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Intellectual Orgasms
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    The subject is explained in the text below which is a post I made in the now deleted "age limit" thread. The current Fantasies... thread brings it back to relevance but it opens a different experience, possibly.

    B Mayfield posted saying that he thought it was better to let young men get a lot of penile focused sex in first. B, correct me if I am misrepresenting you!

    I have been testing the idea in another internet forum with mixed results. More of that later.

    – "I am interested in exploring and hearing others on the issue of the adviseability of prostatic multiple orgasms for young males. I am not certain that the prevailing sense here that it is inappropriate is the right response.

    Like Scorch, I followed my body's sensations and my intuition about many things at an early age. My earliest sensual touching before puberty led to all nerve concentrations around the south face: many areas of skin and the specifics of penis, scrotum, testicles, perineum, anus, rectum, prostate, even the K-spot massaged by the new tab on the Progasm. Born with long arms and fingers... Long before Aneros, as a young model-maker, the phallic nature of rockets, missiles and many other forms in the world becoming obvious was part of maturing and I was looking for something to stimulate my anus and prostate. The Atlas and Jupiter missiles worked well from a multi-missile set that I had built earlier.

    A young 1950's-1960's male was literally living Helen Coldicott's "Missile Envy", her polemical book (1970s or 80s) on the male psyche and militarism.

    I included use of these missile models in some of the many variations of masturbation during the early and mid-teens, while wondering when I would first have mutual sex. In addition, at other times then, and without making any connection to the missile usage, or masturbation generally, I experienced what I call and discussed openly with close friends and family as "Intellectual Orgasms". I didn't mind being provocative as a youth. I was very curious and exploratory about many subjects and in late public school at age 13-14, was tagged with a high IQ.

    When I found Aneros and began reading the Bee-line and Forum, I found myself and even body memories of being back in my youth with those sensations and experiences. What I was experiencing back then were dry, multiple orgasmic ecstacies which flooded my mind and body with a universal joy and peace and excitement at being part of the whole universe. I twisted and rolled and ended in a throbbing and exhausted but hugely exhilerated heap, twisted up in my bed sheets. Instead of out-of-body travel, this was through-the-body-travel.

    It was like conscious or lucid dreaming with high-speed cinematic, surreal but very real metaphoric and other imagery and ideas. Not gibberish, but vast mappings and integration of the sciences and arts and histories and speculations and spiritualities and poetics...

    It was energizing and enlightening and inspiring on an unprecedented scale. And very formative in integrating the mind and body, the intellect and the somatic-sensory into a whole person. I wouldn't have missed the Intellectual Orgasms experience as youth for the world. They were and have always remained crucial to who I am and how I function. Even though they ceased in my late teens or early twenties, they were very formative and their muse-like effects have lived with me ever since; essential to my creative activities and output.

    I am interested in responses to this and particularly anyone with any similar experiences. I believe that the issue of youth use of the aneros and experience of prostatic ecstatic orgasms needs significant further study and thought. It could be generally very positive.

    You may have seen the book by a doctor who describes the neurological mass of the gastro-intestinal tract as our second brain. I have always believed that to be the case from personal experience. There are as many neurons in the gut brain as the head brain and of course there are many pathways between. Are all of our genital and related organs such as the prostate, in a way, the multilple senses or sensory organs of the south brain's south face? Does anyone know of any research on the neural pathways of whole body, dry, multi-orgasm Super-Orgasms?

    There is some interesting recent research showing that the pudenda nerve path (penis/clitoris dominant) through the spinal column is complemented by a rambling, whole body, vagus nerve pathways (prostate dominant) which explains why those with spinal injury can still have or regenerate sexual responses. How about the whole "gut feeling" second brain's role?

    In any event, I'm new to aneros and making progress. My wife and I decided at the same time to explore her potential for ejaculatory orgasms where we have had great success and joyously added it to our repertoire. These are her prostatic orgasms based on the female prostate. Stimulating her's feels much like stimulating my own, although hers is more widespread and complex in physiology.

    She now likes to partcipate in stimulating my prostate and I have enjoyed several great manual multiple whole body orgasms, as well as using and enjoying my aneros MGX during our romps and relaxations together and enhancing my ejaculatory sex. In addition to the aneros's great solo liberation of male potential experience, mutual prostatic sex is another wonderful part of this sensory revolution. What age is appropriate for a young male to learn all of this?" –

    The full range of already documented aneros erotic responses up to Super-Os are all appetizing and being in the O-zone with dry multiples again is great. I am curious whether, over time, the aneros, along with KSMO and other complementaries I am exploring, will trigger the old image zooming yet deeply philosophically satisfying, I-Os.

