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"Sex is fun" Aneros related radio shows/videos
  • anonymousanonymous
    Posts: 72
    I found a site that is done about people who discuss all forms of sex related stuff, and they have talked about the Aneros, the Progasm, and prostate stimulation. Best of all, it's free. The audio ones are MP3s, and the video ones are podcasts which can seen in Itunes, or if you get the right codecs you can see them in windows media player. Here are all the related links:

    Sex is Fun Movie #04 - Prostate Stimulation

    Sex is Fun Audio #68 - Sexual Ethics, Anal Lube Review and the new Aneros Progasm
    "Today Kidder and Laura discuss the ethical implications of sex workers servicing mentally challenged adults. We have a caller from the U.K. who asks if we've seen swingers positively portrayed in the media. We also review an awesome anal lube from Topco and Kidder test drives the newest prostate massager from Aneros."

    Sex is Fun Audio #64 - Get to know your prostate show
    "Get to know your prostate now! On today's episode we fully discuss the prostate gland, prostate stimulation, prostate massage and a lot of other words that will help the search engines find our show."

    There is tons of interesting other stuff too. The main link to all the audio episdodes is The main link to all the video podcasts is

    There is a full audio show on the G-spot and female ejaculation where both the male and a female discuss the hows and whys about it (and he can do it to his wife, and the female host has experienced it as well), and the video podcast has an animation of it also. Thought some might find that useful or interesting besides just the Aneros/prostate related stuff.