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Neural Bio-feedback Training and Orgasmic Rewiring
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Has anyone had previous neural bio-feedback training or experiences and applied them to their "re-wiring" process?

    This is furthering the interest in hypnagogia and achieving that state, which I have able to do for many years, out of great necessity for regular sleep under high stress.

    Yoga breath training in my early twenties and years of sitting hooked up to electrocardiagram machines watching my heart rate and beats sweep, where I learned to control and vary my heart rate up to twenty beats per minute (specifically lowering it!), are part of my "body listening", controlled relaxation and pain control methods.

    For example, I don't have local anesthetic for dental work and have had my teeth drilled for major work while being able to control the pain to next to nothing. I was also able to eliminate/heal my duodenal ulcers using this method.

    I've always been interested brainwave bio-feedback but have not gotten equipped or otherwise pusued it. I am curious about any observable effects in brainwave type, patterns and rhythms that might show up with aneros (and KSMO) rewiring.

    The fact that I seem to slip easily into hypnagogia when truly relaxed with the aneros in (a potential path to I-Os!), may tie into epsilon wave changes, if I'm following the meaning of the Kundalini site that Pan recommended in the KSMO forum or wiki. All this has me considering whether brainwave bio-feedback may be a worthwhile path on this journey...

    Has anyone used brainwave bio-feedback as part of their rewiring for orgasmic transformation here?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hello again artform!

    You always come up with some fascinating subjects!

    I remember a craze in the 70s about "Alpha Waves." Lots of books and articles about how to reach the "Alpha State" and even alpha wave machines (also called bio-feedback machines, at the time), that could train you on how to go to "Alpha", by watching the meters and relaxing and breathing properly! Supposedly, this state lowered things like heart-rate and changed brain activity, if I remember correctly...

    Anyway, is this in the same arena as the hypnagogia state? IMHO, it would seem like these are at least related and that meditation is also in this same relaxation and mind-altering arena as well???

    As before in your hypnagogia thread, I would love to be able to connect myself to a machine and tell if my relaxation level is even in the ball park with any of these methods!

    These are some of my thoughts...

    Later, Hlaser
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again Hlaser

    Thanks for your info on this, and yes, this does link to both the hypnagogia interest and my curiosity about whether aneros (and KSMO) can lead to a something like the I-Os of my youth but with 40+ years of "wisdom" added to a still youthful (mentally/spiritually) experiential life adventure.

    In the "...Stroke With These Things?" thread, Garvel suggested two types of aneros use/experience. I added medical back in as third, and wondered if, in fact, we should really be talking about a fourth category of aneros use/experience: altered states of consciousness.

    With that in mind, I would very much like to see a bio-feedback aneros model (maybe the Helix would be most suitable; or if this works, all models!) with biofeedback sensors tracking and graphing all the activities at the P-spot, anus, K-spot (Helix with K-spot tab instead of handle?) and of course the prostate to the degree possible from behind the rectum muscle wall, and it too and other sources of responses.

    What do you think?

    Do you ever put the aneros back in during your next day Chairgasms?

    I think it could be great to passively watch, or potentially train oneself more closely using the bio-feedback modelling. Or it could be just a distraction and waste of time and energy...

    Any thoughts anyone?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ArtForm!

    It did seem like these techniques and methods were heading to the same destination to me??? Also, I agree that altered states of consciousness should be added, noting that there are a wide range of experiences under this catagory.

    The Aneros model with bio attachments will never happen, of course, but I like to dream too! Although, one of the machines from either the company below or another company may give us the insite and info we are seeking tho!

    I think it would be worth while to try a bio-feedback machine to see where you are on the scale of Alpha - Theta - Delta for brain activity and relaxation! Then to use this device to train yourself to go even deeper!

    My question then would be: "which one to buy???" Looks like hundreds of companies and some are probably bogus... Any one know anything about bio-feedback equipment???

    Check out this .pdf and this site:

    If I understand your question correctly, I often add one of my handle-less Aneros models during my chairgasms for a kind of Act Two to the session and it is a nice change-up!

    Later, Hlaser