    Has anyone had anything like this experience?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,422

    You've posted some interesting questions.

    I have not personally experienced the "intellectual orgasms" of which you speak, nor have I spoken to anyone who has described such an experience to me. The closest experience I can relate your description to would be a psychedelic experience I had at the age of 20 (I'm 60 now). I have long since given up usage of illegal recreational drugs, but your experience did sound somewhat similar to the rush of information one experiences without the ego filtering mechanism in a psychedelic state of consciousness. I can certainly agree with you that the "muse-like effects" of that revelatory experience have remeained with me ever since.

    The issue of age relating to sexual awareness, I believe to be a variable best left to the individual to decide how much and at what rate they choose to learn. Like yourself I started exploring my sexuality at the age of puberty, my curiosity led me to uncover what knowledge I could. I was fortunate to have access to a copy of Albert Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male", which my parents had, although they were unaware that I had taken to reading some of it. By the time my Dad got around to having "The Talk", I pretty much already knew what goes where and what happens during sex. My awareness of prostate centered pleasure didn't occur until my mid twenties, but even then I didn't pursue it, as I was exclusively focusing upon the penile orgasm.

    I don't believe it is ethical for an adult to introduce a minor into any particular sexual practice or experience. That is not to be interpreted as denying them access to factual information about practices in which they are interested. I am a strong believer that truthful, unbiased information is the best way for minors to learn about their sexual potential, let them choose on their own the pace of their personal solo learning experience. I'm not sure there is an absolute "appropriate age" to learn all of this, but obviously our culture/society has determined that obtaining the legal status of 'adulthood' constitutes the appropriate age. Some individuals may be emotionally mature enough to handle it at a younger age others are never able to emotionally handle it.

    On the issue of the Aneros usage enabling "...the old image zooming", I don't know. While I have only experienced a couple of super-O's, one of those was certainly a transcendental experience. I suspect that as you become more experienced in perfecting your techniques toward achieving the super-O, your experience may re-awaken previous engrams if your sub-conscious and conscious mind really desire it to happen. Good luck in the pursuit!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Rumel

    We are the same age and it is interesting that your closest similar experience was using illegal recreational drugs. I was not using those through the time of the Intellectual Orgasms, and apart from drags on a moving joint on a couple of occassions at university later, I have not used any psychoactive recreational drugs, or any "recreational drugs" apart from social drinks.

    However, your comments prompted connecting the following to my I-Os. I was a very difficult, chronic cholic and multi-food allergies baby. For the first six years of my life I was on prescription Phenobarbitol and Atropine. About the time, or a year or two before the I-Os, I had duodenal ulcers and was being treated with Ancatropine Gel which contained some atropine again. All of this was doctor's perscriptions.

    Atropine is a psychoactive drug, also used by earlier wiccans. Perhaps this played a role in consciousness resposes to the prostate originating I-Os. If so it has led to some permanent, chemically induced or assisted early "rewiring" since I can slip into revery and even hypnagogia anytime with ease. Since I wouldn't wish the medical history and pain of my guts on anyone, perhaps I-Os are a singular personal experience.

    I was not in any way suggesting that under age males be subjected to anything. Only, if the experience was tied primarily to my age and that formative body/brain development stage in life, that that could be worth scientifically and medically exploring, given the very positive, beneficial nature of what I did experience. We do not have any coming-of-age rituals in the social celebration sense now and if the I-O is more than a single person's unique events, then it might be a beneficial part of such a process. That clarifies my intent, I hope.

    We'll see if aneros explorations will assist in bringing it on again.

    Thanks again.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ArtForm & Rumel!

    Interesting thread!

    I am also around the same age and have been using KSMO and the Aneros in my daily practice for some time now. I had no direct anal stimulation growing up, unless you include things like riding bicycles and horses???

    As you probably are aware of from your KSMO protocol, the re-wiring process often brings up forgotten or unresolved issues from your past, some good and some not so good (called "fur-balls" in KSMO) I can say that I have done some thinking about my sexual feelings from coming back to me as an adult, through my re-wiring and dry orgasms in both Aneros and KSMO practice! (see my post here and in Orgasmwiki: "My Childhood Came to Visit")

    IMHO, I am now experiencing (in a way) the feelings of my youth, from being too young to expel semen and, of course, having dry orgasms! In this way, I feel I have come full circle sexually! A real De Ja Vue moment ...

