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penis trigger and nipple training - lovely
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    i am adding two new terms to the glossary:
    - nipple training
    - penis trigger

    here is a detailed account. (they go together.)

    Nipple Training

    what is nipple training? it is the systematic effort to fully awaken your nipples (or possibly somebody else's) as erogenous epicenters. it seems that people differ widely as to how sensitive their nipples are "naturally." presumably in general women are more sensitive than men. i would posit that an individual's nipple sensitivity is directly related to how often those nipples are stimulated. there is a feedback loop in that the more stimulation, the more sensitivity, and, the more sensitivity the more likely is stimulation.

    this is not something you acquire over night. like the aneros downstairs, it takes time.

    a while ago i decided to give my nipples a try to complement my aneros and aneros-less multiple orgasms. a particular reason i wanted to do so is that my pelvic floor muscles are prone to pain, so i was seeking an alternative region of erogenousness.

    i had been trying it in fits and starts. but a couple of weeks ago i started doing it in earnest.

    two hints i picked up on the forum were very useful:
    1. do it every day (i forget who suggested this)
    2. adjust the stimulation frequently to avoid over-stim (this was from b. mayfield).

    so, that is what i did. each day i'd go for it. my favorite position is cross-armed, with the left hand at the right nip and vice versa. i like it because that crossing confuses the brain a little bit so it feels kind of like foreign fingers on your nipples. i usually go through my tee-shirt. i have also played w/ boy butter on the nips directly.

    i would do it for something like 15 minutes to a half hour.

    at first they weren't very responsive. but soon i started to realize that certain strokes at certain places would feel a rising pleasure. the places weren't the obvious ones like right on the center nip. it might be under in the aerola, or even sometimes on the neighboring skin.

    the key thing is if a certain stroke stops offering a delicious feeling, try another location or different stroke until you start feeling the delicious feeling again. the feeling *is* there it's just that it has moved to a new spot nearby.

    you also may well need to blend some fantasy into it.

    if you keep at it the feelings get to be quite strong and have a very distinctive quality that i have not felt with stimulation of any other area. the word that best describes it is "ardor." the nipples when cresting up to full erogenousness make you feel like you are in an impassioned embrace, like the intensity you feel at the first flesh-to-flesh, chest-to-breast contact with a long dreamed of mate. the nipple stim brings that lover to your body. i have found it to be delectible, irresistable and addictive.

    if you keep up the training, you will get to nipple induced orgasm. for me the orgasm most easily comes in my pelvic region, like a chair orgasm. but also, in really fine moments, the orgasm eminates from the nipples and pecs and feels uniquely deep and fantastic.

    at this point i feel like my nipples have a sensitivity and responsiveness that is somewhere near the same league with my penis head. i get very direct and intense sexual response from them.

    there are all kinds of different stokes. some concentrate on the nip, some press hard to invert the nipple, some jiggle, some stretch, some massage the whole breast with the entire hand, some are best when the nip is erect, some better when soft.... you get the idea.

    Penis Trigger

    somebody, i think it was hlaser, a while ago described an acupressure spot on the underside of the penis, about an inch or two up from the balls.

    a couple of days ago i was having nipple induced pelvic orgasms, but i felt that i wanted more. my hand found its way down to my pelvic region, and my fingers started pressing on my perineum, on the sweet spot, and also groped around looking for the penis acupressure spot.

    well, i found them both and my orgasms deepened and intensified very nicely.

    i have since played with the penis spot, which i am calling the "penis trigger."

    i have found that it is an *intensely* powerful trigger. for me it is magical, and it is almost making my eyes tear just thinking about it.

    all i need to do is get into the O-zone (the zone where i am orgasming), and then place my fingertip on the penis trigger. the lightest touch, no pressure, sends divine electrical pleasure from my penis tip through my penis to my balls, through them to my anus, to my prostate and up deep into my rectum.

    this is just how b. mayfield always described the sweet spot: simultaneous pleasure at penis head, prostate and rectum. well, for me, the penis trigger is much more powerful than my perineum sweet spot. i think it might be best when erect. also note that this is *not* penis stimulation in the traditional sense and definitely does not stimulate the ejaculatory apparatus.

    Nipples, Penis Trigger and the Calm Sea

    when i combine the ardor of nipple stim with the power of the penis trigger i reach absolutely lovely heights.

    last night was a particular instance. i remained almost meditiatively calm, all muscles in my body relaxed. (no aneros.) i stroked my nipples and started to calmly, calmly swoon as the pleasure rose. i started having pelvic orgasms. *unlike* standard approaches often described here, i consciously did not hold any contractions, instead avoiding all muscle tension. (rather than using tension to try to increase the pleasure i used relaxation, breathing and patience, letting it build and come to me when it was ready.) then i placed my finger on my trigger.

    all i can say was i was on the calmest sea of beautiful orgasmic pleasure. i couldn't get up from the recliner. i was pinned there for so long, just sweetly orgasming. (i didn't get into the ethereal state johntrevey described recently, but maybe i was close). at one point i did have the experience johntrevy and others have described which is having all the same contractions, including a straining penis, of ejaculation, but being dry. basically shooting wads of invisible cum. i was having ball orgasms, prostate orgasms, etc. a shift in position in which i made my butt a bit more prominent brought on lovely deep anal orgasms.

    the whole thing was a new experience for me. usually my sessions involve lots of tension in the form of contractions, thrusting, vocalizations and sometimes convulsions.

    i prefer the calm sea. it is really almost more spiritual than sexual. when it was happening i thought that perhaps this is what the tantric practice aims for.

    hope to see you on the calm sea, matey.

