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What was this? A mini O?
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    This past Saturday I had about a 1 hr session with my Helix in which I was able to get a firm erection with lots of precum and what I suppose was a rectal muscle contraction. It felt like the Helix was being clamped down on from all sides, much like it feels just after insertion as I am trying to relax. I was on the verge of going into full body muscle contractions but I was able to keep that from happening. I was tired so I decided to remove the Helix and get some sleep.

    Maybe an hour (+ or - 30 minutes) later, I awoke with the same contracted feeling in my rectum as if the Helix was still in there. In addition to that there was a warm euphoric feeling throughout my body. Not a tingling or a feeling of sexual arousal and I did not have an erection. It was a others have stated, something outside any frame of reference. I tried to enhance the feeling by starting some low level pc muscle contractions. This made the feeling start to subside, so I quite and just enjoyed the feeling. I guess it lasted for about 1 or 2 minutes and gradually went away. A few minutes later the contraction returned as well as the warm euphoric feeling. Lasted about the same amount of time as the first and was of about the same intensity. Then there was a third wave of somewhat lesser intensity and slightly less duration. Then it was over. It was almost like it was a dream, but I distinctly remember hearing the clock strike 1 AM before I drifted off to sleep. These things are full of surprises!

    Anyone had something similar to this?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    From your description of events, it sounds to me like your driving the Ferrari of mens sex toys on the last lap of LeMans, approaching the finish line and you slammed on the brakes to achieving a super-O. You had your body all tuned and purring along, only to leave it frustrated without having crossed that finsh line.
    Your body woke you up to tell you something about what you missed out on, those were pleasure waves echoing through you.
    Next time you might want to just let the whole body muscles contractions roll forth and see where that leads you... I'm betting it's a whole new world for you.
    Good Vibes to You! 8)
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    Rumel, thanks for the reply. Both you and Onthepath have suggested allowing the full body muscle contractions to happen. When I do that, the contractions are so violent that they wind up terminating the session. It appears that I have to find a way to get low level anal sphincter contractions to start instead of the one or two hard involuntary contractions that I now get. The hard contractions cause my rectal muscles to contract in one long hard contraction, which starts the full body muscle contractions.

    In the session I just described I was able to keep the contractions under control and avoided the full body contractions. Perhaps if I hadn't been so tired it might have worked. The last two weeks have been an incredible ride, more sexual excitement than I have had in a long time. Maybe a Super O is really possible in spite of my age.

    Trying to abstain for 5 days and see what happens this coming weekend. Hope I can do that cause those pleasure waves were a wild ride!