    However, as I continue on my Journey, I am experiencing higher and higher levels of sexual and mental feelings... I think, just knowing that the world is different and better than most of the world knows or believes sexually, changes a person forever! For the better, of course!

    I don't know if this is the area you are exploring, or not???

    Interesting, none the less!

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,422

    I am sorry to hear about your traumatic childhood experiences, I'm not a psychologist, but it is pretty easy to conclude that these experiences would have a definite effect on ones psyche. I suppose it is possible that the chemical onslaught you were subjected to could have had the effect of predisposing you to the re-wiring process.

    Given what we already know and are still learning about the complex effects various chemical compounds and drugs have upon biological mechanisms, it's a wonder anybody survives childhood.

    I may have misunderstood your thread relating to age of sexual awareness issues, After reading some of your previous posts, I don't get the impression that you are a pedophile or any kind of pervert, I believe you to be a lucky man to have a loving, caring wife, who is as adventurous as you obviously are. As far as any studies regarding prostate centered orgasms with minor aged males, I doubt there is any data, the legal issues for such a study would be staggering!

    Getting back to your original query about the Aneros triggering the "image zooming", I think it's a definte "maybe", my own first super-O was definetly a transcendental experience, more philosophical and spiritual than sexual in nature, very unlike the short lived penile orgasm. I was able to sustain a level of bliss for more than twenty minutes, but I did not experience any rush of imagery. Individual reactions to and experiences with the super-O seem to vary widely from the posts I've read to date. That's why I say it's definetly a "maybe"! I hope it does it for you, but even if it doesn't the other experiences are awfully good too!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Hlaser99 and Rumel.

    I'm particularly thankful that my intent is now clearer! Your experiences are both interesting and not that far from the I-O experiences I had. The transcendent spiritual feeling was paramount. The imagery helped build and launch it. As your experiences grow, it could be interesting to keep comparing and see what common ground there is.

    About fifteen years ago, my wife and I experimented with some Tantric techniques based on my own reseearch while back at university. We are doing more now based on her recent interest and our successes with her ejaculatory orgasms. Energy sharing is a particualr interest now. Have either of you explored this territory?

    Thanks again.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi artform,

    They do talk about the sharing of sexual energies in KSMO.

    Alas! I now have no significant other with which to share such a thing, but I really wish I did have!

    You are truly fortunate, to have a wife that is of like mind in matters such as this . . .

    Good Luck in your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Hlaser, and great to meet you in the live KSMO Chat the day before yesterday! Sorry you had to leave before your turn with the Talking Stick.

    I am so stimulated I can hardly contain it! That same day in the morning I had an aneros session which had to be brief, an hour max. Not normally an auspicious way to begin. However, once relaxed and again practicing the "push out" and some other things that I have found really improve the mobility and massage results, I decided to try the KS from KSMO.

    Up to this point with aneros, the involuntaries I've experiences are faint and brief although they do repeat, coming and going and coming and going... This and other sensations are pleasant and I have been patiently waiting for the next step up. The moment I did the KS the involuntaries increased in magnitude tremendously. If they started to diminsh at all, I did the KS again and they were instantly back to full tilt. The massage was amazing and yet I was facing the deadline and finished off hands on, feeling that I could have gone on to greater things then with more time.

    But that breakthrough isn't all. Yesterday as my wife and I were awaking in bed, I had a back muscle spasm (Myoclonus, originally diagnosed as Parkinson's) and suddenly there was an energy buzz in the lower spine and butt. (I've often had Butt Buzz the day after an aneros session, right up to Chair-gasms/Car-gasms.)

    This energy buzz grew and spread into a horseshoe down the inside of both thighs. Then it began in waves to move up my body and it built and built until I was involuntarily weeping with joy. I tried to regain control but it would not be supressed in the slightest. These and other sensations continued for well over an hour, even as I got up and attended to other things because again we were facing a deadline for a social event. Even as the energy flows finally were subsiding, the briefest KS would restart the energy flow! I bounced through the social events with great elan, and am looking forward to my next aneros/KS session!!!

    These energy flows are closest in my experience to the "golden tree" type of slow spinal orgasm that I have had using certain Tantric techniques. Unlike the dry multiples that I have been having from my wife fingering my prostate, where I do have whole body muscle spasms, bopping and flopping about, these energy flows are intensely within the body and not animating the muscles.