  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    It's amazing how there's so much that we don't know about ourselves. The possibilities just extend on and on...
    It wasn't until about maybe 3 years ago before I realized just how sensitive my nipples were. I never really thought about them that much being useful for for sexual arousal. I'm not quite sure what actual event made me realize the usefulness of them. But since I'd discovered them they're a requirement to masterbation. As soon as I begin touching them I become hard instantly. Thing is though is that within a short amount of time they lose so much of their sensitiveness and I just top playing with them usually. After reading this thread I'll for sure put more thought and practice to the "art of nipple rubbing" lol.
    Last night I had my 4th or 5th session with my aneros since I've decided to start working with it again. During it I decided to play with my nipples. Well like I said when I play with my nipples I become hard instantly and it makes me feel like it's the equivelent of touching my penis. So I feel like I'm messing up the hands free method of using the aneros. Does this make since? It feels good but seems like it provides such a jolt of sensation to my penis when I do this that it takes away from the subtle increasing sensations from the aneros as well as slight contractions.
    Either way will for sure work with more nipple play. Plus will see if I can't find this penis trigger as well.
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    Awesome post, darwin! Those techniques are amazing. The two in combination is what helps to bring me to super O's. It can get so intense it's just incredible. It does bring on the feeling of the penile orgasm along with the prostate centered one. I love the way you described it.

    Billy, I know what you mean when you say that touching your nipples sometimes feels like the equivalent of touching the penis. My nipples have been extremely sensitive all my life. So sensitive in fact that I have to take it very slow and carefully when I do nipple stim along with the aneros / dry orgasm techniques. If I'm not careful it just gets too sensitive and distracting or can send me into a backward ejaculation which is not what I'm after. Lately I've been doing better with the nipple stimulation though and learning how to make it work for me. When you do touch your nipples during an aneros session, try doing it very lightly with one soft touch at a time. Pause in between each stroke. That way you approach it carefully without going over the top into over stim. Try darwin's suggestions with the penis trigger pressure points. They work wonders for bringing on more orgasms.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Yes I'll try the slower approach for sure. I normally like to tease myself and my nipples by wiggling my finger tips as close to them as I can get without touching them and then finally letting them/me have it. But then I go fast and don't stop tell I lose most the sensation in them which by then doesn't matter too much cause I'm ready for traditional masterbation. But now I'm not so interested in traditional masterbation cause of the much more pleasurable levels trying to and achieving super-O's and close to super-o's. I can see how just touching them a little at a time will not overstimulate them and desensitize them, and how this sensitiveness can steadily progress. Thanks for the advice. Will be working with Darwins suggestions as well :-)
  • Posts like this one are why I read this forum.
    Great job Darwin.
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    In all honesty, the real breakthrough for me on this forum is the idea of nipple stimulation (and I mean that totally separately from the aneros). I never really thought that my nipples were that sensitive, nor did I pay much attention to them during masturbation. Based on the things that people had said about nipples on this forum, I decided to spend a session focussed solely on my nipples (no aneros, no penis touching, just nipple rubbing). After experimenting with various lubes, I settled on wet platinum because it stays super-slick and doesn't dry out. I was in total shock about how much pleasure I could give myself this way. I built myself up to a nearly orgasmic state within minutes. It's hard for me to believe that my body has always had this potential and I never knew about it.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Darwin and ALL!

    Your post is amazing and I can relate to "everything" you say here!!!

    I could have done the exact same post and wouldn't change a thing! (De Ja Vue')

    I also had to train my nipples, probably 6 months ago and they get more and more sensitive and more and more orgasmic with time! (almost like 2 small penises at times!) I also sometimes have nipple orgasms, with nothing else needed!

    "Penis trigger is a good name for it, and this IS the spot I was explaining to you months ago! I do nipple play exactly as you describe and can feel it in a loop going from my nipples to the "trigger spot" !automatically! and then to my penis head!

    One thing though, if I want to manually stim this trigger, I use my gym shorts, with the waste band rolled down a few turns and pull them down and let the tight elastic rub the "trigger spot" for me and a lite hip roll rubs it back and forth on the magic spot!!!

    It has it's own feeling type of orgasm between penis head and balls and simultaneously other areas like prostate has a different flavor of "O"! I know what you mean by feeling like you're shooting invisible globs of cum too, with your penis throbbing! (mine is usually flaccid or semi-flaccid during these orgasms and of course, aside from a little oozing, they are ALL dry O's)

    I now have these very same orgasms as part of my "Chair Orgasms" now days each morning!

    I bobbed the tail on a couple more Aneros models, as in you last post about tail removal and it really does make it easier to use in bed or as part of a chair session!

