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support: private messaging quota
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    hi support-

    seems like your quotas on PM are way low.

    i filled my inbox with about 20 messages.

    each message was about, say, 2k. 40k is teeny.

    for reference, there are about 5000 forum members (by the way, can you bring back the member stats on the forum home page? they were very useful, particularly for giving the forum credibility).

    if each member had a meg of space that would be a total of 5gig. these days a gig costs about a dollar, so that would be $5 worth of disk space total. if each member had 10 meg, that would be virtually unfillable (as you don't allow images), and that would only cost $50.

    so i say why have the quotas at all?

    am i missing something?