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  • waldowaldo
    Posts: 1
    I bought an Aneros MGX about three months ago. I've been using it for about an hour at a time once a week, but so far I have not been very impressed. I've tried several positions and achieved the best results lying on my back with my knees bent. I can feel some pleasurable sensations but nothing near what I had hoped for.

    I found an amazing video on Xtube of a guy using an Aneros (MGX?). After insertion it only takes him about 5 or 6 contractions to achieve a full erection. After a few more contractions he begins to ooze precum. In a couple more minutes he is moaning and so out of control that he starts stroking his rod and ejaculates. The whole video from insertion to ejaculation takes less than 6 minutes!

    Needless to say, I would like to have this type of experience, but I've found that I have no tendency to have an erection while using the Aneros. Even with manual stimulation it is difficult for me to achieve an erection with the Aneros in place, and when I stop stimulating myself I immediately become flaccid again. I have never had any precum either. I don't believe I have any medical problem because I have no difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during normal sex.

    I read the results of a poll in this forum that indicated some men have been using the Aneros for over two years without achieving a "Super O". I am probably being impatient, but I would like to continue with the Aneros and I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if there may be some physical obstacle.

    I would like to hear from other forum members who have experienced similar problems and gone on to achieve successful results. Did you have better luck with another Aneros model or a different position? Or is my experience normal and do I need to be patient and continue as I am doing?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi Waldo,

    Welcome to the Forum and to the wonderful world of Aneros.

    Whilst I am a relative newbie I have been to Nirvana/Valhalla via multiple super Os, my most 'multiple' and intense just last night. I was still shaking this morning and couldn't resist a repeat performance on the sofa while 'er indoors was still asleep. That doesn't help you though, I was just putting context and experience to my post.

    Many of the regular and more experienced posters here have hit a wall and most of those have reported subsequent success. (FleshJoe apparently was having super Os without realising that that was what they were.) No doubt someone else will be along soon to offer encouragement and advice.

    My 2 cents worth till then...

    It seems to me that you are stuck on pre- and mis-conceptions. The super O won't 'come' (pun intended) via your penis. The X-tube video demonstrates one thing and one thing only. One man's erection, pre-cum and ejaculatory experience using an Aneros. Impressive though it is he wasn't experiencing a super O, just an Aneros assisted masturbation. From reading many posts here he is somewhat of a rarity, if not in his erection time then certainly in his quantity of pre-cum. (I'm jealous!) Now forget about him, he isn't relevant to your path or to the super O. And forget about your penis!. Leave it alone! If you want something to do with your hands play with your nipples. Anything that happens to your penis is incidental to the super O and not part of it. I agree with some here who have said that one's penis is almost a distraction to achieving the super O when it starts engorging, then subsides, perhaps rubbing on the sheets/ one's leg in the process. FWIW I never get a full erection during sessions, just slight engorging/de-engorging. (dis-, un-, ??)

    Again from reading the forum, and I have trawled through hundreds of posts going back to the year dot, the most salient piece of advice offered is to empty your mind of expectations. That the best expectation to have is no expectation. One has to almost enter a Zen-like state of no-mind whilst being aware of any sensation, either 'down-there' or, in fact, anywhere else. My own route to Aneros pleasure started with my feet. Early in my sessions with the Helix I became aware of a slight twitching/tingling in my toes. At first I discounted it as irrelevant and a distraction but drawing on advice from 'here' concentrated on it and was able to expand on it by drawing the feeling up my legs where it started a sympathetic tingling in my lower abdomen/rectum. Other signals, that for me, can become apparent early on are facial twitching and a warmth in my buttocks and/or inner thighs. I am now able to by-pass the contract/relax, inhale/exhale cycle and get involuntaries just by holding a slight gentle anal contraction. (More with the Helix, less with the Progasm)

    That's just my experience, every man's experience is different.

    You say that you are getting some pleasurable sensations. That is a promising start. Mentally zero in on those sensations and encourage them. 'Feel' them more in the same way that one can make a toothache worse by focussing on it. Do you perhaps feel a slight stretching of/tingling in the anus, a pressure on the prostate inside or the P-spot outside? A pulse even, perhaps around the Aneros? Still without any expectation of what might or might not happen become more aware of that/those sensation(s) and encourage it/them. If more than one draw them together so that, for example, a tingly anus and a pulse in the rectum around the the Aneros becomes a tingly pulse in the rectum and the anus.

    Read through the 'sticky' threads at the top of the forum, in particular B's Keys to the Backdoor. There is a wealth of information contained in previous posts and sticky threads that were invaluable in guiding me to the super O.

    Hypnofantasy's Nikki is preparing a full hypno session to assist/enhance the Aneros experience but a taster can be found at:

    I downloaded and listened to it, not as part of an Aneros session and was very impressed at how quickly I was relaxed and at the same time stimulated by her voice. (I can't wait for the whole thing!) You might like to try the taster in preparation for your next Aneros session.

    I wish you success on the path, please don't be despondent. I am sure that the super O is not too far away. Just work on those 'pleasurable sensations', they are your Key to the Backdoor.

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Waldo,

    I would like to second the welcome. Old Wolf, that was an incredible response. There is nothing to add to it. What I really think that you (Waldo) need to key in on is when Old Wolf said, "Feel them more in the same way that one can make a toothache worse by focussing on it." . Take your time and enjoy those feelings like they are the only ones that you are going to get. You will be able to expand them. The fact that you are getting them is indication that you are on the right track. I was a good 6 months before I had anything serious happen in my sessions. There are many levels. Take your time and relax. It is well worth the trip.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi Waldo,

    The response you received from 'Old Wolf' was very astute and I concur with his findings. I'll add to his response by addressing a couple of points that you also asked about.

    First, the position you described is the most common one employed by users, but by no means the only one, you might try some of the other positions to see if they yield more intense sensations, if not then stay with the position that does lead to good feelings. You can do a search of the site postings for other users descriptions of alternate positions.

    Secondly, try not to get hung up on doing something right or '...wrong". By trying different techniques, hopefully you'll think of things in terms like "this helps me or this doesn't help me" This process of "re-wiring" can vary widely from individual to individual, some users get to a super-O almost immediately, others have taken more than a year to reach that goal. In any case your journey is going to be unique for you.

    Third, your experience is indeed quite normal, the frustration of not obtaining some expected result is a human reaction to much of life's situations, in this case you need to just let go of the expectations, That video (I almost wish it didn't exist) to which you referred should not be the standard by which you judge your own experience, novel as it may be, it's not typical of Aneros users experiences.

    Good Vibes to You!
  • gravelgravel
    Posts: 53
    I think that the most important part is total complete relaxation. AT first, I just used the aneros like a butt plug, during traditional masturbation. the turning point was when I left it in afterwards. I was sort of half sleeping, as is often the case right after orgasm, and I realized the aneros felt like it was moving (and i mean REALLY moving) around inside me without me contracting any muscles at all. I repeated this later without masturbating first, and got even better results. I really believe the key is getting as completely relaxed as possible, and then focusing on what the aneros is making you feel, without trying to make it do anything outright. Just let it work.
    If it helps, I seem to get the best results laying on my stomach, and I try not to get any lube on my butt cheeks. I have to feel dry and comfortable.