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Full body muscle contractions
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    I have had the MGX and Helix for 6 days and have had 16 sessions. A bit much, but this thing is so addictive. I am 64, married and have only had two anal sessions, which were masturbating while massaging my prostate with my finger. With a history of 51 years of ejaculatory orgasms, I was fascinated by what I was reading about the super O and starting using the MGX with very low expectations of ever getting there.

    After the second session I had full body muscle spasms, which I mistook for the beginning of a super O. I was doing very small anal contractions with slow breathing when an involuntary, large anal contraction drove the MGX hard against my prostate. This set off muscle contractions in my legs followed by full body muscle contractions.
    When the anal contraction relaxed the muscle contractions would stop although there was some residual low level spasms. I tried to resume very low level anal contractions and would very shortly have another hard involuntary anal contraction followed by sets of muscle spasms. It was very pleasurable but after about 30 minutes, I was getting a little tired. There was some after glow, but more like what one would get after a nice work out and it only lasted about 30 minutes.

    Sessions 3 and 4 were very similar experiences. When the contractions started I would get very erect, there was lots of precum and playing with my nipples would frequently start the involuntary hard anal contraction. After doing some more reading on the forum, I decided that these sessions were counter productive to me ever getting to a super O. In subsequent sessions I have tried to control my breathing and anal contractions, but as I get really aroused the muscle contractions start to occur. I can prevent them by tensing up the muscles a little but this is also counter productive to staying aroused and going with the flow. In other words relaxing and “going with the flow” leads to muscle contractions.

    For my last session, which was this morning, I had taken a days break to recharge but it took pretty much the same course as sessions 3 and 4. Most of my sessions have been on my back however, I have tried kneeling, lying on my side and even standing up. I have had so very nice sensations in all these positions but getting really excited in most of them leads right back to hard muscle contractions. I have read all of B Mayfield’s posts and have tried to follow his preparation, breathing and contraction advice, but it seems that this hard anal contraction followed by muscle contractions, is going to be my roadblock.

    I am really in no hurry to get to the super O. The journey so far has been absolutely fantastic! From a logical perspective, I just see involuntary hard anal contractions as being the ultimate hurdle for me to overcome and I’m not sure what approach I should take. I know “onthepath” seems to be experiencing the same problem. Are there others who have had this same problem and overcame it?
  • insearchofinsearchof
    Posts: 44
    Well thanks to AneRiders post I may be onto solving this problem myself.

    In todays session I just tried his technique of trying to feel the prostate being massaged and to visualize that happening. I started the session with the Helix and used the smallest anal contraction possible to just tickle the prostate. After about 40 minutes I inserted the MGX and did the the same thing. What I found out was that the Helix stimulated my prostate with less of a contraction but with a deep contraction did not hammer it anywhere near as hard as the MGX. Maybe this should have been obvious just from looking at the design, but until today's session I wasn't even sure when contact with my prostate was really occurring. This soft massaging technique did not lead to any full body muscle spasms.

    At about the one hour mark I decided to try taking a nap with the MGX still in there. About 30-45 minutes later I awoke rather suddenly, fully aroused and feeling like an orgasm was imminent. If the Helix had been in, it might have happened but the MGX was so fully contracted into my body and pressing so hard against my prostate that it was a deal breaker. Nothing would allow me to relax at this point. In fact it wound up taking a beer and about 15 minutes of deep breathing to get relaxed enough to finally get the MGX out.

    For now I am a Helix only user. I've got to try that fall asleep technique again with it inserted. I suppose in time I will get used to this intense and delightful stimulation and be more relaxed with it, but until then its Helix only, minimal stimulation, and just enjoy whatever happens. Hope this helps someone else.
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Insearchof and Welcome!

    I wouldn’t worry about the contractions that you are having. Welcome them as part of your experience. In time, they may go away or they may not. Or, as with Buster, they may go away for a while only to come back later. Some users never experience body contractions. We’re all different. Enjoy the experiences that you are having.

    I enjoy the contractions that I have since I like the feeling of the Aneros pounding into me and there are always those wonderful and blissful waves of full body tingling that I have when they stop. I feel a surge of energy right before the contractions start and another right before they stop. This second surge is usually when the contractions are going very fast. Is it the famed Super O? I have no idea. Is it orgasmic? You bet! Hopefully you will experience them as well. But to do so, you have to forget about trying to keep your body under control.

    Lately, when I’ve been lying on my side, I’ve been trying to take note of any sensations that I have in my pelvic area during the contractions. The contractions can be distracting – you never know what’s going to be moving next or how much, so it can be difficult! :) I’m starting to feel those same tingling sensations. Perhaps I’ve felt them all along but the contractions masked them. When I’m lying on my stomach, it’s more of a physical feeling with the Aneros pounding into me, but I also feel that same surge of energy as when I’m lying on my side.

    Just a recommendation – go with flow, your body will lead you. If you have contractions, great! If not, that’s OK too.

    Good Luck!