have occurred while I was asleep and after Helix sessions except the one last night. Last night's event was unique, in that I was awake when it started, so I experienced the whole event. It came out of nowhere, with no stimulation, no slowly building arousal wave, and no hint of sexual arousal such as: tingling of the balls, an erection, pre-cum, or erect nipples. I have awakened in a sweat and feeling flush like this after several Helix sessions, weeks before my first Super O session. It had briefly occurred to me that they were associated with the Helix sessions, but because there were no other arousal indicators I had set that idea aside.

    In last night's event, it once again occurred to me that this was much like an orgasm and I decided to see if that was really true. I started to stroke my nipples and after only five passes I tripped over the edge into a mild Mini O, followed closely by another in about 20 seconds. Another rewiring surprise, this hot flash event was indeed orgasmic! I can't remember at this point, how many of times I was awakened with these hot flashes in weeks prior to my first Super O, but it was more that 3 or 4 times. I think the hot flash is similar to the tingling echo event I get after a Super O session in the evening that is not finished by a regular orgasm. Both are orgasmic in nature but the hot flash is much more subtle.

    I don't know if others have experienced similar events but my intent in writing this post is to remind those who haven't had a Super O yet, that it is very easy to overlook subtle signs that might lead you down the right path. Had I thought to reinsert the Helix after experiencing one of these hot flash events, what a wild ride I might have had. If I ever get one of these again I will certainly give it a try.

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    Interesting you should bring it up because my wife and I just had this discussion last night. During intercourse I had five or six of "hot flashes" similar to what you describe. They started with a vibration through my penis that expanded and became the hot flash that rose to the top of the skin, causing a break out in sweat. It was the first time for that experience during sex. My wife compared it to her pre-menopausal ones by my description.