    My wife and I have been having some great renewed explorations with energy flowing and energy sharing too. About a week ago, while I was massaging her prostate (G-spot) slowly and gently, and massaging her anus, her anal sphincters began giving off a regular energy discharge of unfolding spiral packets to my fingers, completing some kind if circuit that had my lower abdomen and legs down to my ankles buzzing with fuzzy energy that was warm, tingling and truly delightful.

    Finally, back to the anaeros session that triggered all of the day after buzz and connecting to my original post here about the I-Os of my youth: the greatly strengthened involuntaries also made me relax and I found myself easily and involuntarily drifting down in consciousness into hypnagogia and lucid free-association dream-like states, with the executive function able to control this and move back up to full consciousness at will. I-O's possibly within sight too!!!

    Wasn't there a post about doing a sticky or subforum on these interdisciplinary explorations etc.? That would be an excellent thing, or have I just not connected to date?
  • dbltmedbltme
    Posts: 22
    What is 'KS'?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    "KS" is the Key Sound that one learns in the Key Sound Multiple Orgasms (KSMO) technique of jack Johnston at

    I'm a newbie there too, but boy does it work! You'll find many aneros users also on KSMO in various threads here in this Forum too. Good luck.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ArtForm!

    Great to see you again! I didn't connect the I-O posts on Aneros to "artform" in a different, but very similar arena! A true Duh moment...

    I meet people from this site frequently in other places on-line! (ex: I met Tripper in KSMO as Trigger! (actually a typo...) I even sold something on e-Bay to someone in this forum! (We figured this out by accident in an e-mail!) Sometimes it makes me wonder???

    People of like-mind seem to hang out in similar places, in search of something during their Journeys!

    I enjoy the "live chats" and often pick-up on the energy and pull it through people's words! I've become un-grounded for a period, where P-waves and involuntary contractions run rampant and MMO's even!

    Once you are totally re-wired with either method, you will be able to have Super-O's with Aneros, KS or nothing at all but relaxation and deep-steady breathing . . .

    IMHO, you are going to be very powerful in these arenas! Just keep doing what you're doing! Fur Balls from the past, that are coughed-up now are amazing like past orgasmic experiences that changed who you are!

    The most important thing is, that you will move past ALL THIS and get to higher and higher levels of experience that will leave these as just "pleasant childhood memories."

    Later, Hlaser
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Hlaser, and great to chat again yesterday!

    I'm very interested in more discussion about your experience of Chairgasms too, since that is the regular "day after" effect that I get too. That and their junior brother I named "Butt Buzz" on another Forum a while ago.

    You mantioned that they can last all day for you. Can you describe the way they vary through the day or whether they stay more or less the same?

    I finally replied to Old Wolf's "Above and Beyond" thread which I find truly inspirational and grounding at the same time. If these E-SB-Os, or as I suggested to Old Wolf, Transcendent-Os, can be a chosen alternative during a Super-O launch point, or spontaneously occur as another type of "day after, or in KSMO terms "Echo Effect", then I think this is one of the most amazing and beneficial ( for those of us in chronic pain) achievements possible in these practices.

    Hlaser, hope all things YET to be arrive for you, as I am sure they will. These pure energy orgasms, physically therapeutic as well as joyful bliss of great emotional power, are for me, the gold standard now. Always open to whatever else reveals itself...

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Artform,

    My "Chair Orgasms" come every morning, regardless of any other factors! I sit in front of the computer and enjoy orgasms and my Starbuck's coffee... They usually last all morning or can go on into the afternoon. I feel that they are kind of dictated by how much energy I have??? I have much more energy in the morning and early afternoon, then a lull of energy mid-afternoon.

    These started originally very soon after I became fully "re-wired" from my Aneros practice! (most of my best discoveries started at that time as well!) I searched for an answer to how I could do this amazing thing without an Aneros inserted and found that some others can do this as well . . .

    At this point, I heard about KSMO! (actually from one of Brian Mayfield's posts!) So, I quickly jumped into KSMO to broaden my knowledge and understanding of what was happening to me! (Actually, spurred-on by these amazing morning rituals of Chair Orgasms!)

