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Pleasure Waves
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    I think I have been experiencing pleasure waves as written up in the glossary. They have only occurred after evening Super O sessions but not while I was awake. I have been awakened some hours after a session with a tingling sensation which encompasses my entire body. It feels as if my entire body is electrically charged. The first time it happened I did not realize I had crossed over into an orgasmic state and simply enjoyed the sensation, let it fade away and went back to sleep. What a loss that was! In fact this was before my first Super O session. I think I had crossed over with the Helix and didn't know it then either.

    The second and third incidents were after my second Super O session, the first a few hours after the session and the second the following morning. All of the events were sans Helix. I discovered that I was in an Super O orgasmic state purely by accident when I stimulated my nipples just to see what would happen. The tingling stopped shortly after nipple stimulation but the ensueing orgasms were worth it. The orgasms in both sessions were characterized by full erections, were non ejaculatory, and had lots of precum.

    In the morning session, the first thought of stimulating my nipples sent my body into a muscle contraction before I could even start moving my hands towards my nipples. It was as if my body had learned what was about to happen from the stimulation a few hours earlier and reacted in wild anticipation of the pleasure about to come it's way. After that, each stroke of my nipples sent me into another full body contraction and finally over the top.
    As the third arousal wave started to build I couldn't resist the desire to stroke my erection. To my surprise, each stroke sent me into a full body contraction just as the nipple stimulation had done and brought me to an even more intense orgasm. I tried it again on the next arousal wave but it shut down the wave this time. I guess it was because I had partially lost my erection after the 3rd. orgasm and I started to focus on regaining the erection instead of enhancing the source of the orgasm. Nipple stimulation came to the rescue, however and I had several more orgasms before I finished with a traditional but super exciting ejaculatory orgasm.

    With all that for background, here is the question.

    Do others experience these pleasure waves only after falling asleep? That is the only way I have experienced them. I would like to know how to transistion to that state without having to be awakened in the middle of the night.


    Found the Super O. But now searching for daytime pleasure waves.

    Here is an edit to the above. Number 5 Super O session this morning may have given me a partial answer to the pleasure wave question.

    My last Super O session was Thursday morning and since it finished with a conventional orgasm I was intending to take a break until Sunday. Well not so fast.

    At about 6 am I awakened with a very sharp and intense full body contraction that lasted about 3 seconds. It left me lying there trying to figure out "what the in the worldl was that all about?". No erection, no hard nipples, no tingling pleasure wave and no indication that it had anything to do with an orgasm except that it felt like one. Well, about two minutes later that question got answered, with a slightly longer and more intense contraction.
    Yep, I had crossed over again while asleep and what followed was two hours of orgasms trying soft pallet nursing (didn't work for me), trying to find my penis trigger (couldn't find it either), and every other thing I could remember reading on this forum.

    When things started to subside a bit, I thought of the Helix. Forget the preparation - warmed it under hot water lubed it up and back to intense orgasms about 5 minutes later.

    During a couple of lulls between orgasms when I was really relaxed, I started to experience the tingling pleasure waves at a very low level. Stimulation didn't enhance them and I wasn't able to bring them up to the level experienced in the above write up but it looks like the key for me is to be really super relaxed and totally zoned out.

    Darwin, where the world is that penis trigger??? Pressure on my G spot worked and I had never been able to find it before, but I went up and down the underside of my erection several times with very light pressure and it did nothing for me??

    Insearchof - Now its the penis trigger.

