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New Owner of Helix
  • PegasusPegasus
    Posts: 11
    I've had the Helix for three days now. It is my first Aneros. I've spent several hours, about two hours at a time with the Helix. I think I've been about as relaxed as I can get. Today was the first time that it was actually "comfortable" to use, however, that's about it, so far.

    I've tried the laying on my side, one leg straight, the top leg bent. Both legs straight while on my side. Laying flat on my back. On my back with pillow under my butt. All of those positions are somewhat lacking.

    What I have found out, today, is that if I pull the perineum tab up and away from my skin about a 1/4 inch or so, when I then make a strong contraction I feel the head of the Helix make contact with my prostate, and that feels good, though still nothing beyond just feeling good.

    I know I'm in for a learning curve here with only three days "under my belt" so to speak. I'm wondering if I aquired the wrong Aneros? I gather it's not really the size of the Aneros head, but whether or not it makes contact with the "g spot".

    Another thing I've noticed is that, while I have stood up and walked around, it seems that I get better movement while doing the contractions. If I stand still, with my legs spread at shoulder width, I can really feel the movement more than in any other position. Anyone else experienced this?

    Should I make a modification to the perineum tab?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Pegasus,

    Did you buy the wrong model? No. I think you are simply getting used to it, or rather, your body is. Should you make any modifications? I wouldn't. Get some more miles on it before you do too much. The only modification that I would say would be alright would be to cut off the curly tail. I did that and never looked back. It seemed to enable it to move better. That is the only modification that I have made on mine. The K-Tab on the Progasm is the only one that for me anyway seems to have any use at all. Some guys have done various modifications that have worked out quite well for them, but I think they were at it a while and really knew what needed to be done. You are not an "out of the box" guy, you're in great company. It can take a while sometimes, keep the faith, you are in for a ride. Keep everyone posted on your progress.

    Have fun.

  • PegasusPegasus
    Posts: 11
    Thanks, Buster!!

    I agree. I think I need to let my body comform to the Helix. I'm not going to make any mods to it. I did experiment with placing a folded piece of paper towel, about 1 by 1 inch, under the P-tab, and that seemed to help. I'm in this for the long run and realize good things take time.

    I did experienc a wonderful sensation but it was short lived. I'm a bit sore, too, and will give myself a rest for a few days before my next session.

    Looking forward to the ride!!

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    Stick with the Helix. I started with the Helix and it was the one, that gave me the hardest challenge to reach a super-o with. The p-tab also didn't seem to do much either. Ones muscles become so much, much, more stronger in the weeks and months ahead. I really noticed this with myself. Now the Helix, of course, is a joy to use. You have so many more grand times before yourself, you have only begun this wonderful journey. You can read and read about how to reach an super-o, but I believe the best teacher is yourself. Be creative, breath, relax, and just have fun. Get horned up, stoned, watch porn. Take a bath, hot shower. Every guy has something or another that gets them started. Don't try and rush yourself into reaching it.

    I also love the Progasm. I purchased it after 1 year. It rocks! I am still getting use to the Progasm. I have really begun noticing that, when the K-tab hits my anus, this in turn countersinks how the Progasm stimulates. It's so hard to explain.

    Enjoy your ride! You will be smiling many days within your journey. Nood.
  • PegasusPegasus
    Posts: 11
    Thanks, Nood! I've been letting my self recuperate from the firsts sessions. I know I'll eventually get there, I experienced "the feeling" for a few brief minutes but I think I need to let things calm down a bit before proceeding.

    If you've used toys before, do you still use them, or is it wise to only go with the Aneros so that you don't over stretch your self down there?

    Thanks for the nurturement on my endeavors!