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Nipple induced Super O. Is it possible?
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    First a little background: My nipples have been an integral part of sexual arousal for as far back as I can remember. I once read an article in Playboy about 30 years ago, that the writer could have an ejaculatory hands off orgasm, by playing only with his nipples. I tried this many times but was never able to do it except once when the sheet was folded back across the end of my penis and was rubbing on it while I was only stimulating my nipples. Just the throbbing of the blood flow to the penis and the interaction with the sheet sent me over the edge. This only worked once, was very intense and I have never been able to duplicate it.

    Fast forward to yesterday: In the middle of my first Super O I was stimulating myself with my nipples when my whole upper body went into muscle contractions each time I touched my nipples. It was really intense! My nipples were very sensitive for the rest of the day. Last night just after going to bed, I decided to play with them and see where that would lead since I was too tired to go for another Aneros session. In less than 5 minutes I was into the exact same sensations that I had experienced during the Super O. Initially I had an erection but that faded away just as it does during an intense Aneros session. There was lots of percum, my nipples were very hard and I was almost as aroused as I had been during the Super O. There was no lower body involvement, however I experienced the same intense upper body muscle contractions. After two of these sessions I drifted off to sleep. This morning I tried the same thing again, with the same delightful results. It was just as if I had bypassed the entire warm up process and jumped right into the middle of a Super O for the upper half of my body only. After two of these sessions, I got up to shower. As I was shaving, that nice little tingling feeling in my prostate started to happen. I didn’t have time to encourage the feeling so it must be left for future exploration. However, this leads me to believe that a full body Super O without the Aneros and with nipple stimulation only, is possible for me. It will probably require some time and rewiring to get there just as it did to get to the Super O.

    Any comments on what to look for on the journey?


    No longer searching - just enjoying the ride.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    There is no question that nipple stimulation may used to generate Super O's. I do it all the time! Like you, I have always been very sensitive in this area (particularly my left one....don't ask me why). In the past I had used it to optimize traditional orgasms whether alone or with a partner.

    After I developed some experience with the Super O, I was able to channel the sensation brought about from stimulating my nipples, such that it ran all the way down to my prostate. With a little practice, (mental focus and breathing) the chances are that you will be able to do the same. Throw in a contraction here and there....and you're off into a Super O. Depending on the person (and their level of sensitivity) this can be used as an appetizer (as some Super O foreplay) or even a main course.

    This may be accomplished alone, using your fingertip or with a partner. With respect to the latter, having a partner lick and nibble on your nipples with varying degrees of intensity can be explosive! * If you really want to up the ante, have your partner perform a perineal massage at the same time! (This is a good one for partners who are squeemish about making contact with you anally....) The idea there is to find the P-spot ("sweet spot") and gently bore right on top of it with a fingertip. Alternatively, rubbing with a back and forth motion from side to side works also. If you're fortunate enough to have a partner who is really sensitive to your level of arousal....this can be one heck of a ride. I can come endlessly by this method.

    BF Mayfield

    * As with all types of nipple stimulation, intensity must always be varied to avoid desensitization from occurring. Vibrators for instance, feel very good for brief periods of time, but if maintained in one place for too long, an overall loss of sensation occurs, leaving ones nipples feeling numb. The same can take place with a fingertip or tongue (albeit less easily), so in order to minimize this try to vary the rate, intensity, and stroke that is used.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Very Cool stuff, Guys!

    I have purely nipple induced dry orgasms, myself!

    About eight months ago or so, I decided to try to train my nipples to react as Brian has described. At first I had very little good feelings there, but after a couple of months of stimulating them, I had the dry orgasm mentioned above! Suddenly POW! I love my nipples!

    I use mostly different parts of my thumbs and different degrees of pressure, and from touching the very edge, all the way to flicking them! If varying the tempo or touch doesn't work for a few seconds to keep the feeling going, I stop for a few seconds, then start again and it's back again!

    A few minutes ago, I played the "Ecstacy" CD by BrainSync, and added nipple play and had a series of great O's! (sometimes I add "soft pallet nursing" from Darwin's post, to ramp it up even more)

    I feel the effects of ALL these methods in my P-spot, balls, penis and prostate, but each of these is centered in a little different spot and they go together very well in a session!

    Oh, I never have an erection during any of this and have very few incidents of orgasm in any of the muscles and no full-body orgasms!

    Any way that's my 2 cents!

    Later, Hlaser
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    Thanks for the encouraging replies guys, gives me lots of confidence that I can achieve this.

    My one months Aneros experience has allowed me to redirect nipple stimulation to four separate areas. It's like having a four position rotary mental switch, except that its not 100% reliable yet. Here's what they are.

    1. Mental focus on penis, my old standby: Used to stimulate and enhance an erection. Before Aneros use, the only position that worked, now it doesn't work so well, makes me feel as if I'm slipping into ED but who needs and erection for a Super O anyway.

    2. Mental focus on anal contractions. Initially I used the deep breathing exercises and manual contractions to get anal contractions. Now I just use the breathing to help control the intensity of contractions. I use nipple stimulation and manual contractions to get the involuntary contractions going and to build up the intensity. For me, this was a huge shortcut to getting reliable anal contractions going. It also led to such intense anal contractions and stimulation of my prostate that it drove me right by the door to the Super O until I learned to control it.

    3. Mental focus on PC muscles: Fell into this one by accident. Thought I was working on anal contractions and it turned out to be PC muscles. Haven't figured out when to use this yet, but the switch position exists.

    4. Mental focus on cremaster muscles: I can sometimes get these muscles to contract each time I run my finger over my nipples. Anal contractions can be going at the same time. Once the intensity gets too great my testicles are fully elevated and I no longer have any control but who needs it then anyway.

    5. Reserved for future use: Hopefully this is where I can focus on the prostate involvement and slip into a Super O in the future.

    Totally agree with varying the stimulation methods for the nipples. The one that really gets me going is interlocking the fingers of both hands and using the palm of my hands to simultaneously stimulate both nipples with the lightest touch possible. Nothing beats tongue stimulation.. just have to find a way to introduce my wife into this process. The anal stimulation idea would gross her out.


    No longer searching, just enjoying the ride.