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I've tried the MGX several times...impressions
  • I'm a straight by orientation and very experimental by nature. I've made a few awkward attempts at prostate stimulation throughout my life, because I know anatomy and I was aware of the potential benefits. So I started with a finger. I didn't know if I was doing it right, because I didn't feel anything great. Then I tried with a cheap, small, finger-like sex toy anal probe. The nerve endings around the sphincter felt good, but I didn't feel my prostate. Then I decided to try the Aneros; it seemed like the perfect toy!

    But after trying it several times, I am rather disappointed. Perhaps you guys could help? I'm still interested in trying, although I've almost thrown away the device in despair.


    If it feels like my bowels are empty, I proceed. I have made a few miscalculations; thankfully the results haven't been too awfully messy...just a bit uncomfortable.

    But I begin by lubricating the outside of the anus and a little in the crack. I use regular ID brand water-based lubricant..but I've recently had to change to some leftover glycerin water-based lube. It seems to be a bit "runnier" than the ID.

    After I take care of the exterior, I fill up a syringe with lube and insert it about 3 inches inside of the rectum. I slowly discharge the lube inside of me and remove the syringe.

    I have experimented with anywhere from 3ml (not enough) to 15 ml (way too much, messy, not pretty). I've found that 5-7ml works best. The lube is room temperature.

    After that, I put a generous amount of lube on the aneros. I lie on my right side, just like the instructions suggest, pull my knees up rather close to my chest. I relax my sphincter and slowly push until I feel it inside.

    Great sensation, and it usually results in an immediate drop or two of precum. I usually push inside until I can feel the p-tab...which, btw, doesn't seem to make contact in the appropriate place. It seems to touch too close to the anus...shouldn't it be futher up a little? I heard the classic model had wider tab spacing, maybe that would be a good idea. I think the tab is key, and it seems to be responsible for the "auto" contractions.

    I begin to feel various muscles contract and I feel the urge to contract my PC muscle hard...sometimes this happens even if I'm trying to avoid it. After 2 or 3 sessions I learned how to seperate my sphincter contractions from my PC contractions. So I now move the device with my sphincter...and let the contractions happen at will.

    But most of the time I just lie there and wait for the contractions to start happening. They happen at first but once my body gets comfortable they slow down and kind of that point I try the sphincter contractions. Sometimes this works a time I "visualized" the device inside of me making contact with the gland...and I began to feel a deep sensation bit iot wasn't very powerful. I began to grow exicted and was like " here it comes" and I focused on my breathing but it went away! I lost it! It felt like the greatest tease.

    Then I tried visualizing again and early on in the session I felt the same sensation growing inside of me...but I lost it.

    Any breathing tips? Any mental tips? My mind is all over the place..I guess I just expect it to physically happen automatically. When the feeling comes I overthink it and it goes away.

    When I contract the's rather uncomfortable and I tend to feel kind of sore, so I avoid that.

    I stay away from my penis during everything.

    Sometimes when I have it inside, I feel a tingling around my sphincter ring. Sometimes I can feel a pulse. If I relax and breathe, and sometimes move a little with the sphincter...I can approach the "almost" phase.

    But that's as far as I've gotten.

    At this point the device seems like a pain in the ass (pun). Seems to take a lot of prep and cleaning, and it would be worth it if I could just get there.

    But I can't. I have orgasmed with the device inside and it's okay. I's just okay. Not outstanding.

    I've tired different positions..on my back, standing, legs spread, sitting, everything I could think of and everything I've read here...I've made rocking motions..nothing works as well as the side position it seems.

    So is this bullshit or what? Keep in mind I'm a noob with anal play and I've never been with a man or a woman with a strap-on. I'm new to this and need to know what to look for.
  • JackzzzJackzzz
    Posts: 12
    Hi Noolovesboobs,

    I too am a recent user of the MGX and just posted a post simular to yours. I have had a few sessions and my last I got an orgasm without ejaculation (see post "First Orgasm Without Ejaculation). I too don't feel much contact with the prostate using the MGX. My orgasm happed by surprise when I laid on my back and forced the MGX deep inside me by pressing up against the bed. It seemed to give me great pressure. I played with myself to the point of a strong arousal and then stopped. I then forced my bum harder against the bed which forced the MGX harder against me prostate. This was after a long session with out much success. Next time I am going to start on my back and make sure the MGX is firmly against my prostate. You may want to try this...I am new but it got me further than I have been before...Just a thought
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi nooblovesboobs,
    Welcome to the Forum. As a newbie myself, I have found a wealth of information contained in the Sticky posts written by B.Mayfield, titled "B's Keys to the Backdoor" & "B's Best of the BEE-Line". I encourage you to first read them, as it will save you a great deal of time and effort in learning some of the essential information leading toward the super-O. Those Sticky's will also answer a good many questions you have yet to formulate.

    From the tone of your post, I am inferring that you are somewhat frustrated and have some immediate expectation of results, this in itself can be a success killer. You will need to stay relaxed and discard your expectations. This re-wiring process can NOT be rushed or forced, each individuals learning curve is different. The particular combination of techniques you will learn to achieve a super-O may take some time, give yourself the permission to be patient while doing so. If you've read about 'darwin's path of experience to achieving the super-O, you know that persistance pays off, big time.

    The description of your early experiences are quite common to us newbies. Your preparation work sounds fine. You said you "began to feel a deep sensation but it wasn't very powerful." & "It felt like the greatest tease." That's a good description of the feeling you want to focus upon and nurture. You might want to try employing 'Mayfield's "base level" anal contractions as well as his breathing tips, these will help maintain a certain level of muscular arousal needed to enhance orgasmic buildup.

    Mental focus is very important here, the sensations you are and will be experiencing are delicate and subtle, it is easy to kill them off with overtly strong contractions, mental wandering or overthinking them. One needs to passively (mentally) accept and appreciate these feelings being generated while your subtle physical actions (breathing, contractions) seek to nurture the growth of those feelings.

    If the side position is working for you in generating some good feelings then I would advise that you stay with it for awhile, just try to be relaxed and patient. This learning process is not "bullshit", it is necessary though, to achieve something that is REAL, a super-O.

    Welcome to the journey.