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Found: My Key to starting anal contractions
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    After trying for 2 weeks to get involuntary anal contractions going, today I finally discovered what works for me. It apparently has the side benefit of avoiding the full body muscle contractions I was having also.

    While doing deep breathing exercises in order to relax following insertion, I had my hand on the tab of the Helix and happened to notice that as I exhaled, it was drawn into my anus slightly. Also on full inhalation, the Helix was moving out just slightly. On previous occasions, I was always trying to encourage anal contractions with light contractions as I inhaled. When I reversed the process and did small contractions on exhale, I was suddenly able to get sustained involuntary anal contractions. Before this session I was only able to get small involuntary contractions going for about 5 seconds. Now I was having large contractions, probably on the order of about 60% and they became self sustaining.

    WOW! What a nice feeling. Each of the first four or five contractions made me get harder and squirt a little shot of precum as well. Thought I was going over the edge but a really hard contraction went to 100%, stayed there and shut everything down. Was able to get the contractions going again after starting to breath, but could not reach the same level of excitement again.

    In another session later in the day, I was able to confirm that I could get the contractions going again, so I know I have the right key. Now if I can only focus on something other than my penis when I start to get an erection perhaps I can make some major progress.

    I did not get any nice P waves in this session. Nor do I get any tingling in my perineum but I could really feel the neural feed back loop working for the first time when my PC muscles were fully contracted. I might need to play with the location of the Helix tab which is only a finger width behind my scrotum sack.

    Another of B Mayfield's tips that I have found to be very useful is preheating the Helix before insertion. If I don't do this, it takes me 3 times as long to relax after insertion as it does with a preheated version.

    Hope one of these experiences helps some else in their journey.

    Still Searching
  • PegasusPegasus
    Posts: 11
    Nice report on how things are going, Insearchof. I have had my Helix about a week now, and am learning what keys work for me. One thing I have found upon insertion is to not move it at all. If I concentrate on total relaxation, a refusal of answering back to the Helix, I find that it starts to do all the talking. I noticed for the first time today, that my involuntaries were making it move by itself. Not a lot of movement, but some movement, nonetheless.

    So far, each session has improved upon the previous session in small increments. For me, I find that placing a piece of soft, paper towel, folded up into about a one inch square piece, and placed under the P-tab, provides added leverage and less slippage.

    I'm really looking forward to each succesive session and am very satisfied with the results, so far. Good luck!!

  • cocommcocomm
    Posts: 5
    go to ur local auto parts store and pick up an assortment of vacuum caps or bypass caps. select one that very snugly fits over the p tab, then cut it to a bit more than 1/2 as long originally. you may find that you can get about 3/8" fore and aft positioning to help with the spot. enjoy :wink:
  • dbltmedbltme
    Posts: 22
    I think you are on to something here. I tried the technique you described, and bingo, I got the first involuntaries I've ever had in over a year of using the aneros. Only lasted for 10 seconds or so, but it was a bit of a eureka moment for me!
  • thats great!! i seem to get excellent traction where the rubber meets the road so to speak... still in search of, but the ride is fantastic
  • cocomm said:

    thats great!! i seem to get excellent traction where the rubber meets the road so to speak... still in search of, but the ride is fantastic

    so your saying this extends the length of the p-tab making it longer? and causing it to press deeper in?
  • the sidewall diameter is about 1/16". haven't cut one thru profile to see if it's thicker at the top. the ones i get are in 1/32" increments up ot 3/8" and are rubber. the extra depth is more than offset by the improved comfort and better "stay where you put it" even with lube leak. they're cheap, easy to find (most any auto parts store) and work for me especially with the MGX- comfort and helix- centering. while writing this, i think it would be pretty easy to extend the tab by putting a small ball bearing inside the cap prior to placing it over the p-tab, plus the caps can be rocked back and forth somewhat in a north-south direction. ymmv. i just tell the parts guy i'm putting together an old car ( and need to cap off some of the extra vacuum tubes on the carburator.