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Almost had a super-o with Priogasm, but it shot out of me:(
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Please help, as i dont want this to happen each time i come close to super-o.

    I breifly had tonight what i would consider my best Progasm session. I layed there waiting for the nice feelings to build up around my prostate.
    I Then tried (for the first time with the Progasm) ever so slight contractions, until the super-o type feelings came over me. But unfortunately the Progasm was pushed out of me. I was so annoyed:(

    I then put the Progasm back in, but nothing really happened and i was getting sore. So descided to jerk off with a very satisfying ejaculation. So All wasnt lost.

    Any help is appreciated as im still newish to the Progasm, after being used to my MGX.

  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi JohnTrevy,
    I'm still quite new at this but your post was quite familiar to me so I thought I'd reply. Actually, I posted today (6/8/07) about this so what follows is just a repeat of the text of that post. Maybe it will help.

    Hi, I've seen some recent posts about the Progasm and how it sometimes wants to push itself out during orgasm. I have definitely noticed this. My recent sessions have involved starting out with the Helix for a warm up and then I swap it for the Progasm once I'm worked up. I did this today and I had a great Super O with the Progasm which lasted for about a minute with a short interval in between and then another great minute long Super O followed. I've noticed that the character of every Super O is a bit different. During both today, once the orgasm started, my whole body was tensed up as the Progasm seemed to dance around inside my ass tapping on some kind of magical pleasure button over and over again. Waves of pleasure seemed to go through me with each tap. At one point, it seemed that the Progasm was getting pushed out. I'm not sure it would have gotten completely expelled but I made sure to hold some anal contractions at that moment and I also reached back with my hand to put some pressure on it to keep it in. This did not seem to stop the excitement or halt the orgasm in any way.

    I find that laying on my left side with my knees up is the best position for me to experience Super O. I have seen many posts by people who prefer to be on their backs, with hips and knees raised a bit and legs spread somewhat. I find this pleasant but never get to the Super O this way. However, I do like to finish off a session with traditional masturbation and I will do this on my back in the above position with the aneros still in. I find this to be Super exciting and the traditional orgasm and ejaculation it produces is greatly enhanced.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Thanks for the info. Im somewhat oposite, i can only get super-o on my back, and find being on my side unforfilling (differnt people diffent bodies i guess). Maybe i need to do what you said about trying to keep it in by hand.

    Thanks again.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Sorry I missed your thread the first time around. I just posted the following to Digger's thread, which seemed to pose the same question.

    Although it would be preferable that the whole Super O not require any intervention, sometimes it does. I myself have experienced the ejection of various Aneros models (including the Progasm) during some of my more intense orgasms. From the standpoint of preventing it entirely, the problem is that of those methods that have any chance of being effective, most would end up disrupting the mobility of the unit.

    I recall a user proposing a workaround some years ago that involved wearing tight fitting underwear! While this might work, it would seem pretty restrictive to me. Frankly, I enjoy the unfettered sensation that comes with being naked while using the Aneros. As an aside, I'm aware that the manufacturer is in the process of developing a harness. The concept holds potential for those who are into taking the Aneros out in public and perhaps to the B&D crowd as well. With such pursuits the idea is less about the responsiveness and movement of the Aneros as it is about the excitement of using it in a different way or setting.

    If you're into a more conventional adventures with it, the fact is that there simply may be times when you must lend a hand.

    Hlaser 99 has made several good suggestions along this line. One other way that I've found recently that used minimal intervention involved using the Libertor Wedge. One of my standard positions is lying on my back with my knees bent and feet flat on the bed. I discovered that by positioning the Wedge on the bed underneath my knees and leaving an inch or so between my butt and the tall side of it, it allowed for a limited amount of outward movement of the Aneros. This was such that when I felt the Aneros being expelled, I simply arched my pelvis upward and moved downward slightly so its escape was foiled! In essence it lets you give it a little push back in without using your hands. Alternatively, you can also grab the Wedge itself and draw it up against your butt. I'm sure that there are other things that could be used also. The key here is to find something small and lightweight that offers some solid resistance. I happen to like the Liberator as it seems an elegant way to accomplish this and it enables you to drape you legs down the inclined surface as well.

    BF Mayfield