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helix in mouth
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    ok, this one might cause a stir.

    many moons ago there was discussion here about "soft palete nursing" (do a search). the idea is that by doing a sucking motion in the back of your mouth you can accelerate your arousal.

    i have also written about the need to use a "silencer," something in the mouth to quiet the vocalizations.

    well i put these two together, and stuffed the helix in my mouth (actually i slowly and sensually inserted it).

    no, it does not feel like a dick. it feels like a helix. and, at least for my mouth, it fits very nicely. it you think the helix is erotic in your butt, how about it (clean!!) in your mouth?

    it did a great job quieting as you need to keep your lips closed to hold it in and sucking gently on it was a good way to focus on something else so the aneros in my butt could do its thing without my mind getting in the way.

    when i really started panting, i did feel the need to take it out.

    later, for the heck of it, i stuffed the progasm in my mouth. um, kind of dick-like. maybe in the throes of aneros passion i would like that, but in the aftermath i didn't. also, it hits the back of your throat a bit. so for those whose life ambition includes performing a deep throat on somebody, maybe this would be good training.

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114

    "ok, this one might cause a stir."

    Lol, been there... I mentioned in the 'Progasm Mod' thread about my sudden urge to suck on my progasm.

    I haven't yet done it during a session. I am trying to source an adult size teat or dummy (what's the American term for that. You know the thing one sticks in a baby's gob to shut it up?) to use in a session.

    I discovered P.A. (that's Pre-Aneros 8) ) that slowly drinking a warm drink whilst edging greatly enhanced arousal and sensations. Now all I need for Aneros sessions is a large teat hooked up to a drip feed type arrangement. Warm drink and suckling... WOW!

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    This strikes me as a really arousing idea, I think that I will give this a whirl tonight. That's for the idea!!