    This has been an absolutely mind blowing week!!! Three Super O sessions and all of them so very, very different and addictive.
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I have not experienced an orgasm caused strictly by the aneros yet, but I believe that I have experienced some pleasure waves. Oddly enough, they really start to get going when I let my mind wander. If I'm laying in bed with the aneros in, and I'm very relaxed, sometimes I'll start to think about other stuff, not erotic or anything, just random stuff. then, when I'm not even expecting it, the aneros will start to wiggle like crazy, and good feelings will start spreading out. Then I can't help but focus on the aneros, which seems to stop the whole process. I tried sleeping with the aneros in because I read somebody say that they did so and woke up to a super-o, but it didn't seem to do anything for me.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    i think that the benefit of controlled breathing or of concentrated nipple stimulation is that they both get your mind away from the aneros so it can do its thing.

    another technique is "soft palete nursing" (do a search) or using a second aneros in your mouth to keep it occupied.

    if you haven't already tried some of these, maybe they will help.

  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43

    Strangely enough I experienced pleasure waves yesterday morning. It was the second time this has happened, the first time about three months ago. Each time it occurred after I fell asleep with the aneros in, same as you. The first time was less distinctive and I dismissed it as my imagination. Yesterday I woke up to tingling and felt as if my whole body was vibrating. Not contractions just tingling and vibrations. I stayed with it for about two minutes. My wife was asleep in the same bed. She's not tuned into the aneros so I was afraid to just go with it and see what would happen. I do think I was on the verge of a super O or something close. However those two minutes were the best feelings I had with the aneros in 6 months of use.

    Yesterday's pleasure waves happened with the Eurpho, the first time was with the Maximus. I've not had anything close to pleasure waves when I stay awake through the whole session.

    There still seems to be plenty of lube on the aneros when I terminated the session.

    If you figure out how to get the pleasure waves while awake let us know

  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    Catchemup, I think you may have been in an orgasmic Super O state and didn't realize it, like my first experience with this event.

    I think you misunderstood my post a little though. All of my tingling pleasure waves have occurred AFTER Super O sessions that were not terminated by regular ejaculatory orgasms. They were also without the Aneros in me. They are an echo event or a return to an orgasmic Super O state. In is as if the sessions were not long enough or intense enough to fully satisfy my body's needs, so it came back for more.

    Let me try to describe what my crossover to the Super O orgasmic state is like because it seems to be a little more subtle for me, than what I had in my mind from reading other posts on the subject.

    I do zero erotic preparation for a session. Have tried it with and without and found FOR ME that it isn't necessary and doesn't really help much. I get plenty aroused just thinking about a session perhaps because anal play is still new to me. The rhythmic breathing helps me relax and get the anal contractions started, but after that I use it strictly for control so that the contractions don't get so intense that they lock up at a full contraction and stop, shutting down the whole process. I usually work in cycles, as an arousal wave starts and builds to a point where it doesn't seem to me getting more intense, I allow it to stop and I just try deep breathing to relax. After a number of this arousal cycles, I will finally have a relaxation phase, which feels entirely different that the ones before. The number of cycles I go through varies a lot and it may take an hour or more of stimulation for it to happen, or it may happen in 20 minutes, or not at all.

    For me, the indicators or crossover to an orgasmic Super O state are somewhat subtle. The best one is that all of my anal muscles totally relax. During the arousal waves and between arousal waves prior to crossover, there is still some muscle tension in my anal area. I also get a warm feeling when the muscles relax. A second indicator is that my nipples stay hard during the relaxation phase, indicating that I still am very aroused. There is also lots of precum flowing, but not a good indicator for me since I am a "leaker" and have it flowing most of the time during a session.

    The fall off from an arousal peak to this crossover plateau does not feel very sharp for me. Yes the arousal wave peak is gone but it is not like the total relaxation of tension that I feel after an ejaculatory orgasm. Nor do I get a much of a euphoric feeling when it happens. I feel very relaxed but I know that on at least one occasion I terminated a session at this point without realizing that I had crossed over. I think that it was following this session that I got my first echo effect when I awakened with the tingling pleasure wave and didn't know that I had crossed over then either.

    Look for the subtle events. If you ever get that tingling sensation again, start some contractions and see what happens. I would bet that you have crossed over and are in a Super O state.

    Keep searching, I think you are very close.