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Surprise: It happens when you least expect it!
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    For you old guys like me out there: KEEP THE FAITH!

    Had a session this morning which was just delightful. Had three anal contraction events lasting about 25 minutes each with a 10 minute rest for muscle relaxation in between. Two were with the MGX and the last with the Helix. Got very close to going over the top but just couldn't quite get there.

    Finished up, showered, ate breakfast and decided to modify both units with hot glue. Wound up with two blobs of glue as far back on the perineum tabs as I could get them. Had about an hour available for a test fit so decided to try them out.

    Now it got interesting. Started with the MGX and got anal contractions about 5 minutes after insertion. Since I had the long session earlier, I decided not to push it and switched to the Helix. Contractions started up right after insertion and I kept them going because they felt much better than during the earlier morning session. After some really intense contractions it felt like my prostate was contracting and wham I was over the edge. All my muscles relaxed and I just lay there asking myself 'what the hell was that'? I waited for a while just basking in the aftermath and started a second set of contractions going. Just as I was getting the same feelings I had before, my wife came home and I terminated the session.

    In retrospect, I am sure I will classify this as my first mini O. It was intense but brief. The afterglow was actually almost better than the experience and lasted for about 30 minutes.

    WOW! We've got to get these things in the hands and asses of terrorists everywhere. Forget those promised virgins! Heaven is here and now!

    Found the mini
    Still searching for the super
  • PegasusPegasus
    Posts: 11
    :lol: I am laughing my ass off about the comment of getting the Aneros's into the hands of the terrorists. The mental picture of that still has me laughing. I think you've got the anitdote to terrorism!! Or at least you should be given credit for the idea! "Aneros Akbar!!!!"

    Also, great to hear about your unexpected session. I can hardly wait to reach that point. I think it's coming soon, though. Each session is a little better than before.
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Great post! Congratulations! I am eager to hear how it goes from here for you. My similar experience came on May 2nd. The next time it happened I didn't have the Aneros in?! I am awaiting another such event -with or without the Aneros. Thank you for both of your excellent posts this morning. Here's to world peace! grateful