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Just tried the aneros last night - heres how it went.
  • sonny80sonny80
    Posts: 2
    Lets just start out making clear, that i have plans on "practising" using the helix aneros again. Im making this post to describe my first feeling using the device. Maybe you users can give me some advice how i will get further on my training.

    By the way. My experience with anal things before, has only been with buttplugs where you stimulate you penis aswell. I love the sensation when you cum and the buttplug presses against your prostata at the same time.

    Anyway.. here is how my first trip with the aneros went.

    1. I washed the helix in warm soapy water

    2. Lubricated the device + my anus, and inserted the device.

    first of all the feeling was first mostly like having a butplug in your anus.

    3. After about 30 mins of lying on my bed in different positions, I then tried the relaxing breating control thingy and the musclemovement. (laying on my side.. one leg streched af the top one bent towards my stomach.

    My penis got very errect at first, but i was patient to see where this device would take me so i kinda just went with the flow.

    4. After 30 or some minutes more nothing really happened, the device on the helix that is suppose to push between your anus and penis was feeling like a scraching sensation.... any others tried that? (when i was feeling with my fingers i couldnt feel any scratching things on the helix so really dont know how it could scratch me.... anyway this scratching sensation lasted all the way through the session)

    5. Anyway my next step was just lying with the device and let it see where it took me..

    compared to the butplug feeling, i could feel my pulse in my anus and also have a short sensation of numbness in my intire anus(mid body-parts) - but very short.

    I didnt feel the prostata-feeling like when im coming with my buttplug so i dont really know if the helix is placed right. 2 the scratching feeling was not a nice sensation, dont know if im doing something wrong.. i made sure inserting it the right way with the (handle turning towards my rear).

    6. Well i kinda gave up on the muscle contraction and read on the forum about several guys who sleeps with the device and woke up having a great sensation so i tried that out too.

    I woke up about 3 at the night, dunno why because i wasnt specially turned on - at least not what i could register. Then i tried to get some muscle moving going on.. but still just the scratching sensation in front and an even hard pushing in my anus - i did get my penis errected (i guess the whole scene was turning me on, because the sensation wasnt really that nice as i recall it)
    Anyway, nothing else happened so i went to sleep again and woke up i the morning... was very sore so took the device out and had alot of gas in my rectum coming out (at this point i believe this was the best feeling i had during my nights session :D)

    At the moment my anus is sore and im feeling like i have been holding on to my crap for to long.. "humming"- sensation in my ass.

    well im gonna try the device again, just giving my anus a bit of time to recover from my first experience. Im guess my first experience was trying to find the same sensation i got from my butplug experiences and this is something else. I just wonder what?

    During my session of musclecontaction i was thinking.. "is this thing placed right" because it didnt feel like it was touching the prostata..
    today though it feels like ive overstimulatet my prostata ;)

    anyway i hope some will reply on this post, and especially with the scracing sensation.. because that was weird.

    thx JB

    ps: Im not a native english speaker but i hope you will understand the post anyway :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    With regard to the "scratching sensation" that you described, although the abutment tab (perineal tab or P-tab) is not particularly rough, some have found the pressure from the tab uncomfortable. Believe it or not, sometimes pubic hair in this area can play role, with an individual hair or group of hairs being pulled by the tab. For this reason I've recommended that users consider shaving their perineums. It helps keeps the area dry, gives the tab a better foundation to hang on to and avoids discomfort from possible hair tugging.

    The second possiblity may simply be that you are sensitive down there and the stimulation on one spot for an extended length of tiime is intolerable to you. There are some users that have modified or used workarounds on the tab on the Helix to deal with this. Workarounds are temporary measures like wrapping the end of the tab in tissue, cotton or a small piece of soft cloth and can mitigate the amount of pressure at the end of the tab without committing yourself to anything more permanent.

    Modifications, on the other hand, may be difficult to undo, so a great amount of care and consideration must be given prior to undertaking them. Abutment tab modifications run the gamut from bending the abutment arm back slightly (with a heat gun) to adding something larger and smoother onto the tab which has the effect of dispersing the intensity of pressure over a wider area.

    For more information, check under keyword "modifications" in the forum SEARCH section.

    BF Mayfield
  • sonny80sonny80
    Posts: 2
    thanks for the reply.

    since last time ive experienced a new sensation.. more about that in a bit.

    well after last nights attempts my rectum have gone a little sore but i desided to try the helix out again. This time i sat on my chair and insertet det aneros. (before i did all this i tryid finding out excactly where my perineums was and try to feel the sensation so i could dublicate that to the feel i should have with the aneros.)
    After ive insertet the helix i tryid to focus on the sensation i had earlier but still couldnt get the same feeling(at this point it actually felt like i couldnt pull my muscels hard enough to even get the aneros up to get the pressure on my perineums).
    thats where i desided to try pulling my legs together, now the sensation was a bit better but still not that effective... so i went for the bed to try some other positions.

    Now this is where it all startet. because the normal way lying on the side og the kneeling didnt have any effect.. that where i tryid lying on my stomach and there i could suddenly get the helixs fronttap to push (hard against my perineums), it got me very aroused and the sensation grew stronger. I tried going back lying on the side, but it did have the same effect, so i went back lying on my stomach with my legs closed and hip pushing towards the madrass.
    I now got even more aroused and the helix began doing its work.
    same time i was doing this i began humping back and forth.. and this all triggered a major orgasm i havent had for long.

    Thing is, that i know the helix got me there, but i felt this sensation why lying on my stomach (kinda fucking the madrass), while having these wonderfull feelings inside my rectum.

    Dont know if others tried this feeling but even though i had a penis ejac, i felt the sensation of the helix going back and forth in my ass and really bring som sensation going. it was wonderfull, but still i would love to try the long orgasms where i dont have and ejac with my penis.
    Maybe my muscles are not strong enough to bring the helix high enough for me to put a real pressure on the perineum or else im looking for another kind of feeling than the one i got.

    the rest of this day i have felt some spasms like something have awaken inside me. (maybe my prostata pulsing or something.. a really wird feeling) but im gonna wait at least until tomorrow at some point until i will try the aneros agian to let my soreness disappear a bit.

    hope to hear something from your point of view