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Recived my aneros & WOW
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Finally after almost a month I received my first aneros (progasm). I tried to save a few dollars & waited extra weeks by not ordering from the site (lesson learned). I read many posts most positive but a few negative about aneros. I was not sure but all I can & should say to be 100% honest is the aneros is something awesome. I did not expect a big O or much my first try. I did find out that I had waisted a lot of money buying vibrators & other things trying to get some special feeling. Haveing loved anal play since I was younger I felt I should order the progasm, which turned out ok for me :D . About 10 minutes after I inserted my progasm I started to get some wonderful feelings. I knew at that time this is a WOW. I did not get an orgasm but I had such nice feelings that it was ok because I think I need time to understand & enjoy this new feeling first & also I was a lil stressed.

    The only problem is my butt hole mussel that squeezes gets sore & I take it out, almost MINOR painfull, but it feels so nice pulling that progasm inside me more I love it. Any advice please??

    OH, I aleardy modified my progasm, I heated & made that K-tab straight out not touching me, I may just cut it off, it was buggin me & I am thinking of cutting off that tab on the bottom that is of no use.

    I love the forum & I bet everything you all have to say will help in makeing the next new aneros, which I will save up to buy. Thanks