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My update (progasm)
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Well its been 10 times now & last nite I was in heaven. It was the first time I felt the aneros take over me. I doubt I had a super O as I do not know what that is??? I have read but I do not understand what some mean by a super O & may never understand, I do not have a PHD in sex ed LOL. Last nite I put my aneros to my butt hole but this time I felt something VERY different as I slowly pushed it inside me my butt hole took over & almost sucked it inside me. I was in a state of surprise & happiness as the aneros went fast to my prostate & in seconds I was dripping pre-cum. I was sooooo wet from pre-cum I thought I will never shoot cum for a week. I decided to just lay on my bed & see what happens when suddenly I felt the aneros start to move & my body started to feel warm all over. My butt inside felt so wonderful, then my penis got hard but not as hard as usual when I feel this good?? I never felt this feeling before ever & as I posted on my first post here I can cum without touching myself but rarely. This was not the same it was way nicer feeling to me. After awhile I lost it & got on my knees on my bed (my fave position to masterbate with my progasm inside me) & I cummed so much like I can only cum that much with my aneros.

    Did I have dry orgasms before I masterbated??? Did I have something near a BIG O??? I do not know the answers all I do know is I never felt this before & it was VERY wonderful. If I can get even half what I felt last nite again I will be pleased.

    I am only shareing this experience to tell others who are new & buy an aneros to not be sad if you dont get that special feeling the first time you try it, I did get some nice feeling the firts time but nothing like I got last nite (my 10th time). I only wish I got it sooner LOL.