    This morning I had my usual chair orgasms (with nipple play, of course), then decided to add the Aneros to my chair session and grabbed my tailless Helix! One of the best sessions ever with the Aneros adding yet another source of pleasure in a totally different way!

    It is really great, to see others experiencing the same discoveries that I am using in my sessions!

    Later, Hlaser
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    This forum is a tremendous resource and refuge. You guys are a great support structure and Darwin one of the "Chief Researchers." Thanks for your experimentation and clarity of 'procedures."
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Quick little update here on progression of things for me. My last post on this thread I said I'd try with a slower approach to the nipple stimulation as to not desensitize this area too quick. Well last night I wanted to have a session with my aneros but it was too late and I had to work in the morning so I decided to just go to bed. Well lying there I was just too horny (no erection) so I decided to ever so lightly touch my nipples just once. Well this started my erection but just a little. I waited for like 10 seconds and did another light flick of them. and again slowly built my erection further. But something else was happening. Just like I posted in another thread about my erection turning more into a heartbeat that just took over my entire body this began to happen. I started to do so very slight contractions of my pelvic area as well as my anus and the "feeling" I was feeling just built up more and more to the point to where I thought for sure I was going to have an orgasm or maybe even a super-O. But as it got to a really intense level it began to subside. This same thing came in waves maybe about 10 waves and every time getting me right to the edge of the cliff of having an orgasm or super-O. The feelings I was feeling were almost exactly what I feel when using the aneros but even more intense. Finally after doing this for near an hour I decided I had to go to bed so finished myself off to a very intense 'hands free' orgasm (I have a little technique I use for this that I may describe sometime soon on this forum)
    I think not letting myself touch my penis at all brings about a whole new level of arousal. Like I'm being held back from just grabbing that damn thing and quickly bringing myself to orgasm.
    Anyways very cool that I'm getting myself to the same level that the aneros does for me but without even using it.
  • I have not had much to do with my nipples in the past and have even told some of the women I've been involved with that it did nothing for me. It seems I must revise that statement. I have started experimenting with the techniques as described by Darwin and there is definately something there. :D

    I'm going to start "nipple therapy". :lol:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks for your further adventures and great post Darwin.

    Like JustnOtherGuy, I have never used nipple stimulation and have asked partners to keep away from there. Any touch was far too sensative and instantly painful. However...

    you have had such good advice in previous posts (I've long loved hiking my balls up to the limits with my left hand middle and ring fingers V'd and straining those cremasters like halyards while sailing!!... but I digress) that I have very carefully begun experimenting with my nipples in the last couple of days. Where they used to be hard waxy little things, they are coming alive! Taking it slowly, and last night my wife joined in this former off limits area for a little bit (I have always loved and lavished hers!), so I am looking forward to getting deeper into training and completely opening up this wondrous new territory.

    I am also fascinated that you have now discovered the "Calm Seas". I look forward to your thoughts as you sail on...

    Given all the revelations in Old Wolf's "Above and Beyond the Super-O" thread and your Calm Sea experience, do you think a new Glossary category is required?

    CS-Os? As a sailor, I love that metaphor, but one is anything but becalmed! We mechanically used E-SB-Os recently at KSMO (Electric, Still-Body, Os). Old Wolf's "Delight" D-Os? I do! I do! What do you think?

    BTW, it was Old Wolf using nipple stim that initially got me thinking I had better reconsider my negativity. Thanks OW. OW indeed.

    Thanks so much Darwin and to all on this thread.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    i haven't yet gotten a chance to update the glossary w/ "nipple training" and "penis trigger." (will soon.)

    i was as well thinking about an entry to do w/ the calm seas. i was thinking maybe i'd put it under "relaxation" but then again, hey, maybe "calm seas" is more descriptive. i haven't shied away from the metaphorical in the past....

    thanks for the encouragement on the glossary entry.

  • Edit
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    I think I might have hit the penis trigger during the sweet spot rediscovery. With this super O my semi erect penis was literally convulsing on its own in a rythmic way. It was a real turn to look down and see jerking back and forth, but I wasn't sure of the origin. I had explored the penis trigger for several minutes prior. Have you ever had this delayed type reaction? Perhaps it was simply from another stimulation?
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hey Darwin,

    I tried the nipple stim and penis trigger some time ago but I haven’t done much with them since. As B Mayfield mentioned recently about his nipples, my left nipple is also much more sensitive than my right one. When I stimulate it, I feel a simultaneous tingling in my penis. Interestingly, this tingling is also on the left side of my penis as opposed to encompassing it entirely. Lightly rubbing on the penis trigger enhances the tingling, almost to the point of being too intense. Like my nipples, the penis trigger is more sensitive on the left side of my penis than on the right.

    From what I recall, I did all this nipple stim without the Aneros. There might have been a few times where I tried it during an Aneros session, but it seemed to be more distracting than anything else. It wasn’t something I did everyday and after a while I just stopped doing it.

    I also tried nipple stim while masturbating and I felt the same tingling in my penis, but it was kind of distracting as well and it didn’t add to my pleasure.

    Perhaps I should revisit this. I wonder if the tingling was a precursor to an orgasm.

    Thanks for the info,