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OMG!!I got tell this now, whilst still fresh in my mind+body
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Ive had my Progasm for a few months now i think. And ive been going at it almost every other day, With varying degrees of sucess. Ive Had super-O's Along the way, and i thought that was all i was gonna get. BOY WAS I WRONG :D.

    Anyway, it happened tonight (whatever the hell happened, i dont have a clue).
    I have a few posts saved in a text file (from the main post in "above and beyond the super-o" And the "About the Super-O" in B.Mayfield's Key to the Back Door). I hope you dont mind this, as these posts really get me in the mood and Aroused at the descriptions Therin.

    Reading these tonight must have sent my arousal through the roof, because i got my Progasm out and imediatly felt involutries. I said to the Progasm (please dont laugh at me, this really happened) "we are going to have some fun tonight"> I then kissed the Progasm (sorry if that sounds wierd).

    Anyway, i lubed up done the usual stuff (breathing, concentrating on nice feelings ect- Which came quicker than usual).
    I slowly felt the usual pulsing, which was good but wasnt much of a big deal. But it was enough to set things into motion.

    Eventually my first Super-O was comming on its way, and was really nice (i remembered from B.Mayfield's post, that it helps to in your mind remind yourself that you are cumming- or words to that effect.)

    For some reason this actually worked to keep the Orgasm going slightly longer than usual.
    Anyway this happened a few more times getting a little more intense and longer each time. Whith a few Orgasms overlapping.

    Until, i had a what fet like was going to be a good one, but was a small one. I thought, "oh well, its a good feeling might aswell go with it".
    But somthing was differnt this time, instead of my butt desciding how good, and when it was going to end. I was this time.

    What happened next was the really wierd thing. Whilst in my Glow-O (that is what i have called the begining of it) I could sense in my minds eye, energy waves that slithered over me like a snake. Each slither incrased the intensity of my orgasm. But get this!!I was in control of the speed the snake like energy waves slithering over me. Making my whole body throbb and cum like crazy, like never before. I felt like i was in another world, full off joy and ectasy. Where nothing else mattered, apart from how loud i was growling and screaming. This mustve went on for 3-4 minuites
    Im sure it could have been even better than that. But i havent quite reached that level.

    Anyway. Was else followed seemed to be a nice treat, i descided that was enough for my Super-O's, and started to think about a nice penile orgasm. For some reason, i was getting the (in going to ejaculate feeling-im sure this wasnt a urine feeling, and this happened like 3 times).
    When it reached it peak, i contracked because i felt the device was going to be expelled. Only a little drop of precum, came out.

    And for my last treat. Masturbation!!For some reason (im not circumcised btw) after an Aneros session it is dificult to pull my foreskin, back over my glans and jerk off(seems to lock into place below the glans). But after this session, i was in the mood to put lube on my penis and jerk off.
    ive always wanted to jerk off without my foreskin going back up to the glans when lubed. After all the wonderfull feelings i had, and my lubed penis, it felt like i was recieving a handjob, as though a girls hand was sliding up to my exposed glans and back down to the base with a well lubed hand (with varying speeds), my ejaculation wss wonderful and volumous. Its the first time that has happened to me.

    Has the controllable energy waves happened to anyone else?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Congratulations on your intense super-O session. As to your last line query, the Aneros company states in their promotional literature (see Description - 'New Male Orgasm') "The experience can be greatly enhanced by mental exercises, truly taking a man past the limits of what was thought possible in terms of pleasure. This type of non-ejaculatory orgasm is easily controllable by adjusting the degree of stimulation,..." It seems pretty obvious to me that others have found it to be true as well.

    Good Vibes to You!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    wow johntrevey, that's spectacular.

    about being turned on by the various threads, hey, go for it. in fact imagining what happened to you happening to me, well, that is getting to me.

  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    darwin said:

    wow johntrevey, that's spectacular.

    about being turned on by the various threads, hey, go for it. in fact imagining what happened to you happening to me, well, that is getting to me.


    Herhee, well it was all true. My body wouldnt make somthing like that up :P I even managed another ejaculation after typing the message, because i was still horny(it was still a strong one which was pretty forceful . (God i think i know how those girls must feel- to just keep cumming and cumming, and still wanting more of it afterwards. No wonder they can get so horny.

    Ive gotta put that "Evil little toy" away for a few days, because i really have to get some study done. And with my new job, its going to be hard to find any time to do much of anything.

    Besides, as they say "Absense makes the heart grow fonder" :P.
    Or in this case "Absense makes my butt+prostate grow fonder".

    I think someone should open Anerosaholics annonymous. Ahh screw that!!

    Anyway, gotta scoot!!
    Seeya all later.