    While in an on-line chat in KSMO, I had my first experience of what they call there "ungrounding"! I always pull energy from these chats . . . somehow from the people's words on the screen! Any way, I became ungrounded, which to me isn't a full blown MMO, but Echo effects to the point of P-waves and throbbing of genitalia (anus, balls, perineum area, penis and prostate)! Ungrounding, as I found out from KSMO members can last hours, days or even weeks!!! My first major one lasted over two days and I was more than a little concerned, so I contacted KSMO and was told I was ungrounded and some of their favorite ways to get "grounded" again (come back to Earth)! Eventually, I came back to planet Earth again and ALL was well . . .

    Hope this answers the questions well-enough...

    Later, Hlaser
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey Hlaser

    Thanks for your reply above. It is the experiences of other posted in Old Wolf's Above and Beyond Super-Os thread that I am finding I now have regularly, not with or immdiately following and Aneros or Aneros/KSMO session, but the following day and without any stimulation, like Chairgasms and Butt Buzz.

    Here is the lastest variation from my KSMO post:

    "As with the week before, I awoke the next morning after the session above, and the great electric radiance began again, but somewhat differently, but again spontaneously without any stimulation or KS. Rather than waves or the "horseshoe" down the thighs, it moved slowly around like ball lightning, almost like an intelligence searching. Gradually it filled my whole body with a substantial backgound buzz, while still having a focus that moved and searched.

    At one point I happened to put the ball and toes of my left foot onto a point just above the ankle of my right, and the buzz started zinging around and around and around through my legs and lower abdomen/"genital complex" (genitals plus colo-rectal/prostate/perineum) and particularly the Kundalini spot just below the base of the spine. I said to my wife; " Now I know why that pose is so prevalent in Indian temple sculpture celebrating the energy of sacred sex."

    The active electrics spread to my cheeks (north face) and forehead which felt like they were radiating strongly, as did my hands. My wife and I went palm to palm and she received flows of this energy which went to her belly and lower abdomen.

    With the build-up of energy at the base of my spine, for the first time in years, I again experienced the "golden tree" spinal centred orgasm I mentioned last week. Originally I described, that experience as being like a jeweller's mould into which moulten gold was painlessly cast and slowly moved through the tree-shaped mould up the trunk (spine) and out the side branches. It stopped at the 4th Chakra and felt like a possible blockage but was peaceful. Again the floating bliss went on and on, for almost two hours. The trigger to these Echo Effects is an enormous gift.

    I should also report another from mid-week. Earlier this month I had a good report from my cardiologist who also agreed that there was no impediment with me pursuing these body energy and orgasmic explorations. At a business meeting one day last week I had the first chest pain in a few months, and the next day after another similar meeting I felt a sensation again which was not a pain, but this energy forming and radiating throughout my chest. It was absolutely not a heart problem, but a heartgasm. I felt fine, in fact wonderful, and have had plenty of exercises of all kinds since and no problems at all.

    My wife and I are progressing together (and individually) through listening to the whole library and finding it always valuable and inspiring.

    Yesterday, my wife and I had another gently glorious mutual G-spot (Aneros/KS) session and were again sharing energy raised by using the Key Sound...

    ...for now my sounding, while we are in deep penile union (and me with my MGX inside) and still or going very slowly, directly triggers her body's energy generation/expression and we had deeply joyous dance that powered us through a very challenging and wonderful social day of several events. I was pleased very pleased to find that the mind/energy interaction is developing again (from the previous tantric practice) and the energy flow responded to an openess/invitation and spiraled up around the spine fanning out through the shoulders and neck into the head and arms/hands freely."

    Have you ever had the "floating bliss" type of response the following day?

    all the best

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi artform!

    I can fully understand about the "chair orgasms" and so-forth as it has become a new "normal" for me! (KSMO/Aneros)

    I know so very little about Tantric techniques that, although I find it intriguing to hear about your experiences in this area, I find it difficult to write a response in this area... Also, I have never had a "full-body" experience, so I can't even relate my experiences to your "golden tree" references and make any kind of parallel to my own events???

    And as usual my friend, I am amazed at the progress between you and your Mate In these areas! (sharing this must be an incredible and life-changing journey, as well!)

    Maybe I will someday experience the "floating bliss" you speak of, or maybe I "DO" experience it in a different way or different areas??? (I feel like: sometimes the locations, feelings, etc. of my orgasms change so frequently and so fast that I can't possibly keep up with it . . thank God, Eh???)

    Keep it up and Enjoy your Journey, Pal!

    Later, Hlaser